The Updates for this month are scheduled for Tonight at 11:59pm

Many changes will take place at that time with the most important being
that you will need to download an updated client before being able to
connect again.

The server will go offline around 11:59pm for updates & configuration

Around that time the new links for the latest client will become available
for download on the website.

You need to un-install the old version of the client before installing
the latest one. If not you will get C++ errors, not be able to connect,
and much less receive updates.

Release Highlights

What’s new?! This time around we have added CRYSTAL MINES! A great place
to gather all sorts of materials you can wish for. Crafters, Artisans
and even a regular Defender will benefit from selling and trading. We
also introduce the Defense Cleric, Cannon Champion and Spear Mage.

Don’t forget to check out what’s new in Daisy Shopper and the Item

For a full list: