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Defender Text: The Uses of Chemicals and Medicinal Herbs

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By: Defender Ranna, under the instruction of Orlon, Gurus Guild Engineer.

Knowledge Contributed by: Gaio, Jaundice, Benuria.


Essence (Low) – An unnatural chemical. Essence can be obtained by juicing particular herbs (which herbs is a native secret).Made when natives infuse energy into a natural base such as herb juice. Can be blended after the creation of water energy manipulation by infusing energy into existing components.Distilled Water is the most common base. This method with Distilled Water is Low Essence’s most natural state, resulting in its light blue coloring.

Uses: Pheromone traps and bait. The blend the energy takes can create a glaze to be applied to many items, to lure animals. Can apply to food, creature parts, or the creature itself.

Can be obtained at: Kenji Beach, most Lunar maps, Desert of the Dead.

Essence (Standard, stylized in the field as Essence) – Chemical possessing a stronger hue than a Low variety. Produced by High Practicioners of energy manipulation condensing diverse liquids with energy.

This produces a chemical much stronger and prominent in coloring and worth. Like Low Essence, creates an increase in smells, scents, and pheromones. Can become poisonous if consumed in sufficient quantities – produces a laxative effect if consumed, that will last a week. Someone suffering from Essence Poisoning should be given plenty of food, water, and exercise to maintain the person’s stamina until the drug runs its course.

Uses: Pheromone traps, severe laxative. Of use to trappers and poison specialists. Potentially has additional uses not yet known.

Can be obtained at: Various maps.

Ether (Low) -.Commonly used by Hawkers and Poison Specialists. Requires ample herbalism and work to produce basic poisonous coatings for use on bullets and weapons, one of the most basic forms of chemical mixtures. Made by energy infusion for ‘offensive’ means. Similar to how Muses are divided into Mages, offensive types, and Clerics, defensive/supportive types. Energy is infused by a practitioner of offensive energy manipulation.

Uses: Good for Raiders and Dealers to apply toxins to projectiles.

Can be obtained at: Various maps.

Ether (Standard, stylized as Ether) – Similar to Low Ether. At this concentration, begins to develop other uses. Corrosive to some organic materials, chiefly small organisms such as moths and lizards.In humans that possess aura, this acidic quality is not present.

Uses: Pest control, development of potions that manifest or redistribute aura to aid in healing.

Can be obtained at: Various maps.

Ether (High) – The highest purity of Ether available. Used in highly volatile mixtures. Given the proper energy manipulation or conditions, creates a burning toxin similar to an acid.

Uses: Acids and toxins.

Can be obtained at: mixing Low Ether with Lizard Tongue. Eldeon.

Elixir – A malleable, pink colored chemical found naturally. Often mistaken by those not possessing aura to be a miracle juice that can provide everlasting life. When not prepared properly, is just a common place drink.

Uses: Energy drink. Used to create potions that restore energy, aura, and stamina. No toxic or poisonous uses known.

Can be obtained at: Marsh of Ghosts.

Hime – A chemical that is said to only be visible to the pure of heart. Actually an urban legend, Hime is only visible to those that are able to perceive Energy, due to its high energy composition. Jelly Beans and Pomics are natives that cannot see Hime, as they cannot perceive energy (unless infested by the Devil Pest). Possesses a pink coloring similar to Elixir or advanced Ethers. Interestingly, Hime can be topically applied or splashed on someone to create what is known as Cruor. Taking the shape of multipointed stars, Cruor comes in a color of red, blue, or yellow, and its coloring depends on the person it’s splashed on. You might encounter Cruor when fighting in the open world – a Stamina, Health, or Energy object drop. Cruor is described as being as viscous as human blood. What factors into the coloring of a Cruor is yet unknown. (Upon testing, Orlon and Ranna discovered Ranna’s Cruor is blue).

There was a brief theory posited by Ranna that colors are dependent on one’s job class, which was quickly refuted as there are 3 Cruor colors, and 4 jobs.

Uses: Create Enthiric (mix Hime with Elixir). Create Cruor (splash on a person).

Can be obtained at: Eldeon.

Enthiric (Low) – Made by newbie level Hawkers infusing energy into a material, similar that a high level Mage creates Ethers. Can cause burns if applied to direct skin. Sometimes used by kingdoms to mark and torture. When mixed with other compounds, can create compounds that have a steroid/performance extending/enhancing effect. Often called a booster in this capacity.

Uses: Torture, branding, boosters/steroids.

Can be obtained at: Oblivion Temple, Forest of Wandering, Marsh of Ghosts

Enthiric (Standard, stylized as Enthiric) – Cold to the touch, capable of frostbiting unprotected skin. Made via the same process as Low Enthiric, but energy imbuing takes place over several hours. This prolonged manipulation is what gives Enthiric its brown hue. Due to the high volatility of this chemical, a High Enthiric has not been attempted to be made. Such a chemical is theorized to be black in hue, and carries a high risk of accidental detonation and death to the maker.

Uses: Commonly used in toxins and poisons. Reportedly was used to create a paralyzing venom capable of abruptly paralyzing the entire human body for an hour. The formula for this venom was lost after Defenders Iudex and Kiel investigated, and were forced to kill the researcher.

Can be obtained at: Marsh of Ghosts

Hermes – A chemical similar to Enthiric, but opposite in temperature. Warm to the touch, and freezes instantly into a crystal upon being spilled. Made in the same manner as Standard Enthiric, but at the end of the manipulation process, a drop of high energy is imbued into the material. When combined with the appropriate number and quality of Dyes, Crystals, and Plasma, can create Icicles. Not true ice, Icicles is a weaponized projectile with the properties of Ice that will never melt, even during planetary travel.

Uses: Stealth Augmentation, Damage Augmentation, Attack Augmentation, Icicles.

Can be obtained at: ?


Weed Stem – The stem of a common weed. Useful for treating illness and minor injury. One of the largest and most common bases for chemical and medical practice. A foundation for a brew.

Uses: Critical injury medicine, general medical practice

Can be obtained at: Common harvesting points, all maps, spade required.

Weed Root – The root of a common weed. Useful for treating illness and minor injury. Similar to weed stem, is a useful base for many medical treatments. In addition, it enhances healing by 300%.

Uses: Critical injury medicine, general medical practice

Can be obtained at: Common harvesting points, all maps, spade required.

Pollen – Pollen from a common weed. Can trigger allergies. Also has powerful blood-clotting/coagulant properties. Application to an open wound will see the pollen seep into the flesh, helping blood to clot and seal the wound and accelerate healing. Also useful as a topical treatment for muscle pain. Urban legend exists that a flower once grew from a man’s leg after he used pollen to treat a wound.

Uses: Critical injury medicine, general medical practice, coagulant, pain relief

Can be obtained at: Common harvesting points, all maps, spade required.

Thin Leaf – A thin, pale green leaf. Useful for treating minor illnesses and poison symptoms. Could also be useful for treating hangovers. Example of useful treatment application: treating Essence poisoning.

Uses: General medical practice, minor illness and toxicity treatment (including hangovers)

Can be obtained at: Common harvesting points, all maps, spade required.

Thick Leaf – A thick, dark green leaf. Used for the treatment of critical poisoning and toxic illness. This leaf was critical in the treatment of the Batosai Toxin. Thick Leaf increases fortifications in the body to resist critical toxin and illness.

Uses: Critical injury medicine, general medical practice, severe toxicity and major illness treatment (DO NOT USE FOR HANGOVERS)

Can be obtained at: Common harvesting points, all maps, spade required.

Bark – A firm, sturdy material. Its use is highly specific – splinting broken bones. It acts as a solid support to realign and support the body. Legend has it, a Defender once used a Bark Cast to treat the loss of a testicle, before returning to active duty.

Uses: Critical injury medicine, general medical practice, broken bone splint

Can be obtained at: Common harvesting points, all maps, spade required.

Noctilucent Leaf – A glowing leaf native to Eldeon. Where weeds help the physical body recover, Noctilucent helps the aura recover from damage, and enhance the aura as a wounded person tries to manipulate their aura to heal any wounds. Noctilucent however, can ONLY be used to treat a being with an Aura, and that person MUST know how to manipulate energy. Otherwise the patient will become entoxicated, and cause aural burns that damage the aura. An area of the body that has suffered aural burns can no longer be protected by aura, as it no longer exists in that location. The afflicted must make up for this by wearing additional physical armor in that spot or just… not let something hit them.

Defender Ranna, upon learning of the harmful effects of Noctilucent Leaf, was able to aid the Faction in identifying that Plasmoid Aloe as one of the chief components of the Corruption, as it behaves in a similar fashion to Noctilucent.

Uses: Critical injury medicine, general medical practice.

Can be obtained at: Common harvesting points (Lunar, Eldeon), spade required.

Killer Leaf – A leaf of the Nepenthes plant on Eldeon. A carnivorous plant that typically feeds on insects, it can also be nourished with human blood. When nourished with blood, the Killer Leaf acts as a leech, draining toxins and infections from a body. In this sense, it serves a similar purpose to Thin and Thick Leaf. Can also be ground into dust for use in crafting, supposedly.

Uses: Critical injury medicine, general medical practice.

Can be obtained at: Common harvesting points (Eldeon), spade required. Xita Refuge.

Sprig Powder – Formerly known as Nymph Powder, as it was ‘discovered’ by the Nymph division of the Aruan Empire. Used to treat most infections, maladies, and injuries. Requires the use of Aura to be used effectively, or knowledge of how to manipulate plasma or other energy materials. Created by hunting, dismembering, and grinding native Sprigs into dust. Sprig poaching has since been outlawed upon discovering its creation, but the material can still be used. Anyone known to participate in Sprig poaching will likely be hunted by Sprigs in vengeance of their acts.Sprig poaching has left Sprigs with a very dark and aggressive disposition to other sentient races, particularly humans and those that look like humans.

Uses: Critical injury medicine, general medical practice.

Can be obtained at: Illegal methods, purchase, Canyon City of Zant.

Sprig Essence – A gruesome, magical cure all. Upon grinding a sprig’s remains into powder, an alchemist adds Essence, Ether, and Hermes, to create Sprig Essence. This compound works 10 times as effectively as medical supplies that perform a similar function, and twice as effective as Sprig Powder.

Its efficiency makes it useful for Defenders and other energy beings. The reason for its effectiveness is due to the Sprig race’s ability to convert their own blood into energy.

Uses: Critical injury medicine, general medical practice.

Can be obtained at: Illegal methods, purchase.

Sharp Thorn – A simple thorn from a plant. Often used by Dealers to create shrapnel, and can be used in medicine to puncture the skin to stitch a wound. In medicine, must be used with string.

Uses: Ammunition, general medical practice.

Can be obtained at: Common harvesting points (spade required), Eldeon.

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