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The DOTC Discord is for Defenders of the Cross Topics. It has several chats available for everyone’s use. 

The most important to know are these:
#announcement – Chat where Developers, Administrator and Moderators will post important notices for all players.
#marketboard – Chat used by players to show what they are selling, buying or trading. (Ask a Moderator for privileges in this chat.)
#stream – Chat for all those players that want to stream. Here you can place a link for others to view your videos. (Ask a Moderator for privileges in this chat.)
#dotc_plaza – General chat for all players of Defenders of the Cross. (No personal pictured)

The Moderators of the Discord Server has decided to enforce some rules. Starting immediately we will be monitoring any and all toxicity in the server. If anyone is caught or reported (and proof is given) we will be placing you in the “Chill out zone” in which you will not be able to speak or write in the chat of the server for a certain amount of time. The second strike you will be kicked out of the server for set amount of time. If the toxic behavior continues, the third strike means you will be banned from the server. Rules established to control flaming and toxic behavior against fellow players. In-game you can type “/rules” to view all rules of Defenders of the Cross Game and Possibly Discord Server.

The Music Bots has been allowed to be used in the Webcast for all members of the Defenders of the Cross Discord Server. If anyone just wants to enter discord to ONLY listen to some music, just use the Music Bot in the Webcast Channel.

Also as part of the Server members of organizations have been given their own chats. Moderators will be keeping themselves off those chats. Those chats are for your organizations use or to express their concerns with each other, without moderator interference. This will not excuse the channel from discipline, if anyone is caught or reported (and proof is given) we will also take action.

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