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D.O.T.C. is a roleplaying world using the game engine of R.O.S.E. Online. In this world the original story of ROSE Online is altered for its own personalized Role-Play experience. Much like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, Defenders of the Cross focuses on having Game Masters who bring the stories of the world to life. Players join the game to go deep into the lore, adventures and role-play. All along maintaining the fighting styles, and many mechanics that allow players to explore, and expand their abilities and levels. 

In D.O.T.C. Players join the community to explore the lands as they embark on epic missions and level up in experience. The Game Master, (also known as GM) is the game’s referee and storyteller. At its heart, DOTC is a game that focuses on storytelling and teamwork. The rolls in the game help you along, and help lead the flow of the story and events. Everything is your decision, from what you use, act and what you do next. 

Have fun, and join the discord to speak to GMs or other players who are also embarking on this journey. 

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