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Defender Stats

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In Defenders of the Cross, every time you level up you receive Stat Points. These points are used to increase your Main Stats. When you increase your stats you also increase your Vitals and Character Stats.


First let’s learn about Main Stats. The names of the stats and what attributes they raise are as follows:

STR stands for Strength.

  • Attack power of One-Handed Sword / Blunt Weapons, Broadswords, Spears, Axes and Combat Techniques.
  • Slightly increases attack power of Dual Weapons, Staff and Katars
  • Increases Maximum Health and Health Recovery
  • Increases Defense
  • Increases inventory capacity (Weight)

DEX stands for Dexterity.

  • Increases Attack Power of Dual Weapons, Katars and Combat Techniques
  • Increases Attack Power of Bows and Crossbows
  • Slightly increases Attack Power of Guns
  • Slightly increases Dodge Rate

INT stands for Intelligence and Wisdom.

  • Increases Attack Power of Staves and Wands
  • Increases Magic Defense
  • Increases MP and MP Recovery
  • Increases Buff Potency
  • Increases Magic Skill Damage

CON stands for Concentration.

  • Increases Attack Power of Guns and Launchers.
  • Slightly increases Attack Power of Bows and Crossbows.
  • Improves Accuracy of both auto attacks and skills.
  • Increases crafting success chance

CHA stands for Charisma and Charm.

  • Increases loot quantity.
  • Increases chance of item appraisals for crafted items
  • Increases control over Monster Aggression
  • Items gained from Disassembly
  • Reduces chances of gear breaking due to combat injury.

SEN stands for Sense and Sensibility.

  • Improves Critical Hit rate
  • Improves chance of higher durability when crafting
  • Improves Reliable Skill Damage
  • Improves Reliable Skill Defense


Let’s learn now about Vitals. These are the ones you want to always keep a close eye on. These are:


HP stands for Health Points.

This defines one’s overall health status. If a character’s HP goes down to 0, he or she will be knocked out and will have to respawn to his/her Save point, unless brought back by another player. HP slowly restores over time (and faster while sitting). STR is the stat the increases your Max HP. Each Class has a unique rate of growth on how much every 1 STR will increase your Max HP.

MP stands for Mana Points or Energy.

This defines how much “energy” one has in order to use skills, items or other abilities that depend on it. MP slowly restores over time (and faster while sitting). Besides boosts from stats, the Max MP increases by 2 every time the player levels up.

INT is the stat the increases your Max MP.

Inventory Capacity and Weight (WT)

Increases the overall weight you can carry with you. This of which, is increased by raising your STR stat.

The last of the Defender Stats that you need to learn are the Character Stats. These are raised when you increase your Stat Points. Here is the list and what they are:

  • Attack Power is often abbreviated to Atk.

Determines how much damage you can produce.

  • Defense is often abbreviated to Def.

Determines how much damage you take from normal type attacks. More defense the less you take.

  • Shield Block Rate is often abbreviated as Block

Determines a chance you have of reducing incoming damage.

  • Mystic Resistance or Magic Defense is often abbreviated to MDef.

Defense against Skills. The more you have the less damage you take against magical attacks.

  • Accuracy is often abbreviated to Acc.

Determines how often you hit with both auto attacks and skills

  • Critical is often abbreviated to Crit.

Chance to double or triple your attack power, and attack through some of the enemy’s defense power.

  • Dodge Rate can be abbreviated to Dodge.

A chance to avoid damage from both auto attacks and skills

  • Attack Speed is often abbreviated to Aspd or Atk spd.

How fast you Attack.

  • Movement Speed is often abbreviated to Mspd.

How fast you move.

200 is walking speed (press tab to toggle walk).

Base movement speed is 475.


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