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Introduction to Disciplines

In the world of Defenders of the Cross there exist a group of specialized combat styles known as Disciplines. They key term being specialized, disciplines revolve around dedicating to a particular weapon or way of fighting. There are two disciplines for each 1st Job class in Defenders of the Cross. Below is a brief overview of the core job classes, the 2nd job class and the disciplines they branch into after the 2nd Job Class.

Core Job Classes

Soldier: Combat experts; high physical defense and a variety of weapon abilities.

Muse: Energy ability experts; have access to supportive skills or powerful ranged offense.

Hawker: Experts of stealth and agility; have access to dual weapons, katar, bows and crossbows.

Dealer: Crafters and firearm experts; can upgrade equipment, use grenades, launchers and guns.

Second Job Classes

Champion: Offense oriented Soldier.            Knight: Defense oriented Soldier.

Mage: Offense oriented Muse.                Cleric: Support oriented Muse.

Raider: Melee oriented Hawker.                Scout: Range oriented Hawker.

Artisan: Crafting oriented Dealer.            Bourgeois: Combat oriented Dealer.

Champion Disciplines

Enforcer: Specialist of either the Two-Handed Sword or the Axe. Separate skill trees, can only pick one. Two Handed Sword Enforces have single target attacks with debuffs. Axe Enforcers have more powerful single target attacks to help fight against other Defenders.

Gallant: Specialist of the Spear, the best champion with crowd damaging abilities.

Vanguard: Uses the Launcher weapon to attack at range, has powerful party buffs and ranged attacks.

Knight Disciplines

Crusader: Shield specialists, also has two branches. One handed maces is more offensive, one handed sword is more defensive. Can only choose one.

Sabre: Uses one handed weapon, but no shield (can use other items for off-hand). Has inferior defense in exchange for various ranged energy attacks and better single target damage. Can use Dual Swords.

Paladin: Uses crossbow as their main weapon, can bring allies that have fallen in combat. Have various unique crossbow attacks that can control aggro, and weaken or hold back enemies.

Mage Disciplines

Pyroclast: Fire elementalist, focuses on damage over time and bursts of single target damage.

Acolyte: Ice elementalist, focuses on single target attacks that inflict a variety of debuffs.

Warlock: Lightning elementalist, mid to close range fighter. Hybrid damage dealer that uses a spear.

Cleric Disciplines

Priest: Buff and debuff specialist, has party buffs and powerful debuffs.

Sabio: Combat specialist, uses one-handed weapons and shield. Limited party healing ability.

Conjurer: Summoning specialist, has variety of different summons to use.

Raider Disciplines

Marauder: Dual weapons specialist, uses dodge rate for survivability and high-damage abilities.

Interceptor: Katar specialist, uses stealth and high attack speed for damage. The best assassins.

Brawler: Hand-to-hand combat specialist, uses various stuns to pin down single targets.

Scout Disciplines

Ranger: Bow specialist, has superior range and even an area-of-effect arrow shot.

Hunter: Crossbow specialist, uses shield and buffs for superior survivability.

Tamer: Summoning specialist, has a variety of animals they can call to aid them.

Artisan Disciplines

Tycoon: Crafting specialist, has access to various crafts while spending less Skill Points.

Conscript: Gun specialist, focuses on high attack speed and skills to gun down and disable enemies.

Sniper: Long range combat specialist, uses disabling sniping-range shots and has access to stealth.

Bourgeois Disciplines

Musketeer: Hybrid specialist of swords and guns. Combines close combat with Gun skills to be effective at a variety of ranges.

Grenadier: Cannon specialist, uses launchers to inflict splash damages and control enemy crowds with ease.

Triggerman: Long range combat specialist, sniping variant of Bourgeois. Foregoes stealth for a larger variety of offensive shots. Can suppress enemies from sniping distances.


Tips for Unlocking Disciplines

Should the playstyle of a particular discipline interest you, remember that you must let your intent to specialize be known. Either in conversations with other characters or in the way you carry yourself in a combat situation, remember that it is important to stick to the weapon and / or style you wish to specialize in.

If you do not enjoy the restrictive play style of disciplines, do remember that they are optional and that you can reap the benefits of a more flexible build by making your own path or sticking to the second job classes!