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Everyone in the Defenders of the Cross universe shapes the storyline of the game. This is done by having the players move their own character’s story. The game’s systems work around the actions of the player to make it a unique experience.

In the world of DOTC Organizations have been formed. Organizations are when groups, Clans or defenders band together under the same banner. The players who join an organization usually wish to expand their character’s story or share a cause.

Ruling Organization

The Organization are formed with the purpose of changing the regime. These Organization conflict and war between organizations until one remains on top. The Organization that overcomes all obstacles and is victorious is considered the Ruling Organization. The Ruling Organization dictates the laws and actions of the Defenders on the planet.

The Ruling Organization is basically the Main Organization of the current storyline. Defenders who take default Job Classes join this organization. Defenders who fought against the organization, and were defeated become part of them. 

Being the Ruling Organization has various perks. Starting with of course being the ones who dictate the laws of the lands, and being the ones giving Defenders default Job Classes. The Main Organization being in charge of most towns, cities and villages tend to have higher occupancy for medical centers. They are the most highly assisted economically by the Four Major Unions, and are the highest political voice when it comes to human affairs. Main Organizations are the only ones who have the ability to build Flagship Type Vessels and have control of Canyon City & Capital City. 

As Defenders of the Main Organization defenders get to use free travel for objectives using the boats & vessels of the Principality Empire. Defenders also receive what is known as a Faction Recovery (Auto-Recovery), when they are critically injured in territories with towns or cities of the Main Organization. The Faction would never refuse to treat an injured Defender belonging to the Ruling Organization, or their allies (however, if a leader of the Ruling Organization refuses to aid they have to follow that order).

Player versus Player War

When Organizations begin to bump heads a PVP war breaks out. In these PVP wars the Organizations fight each other for control over a planet. An example of this would be the Principality War. In this war the Akram Kingdom(Ruling Organization) faced the Principality Empire for control over the planet of Junon. It should be clarified that, although the term for this type of conflict is historically that of a PVP War, it is not restricted to only Player – on – Player combat, as Defenders can call upon allies and resources from their own storylines to give them an edge in these conflicts.

If someone wishes to form or take part of another Organization they need to have an important understanding of the Organizational Components. Now starting a whole new organization will require 15 Reputable Defenders to try and force themselves as an actual organization, and resources (allies and ownership of hires).

Known Organizations and Leaders:

Pioneers – Luxem and Zant

Aruan – Arua, Obsidian and Odracir

Akram Kingdom – Junon, Akram, Krusa, Sinocx, Kiel and Joshuan

Principality Empire – Sikuku, Renegade and Raisco

Republic of Eldeon – Letron, Champ and Knight

Dragons – Dragon King

Orlean – Oro and Muris

Hebarnian – Hebarn

Mahdan – Pirate

Head Demons – Succubus

Karkean – Karkia

Skaajnites – Unknown

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