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Defender Text: Jounal of ZeroSlayer

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Chapter 1: Using living beings as mana batteries.

This is something I came up with when I first became a muse and was very fond of this idea but never had the chance to try it. But my theory on it was that if we could create a device made from philosopher stones and other materials that could harness and contain the energy that is inside of us or that of another being. The device would be a mana battery that we could use to harvest or redirect the energy around us into a storage so that we can call upon it anytime we required large amounts of mana. Then maybe there would be no need to ever worry of running out of energy since we could use this energy that is constantly replenishing to power our weapons, soldiers, or to simply make an alternative that would allow us to create plasma at the cost of draining another being’s energy. In which we could simply capture and drain the energy away of our enemies something I heard from other defenders that happened in Eldeon from the previous campaigns. This of course for science whether its ethical or not I don’t care.   

Chapter 2: NO! 

Ikaness did not have ambition he was afraid of the mere suggestion of using such device that would syphon mana. The mana battery was a no since he did not want, it to be used on others. I said to myself, “what a fool he was he could have a ended any war and kill even the demi gods with this device since it would extract all their power and make them powerless and weak like humans”. 

Chapter 3: Another way to make plasma?

When I mention it to Ikaness he said as long as it did not involve syphon then i was free to research it as I wish. He mentions that it was an ancient creature secret that perhaps a Goblin among the planet junnon a Ruper, among the planet Lunar would be the best places to start since half of their tactics involve the use of energy manipulation. From moon gates, to mana weaves, even conjures, summoning’s and fluctuation spells, field spells that he has seen in combat. He then mentions that there was nothing worse than a Goblin who knew how to use energy bolt from an omni directional pattern. Later after some time I ask Arua about how could we make plasma she mentions that the secret to creating plasma was hidden inside the ancient native tablet I currently have all 5 pieces but all I am missing is a way to decipher the native language. tsk…tsk…tsk!

Chapter 4: Moon Gates

I came with an idea to create a machine that would extract resources wood, stone, iron, etc. Then we would use a portable teleporter to transport all does resources directly into a storage for safe keeping in the capital city. Ikaness was very fond in this idea since it would allow an easy way to extract and store all the materials harvested. So, he sends me to investigate the moon technology and the secrets that it holds. Since there were reports of strange warp portals, disappearing residents, teleporting flying vessels. He then mentions that the crystalline caves house an array of “Moon Gates” referred to by the goblins. This are large devices used with resonation energy to warp and emplace units within battlefields that’s how the goblins used it he said. He later said that they were sabotage during the war and that he wishes to reactivate them, but the sabotage was done with steam oil as a chemical reaction to destroy them in which was something that I discover as well, when I was taking a closer look at the Moon Gate. But I also discover that we could simply repair them if we just replace the mana reactor core with a new one since that seem to be the only thing that was damage. Chapter 5: Goblin Cave:                 Armucis, me and some defenders decided to do a raid at the goblin cave to check the status of the Moon Gate that was located inside. As we arrive at the Moon gates location I go and take a look at it. I noticed that A latch upon the right side of the gate seems to have been opened. On the inside, lay a corrupted mana reactor that seems to have detonated by steam oil. But I figure out that if we just replace that mana reactor with a new one then the machine will work once again as to where it goes, I think that it would take us to Eldeon or to any other location that has a receiver Moon gate type.

Chapter 6: Seal Stones

Poseidon gave me a secret mission I was to go to Mana Snowfields and collect Seal stones. Seal Stones are used to confused and control certain creatures in this planet. He said we would need several we manage to get 3. This was in hopes that it could keep dragons away. Later I found out that this plan was part of the terror squads plan to take out Athena on some other useless Generals that they thought where useless by using the interplanetary cannon that had loaded in it seal stones as bullets.

Chapter 7: What is Mana?

It is energy, for many it is a tool of battle and creation and for others, a large span to expand their abilities. For muses, it’s all of the above and more. Unlike the rest of the classes, muses are trained in energy manipulation. Once Energy is manifested in a certain way, the it is called Mana. 

Chapter 8: How to increase a Muse potency?

Muses can use devices to further increase their potency of techniques and even control their surroundings. These devices are: Staff, Wands, Spears, Philosopher Stones, Plasma and other materials and stones.

Chapter 9: Channeling:

This is one of my favorite part besides blowing stuff up! If you want to channel a specific element, then you will need something that can produced that element in question in other words a source. For example, me, ZeroSlayer, I am a Fire Mage thus, I need a source of fire to be present near me in order to burn a farm. And since my first element is wind when it is combined with the fire source, I can make a huge forest fire. But if we used channeling, too much it could cause stress our body and could also strain us… until we get a full rest. Somethings are meant to be done as a group and not on our own.

Chapter 10: What is plasma?

As I research what plasma is, I discover that It is a catalyst, it enhances our energy and/ or mana manipulation. This plasma, necessary for spiritual beings to manifest in the mortal world, is all that remains of a defeated spirit. It was created by the natives so only they know the answer as to how to create plasma. Muses and other Defenders use it to make their techniques stronger.

Chapter 11: Philosopher stones

It is a metal and with it you can harness energy. From what I understand staffs, wands and some spears are made with philosopher stones. We could also repair and create portals with this metal but that for another book. Chapter 12: How to become a Fire Mage? Step 1: learn the basics of channeling and burn a forest, boat anything using plasma you will need a source of fire keep that in mind. Casting a skill even if it looks like it has similar properties it is not the same that why you actually need a source of fire nearby.

Step 2: After manifesting your channel using plasma, now you must use only burn skills muses have 3 different burns keep using them over and over and only does 3 skills. In my case Alberich told me to keep him burn non-stop for hours. He said, “You should remain there waiting. Patience is important when you watch the flames burn another alive.” Something that I really admired of Master Alberich if you ask me. I could not wait to show my improvement over the course of the training to him.

Step 3: final task you must use your plasma and do a large cast in the field that can be anytime even during combat. With that you will be a master Fire mage. Alberich wanted to see a large cast like the one in Adventure Plains but to be done in the field and If I did that my training will be completed. I told Alberich that, “I will make one that you won’t be able to forget.”

Chapter 13: My act?

The reason behind why I burned Adventure plain even do every defender was against it was because I knew that their biggest stockpile was there, and I wanted to destroy it but at the same time make it look like an accident in the progress, to bad Arua stop it with tsunami. It was a close one indeed, I guess I will try something else in the future. As I told Alberich that, “I will make one that you won’t be able to forget.” I said that because I will make one like that to betray the Aruan Reing and cause some damage to them in the progress but for now I will lay low and act as a loyal Aruan subject to the end and since everyone sees me as a rookie/useless mage that is not capable of doing this kind of thing they won’t even doubt me or think of me as the biggest traitor in their mist. My cover has been secured with Revo betraying the Aruan reign and going rogue and since I helped defend and recapture the vessel even tipi thank me for helping him in the end.

Chapter 14: Rebel suspects?

I think I know who the other rebels are by comparing their patterns of how they used to be in the past. The following are the ones that I suspect, Atarah has been acting strange not getting involve in too many native missions and listening in the conversations of the generals, Percy another person that has stop doing natives missions as well, Mikado well the guy is suspicious or maybe he is just like that. Glint I had had encounters of him in the past questioning why I would kill some ruper’s in lunar, also later he was capture by centurion while trying to escape in to that vessel. And of course, Gaburieru in which I have had contact with him and I told him where the salves where, to find Zuerra since he has the battle plans of Athena that should be deliver to Eldeon and to check dotd since there is something there that even Tipi is afraid of.  

Chapter 15: Ancient Native tablets 

I ask Arua to guide me in the research on, how could I learn to create plasma? She said I she heard some say that they hold the key to knowing how to make plasma. I collected all 5 native tablets, but I was not able to understand them. I believe this is all a may and that tablets don’t really hold that information but some other type of info as to what I don’t know. So maybe I would have to find another way to do create it. Chapter 16: Future experiment Journal entry 1: After I research what plasma and philosopher stone were, I think I may have discovered how to make plasma in the process. Well my hypothesis is that well, if you start to ask to yourself, what the natives greatest secret is? one that should not be told to anyone besides native, you will start to rule out possibilities as to why the natives don’t want us to learn how to make plasma. The answer I came to think was that plasma is the energy that remains of the defeated native but in order to turn that energy into plasma you require a device or material to harvest it and stored it, this is something that I discuss with Ikaness back when I was I first became part of the faction but he was against creating such device that would extract energy. That’s when I thought that maybe philosopher stone since it’s a metal in which can be used to harness energy. Then maybe you can used it to create plasma. The requirements for this would be:

Step 1: Have a native close by.

Step 2: Have philosopher stones in you inventory.

Step 3: Kill a native and harness the energy of that native with the philosopher stone. From what I can understand all you need to do is have the philosopher stone in your inventory and it will consume the philosopher stone and turned it into plasma.

But this is all a hypothesis for now I will need to test this out in the future in a more secluded area like forest of wisdom or gorge of silence. After I complete this test, I will report to Arua and ask for her permission to keep doing it to supply my fellow defenders and by that, I mean me so that I can have a steady plasma supply.

Chapter 17: I finally made it to Eldeon?

Virus the leader of the Empyreans told us a couple of things we should know of Eldeon She said, “There are several pill boxes across Eldeon, One in refuge, two in shady, two in marsh. There are Goblins, Springs, Sikukus, Ikaness, Grunters, crool, yeti and Defenders are allies. Goblins are mainly stationed in Forest of Wandering. Ikaness’s in Marsh. The rest are scattered in between shady and refuge. Yeti’s and Crools are in shady plus other sikukus. The prison it is Kera’s, What’s in there. Is hers. What’s out here is ours. Do not come here with ideas of getting things from her. Do not believe she’s your friend. Ruins there are many creatures in ruins, you will need a permit to enter sold by a goblin ally Molong. The language of the natives it’s also name rosesalian. Since they are the original natives the language, they speak is rosesalian.

Chapter 18: Learning how to channel without plasma!

So, I am officially out of plasma! Like god dammit of all the things a muse needs is the one thing that is so hard to get! So, I decided to go on a different approach and decided to work on two things figuring out a new way to channel without plasma and creating a device to can store energy from my surroundings or from me. That’s when I remember, Felito a brawler defender that was using his aura to fight. So, I said to myself I am a Pyro Mage maybe if I manage to control my inner fire aura and combine that with what I already know of energy manipulation I should be able to channel without using plasma. Since the energy that Felito is using he is not really controlling and redirecting it he is just releasing that heat. So maybe under that statement the reason he cannot control his energy is because he does not understand how to manipulate that energy around him. So, perhaps since I am a Pyro mage and I manage to control that fire aura at will I could release that energy but with less damage to me since part of it will be used to amplify my energy damage techniques but if I focus in my breathing technique I could also use it to channel.  So, that’s why I went to ask Felito to see if he could take me as his apprentice so that I could also learn how to control my aura. Felito said, “Sure but I will teach you in the way of Hamon. Similar to how muses meditate you will do the same, however, you will focus on your breathing as you focus on your breathing feel the Hamon flowing through you. With every inhale and every exhale that is the first step.” So, I ask him what is Hamon? Like how does it feel like? Felito said, “Hamon is your own energy is that which lies within, using proper breathing techniques you can begin to control and feel the Hamon. Hamon is unique to each person so you will know when you feel it. That is the first lesson take your time and find a place to practice your breathing technique.” So, with that in mind the places that I would be using to sit and meditate would be Gorge close to the middle of the plaza and in refuge in the circle of the plaza. But I will also be practicing during combat.

Chapter 19: The story of General Lorennaim by Phaceowl the Demon.

I ask him, “Phaceowl shall we continue our talk about General Lorennaim?” He replies well, sure… but how can we begin? I said, “I don’t know him so from the beginning.” Phaceowl said, “Well… He was the previous Elf king. The elfic have had 2 kings in their time on these lands. Aenarion and Lorennaim. Aenarion is a High Elfic. Lorennaim is a wood Elfic. They were very different. The first elf king was Aenarion. His rule was all about the High Elfic being incharge of all the actions. During his time many Wood Elfic, such as I, we were force to fight. We fought many Talismen, Strays. Orcs and even Fairies. It was a time of many wars, and those that were constantly defeated were the wood Elfic, and the Night Elfic. The Drows on the other hand, manipulated the High Elfic. They wanted wars and conflicts to continue… So, they did for many years. That was until the Goddess appeared. The Goddess could no longer take the violence and spoke to the Wood Elfic Lorennaim. Lorennaim wanted to unite all the Elfic, a rule in which all our decisions mattered. Night Elfic, Drow, High Elfic and Wood Elfic. Sadly, the High Elfic refuge, and so did the Drow. Malekith, son of Drow formed a new Elfic kind. The Dark Elfic and joined with Lorrennaim. Together they went to fight, and united the Elfics by sealing Aenarion and Morianthi. Then they united with the Goddess… Malekith went against the idea, and betrayed the Goddess. A war began, the united Elfic versus the Dark Elfic. In the battle, the Dark Elfic were forced to leave the lands of the Goddess. Lorrennaim became the Elf King. As time continued many other of the Demi God Clans joined with the Goddess. Orcs, Talismen, Olympian, Zodiacs, Elfic, Strays, and Fairies. After Legionnaire Rittler received the gift of the Godess. The natives and humans of the time came to eliminate the Goddess. Causing chaos in all these lands… General Elf, Rittler went on to defeat those enemies. Along with the many other Generals of the time. But the evil kept growing. The Cross Defenders and the Angel Guards got together… Fought, and slowly those rebels sealed in secret all our generals. Killed them and capture the Goddess. Forming the Akram Kingdom… Ruling for years, keeping us locked away… Many years, many years Lorennaim was able to be released. Legionnaire Tawoopiepu received the gift of the Goddess. You may know him as Legionnaire Tapu. Together with many other new Legionnaires they freed the Goddess. Released the lands, and we were able to surge again. Lead by king Lorennaim. Aenarion also joined the Goddess. Under Lorennaim he aided her… But Lorrannaim one day took it too easy. He believed all the enemies were defeated. Stopped hunting for the Akram Kingdom… Aenarion, Necro, Olorun and Sylvan saw this as a failure. A civil conflict rose up again… Lorrenaim’s rule was forced to end. Legionnare Tapu also died… The Elf King Lorrennaim became ruler again, with the High Elfic in power. That was Lorrenaim. The Wood Elfic King. That was the story of Lorrennaim, he was very charismatic, strong, all female demi gods and even female humans were constantly attracted to him, always surrounded him, always worked with him, at the end he failed…” I ask him, “What happened to the Drow?” Phaceowl said, “ They remained as part of the Aruans…Sadly many did die…Necro is the only one that remains. I am considered the wooden hawk, since I create wooden, and feather hawks that I used to scout and explore. I see through them. Every Demi God rank 2 has an ability. Some say it is useless. I am watching the rebels in Eldeon with them.”

Chapter 20:  My first chat with Kiel

I ask him why did he help us slay the dragon? Kiel said, “It was causing trouble to the citizens. My duty is to help the citizens and the natives. That is why I created the defender army in the first place. But of course, that got corrupted…” I said, “You created it?!” He said, “Yes, I was the founder of the defender army. Keep working together…Unity is the best way to grant Victory.” I said, “Are you the last one?” He said, “Yes, I am Thanks for the assistance. You deserve whatever the reward is. The Aruans Killed all my friends and comrades. I will go now. Be safe. There are spiders causing problems in Cave of Ulverick.”

Chapter 21: Mana tells me part of her research in plasma.

She explains that plasma are souls and to be precise trapped souls, that never make it to the next world. For example, she does a ritual, a fighting ritual and she defeats the person. She will get a large quantity of plasma. Later she explains about energy feedback that is when a channeling goes wrong and it reflects on you. A similar thing happened to me when I was repairing a portal in Lunar with a demi name Panornmaruek. We where trying to activate all of the portals so that lunar would accessible to all areas.

Chapter 22: Lunar Seal staff

I believe that I may know a native who may know of the location of the staff. His name is Massiel a native of lunar. As for the staff the reason I want to acquire is to show the people that ZeroSlayer is not a useless Mage after all and to also establish my power as a future leader of a faction or a reign. Because in this world does with power are the ones that decide things or even have a voice in any matter. I saw this in the aruan reign and I also see it in the Emperyan and principality army. So, if I do manage to find the staff, I will try to acquire it for myself.

Chapter 23: The future of a Reign or Faction

I do not believe in gods, demons or Angel Guards I believes they are just beings that are stronger because they manage to tap into something that I do not fully understand yet. My wish is to destroy anything that is god related and create a realm where humans are the ones that are in control over their fates and where science is the thing binds us together, so that we can push forward for a better future one full of understanding and prosperity. As for the natives I really do not mind them or have anything against them. I believe trading with them is a reliable option one that could help our kingdom prosper and theirs at the same time. But my main concern would be the people of the kingdom even if they are human or natives. But if do make a new faction or realm it would be called The Unbroken, the reason for the name is quite simple we should not give up even if the odds are cero, because we are the one that determine our future and our fates. It is up to us whether we give up or stand up and rise above our limitations. 

Chapter 24: My theory in how to seal a demon.

This came to me during the meeting with Raisco on the first day of Eldeon when I saw the body of a demon disappearing as his energy left his body. I learned that demons are pure energy beings. So, my theory became clear. If I a mage and I use part of my Energy/ aura/ mana and surround the body of the demon that way when he is down, he won’t be able to come back into his body and if he tries it, this would cause a feedback that would later lead to him the demon disappearing. So, the theory is base of disrupting his energy flow using your Aura/mana/ energy.

Chapter 25: Witnessing a native squad channel

I went to the prison because I was attack by some demons in the area and my first thought was that they might be going for the prisoners. As I make it there, I see this formation of goblins that are preparing to channel the leader of this group was Hastien. Hastien says,” Commence channel! Focus Ambient energy on wind. Together. The goal is a typhoon. We bring him down, and let the defenders eliminate him. Project! Augment!” since the demon was flying, they had to make him come down but sadly one of their team went out of sync and the channel failed. Quite amusing and educational to say the least, I did not know I could also project on a target and Augment while channeling. 

Chapter 26 The day of the Attack of Canyon City 

My mission I was instructed to channel along Mana to destroy the enemy vessel. I enter the vessel and waited for it to lift up. “The Everliving  Vitalia is seen entering the airspace of the planet junnon!” Then we witness a Red Sky Dragon as ‘Solanien’ as we approach Canyon City. “Then Everliving Vitalia is seen circling the air space of the Canyon City.” After that we could hear the engines of The Hammerhead Arthur starting up in Capital City. “The Hammerhead Arthur is seen rushing towards the Canyon city, and it begins to Alling it’s ram.” Me and Mana prepare to channel together Mana’s channel creates a Flaming orb that began to spiral towards the Arthur and a singular Flame shot. “The Hammerhead Arthur begins to tilt it’s bow.” Then my channel created a Spiraling Flamethrower that strikes the Arthur directly unto the bow. “The Arthur is seen rushing over the Canyon City. The Hammerhead Arthur is seen descending unto the oceans of the Adventure’s Plains as a crash landing. The Flame burn Brightly among the Arthur’s decks, emergency crews begin to deploy from the plain’s and the sails of the Arthur begin to burn to a crisp. As the mast of the Hammerhead Arthur, falls unto the waters of the plains. The waters of the crash site begin to show shadows around the vessel… Aquas begin to ascend from the waves and unto the Arthur destroying the vessel and tearing it apart. A single Megaloqua us seen tearing through the bottom of the Arthur’s bow. The engines of The Hammerhead Arthur violently explode. The vessels wreckage is seen sinking down unto the waters, leaving among them a large stain of mercury. Corpses of Aquas have been reported in mass at the Arthur crash site.” I shouted two things, “Burn baby burn!” as it burns the deck and “Alberich there it is your fire something you wont forget!”. After that we where pushed out of Canyon City.

Chapter 27 I ask Felito to teach me the way Hamon

Felito explains, “Similar as to how muses meditate you will do the same. However, you will focus your breathing. As you focus on your breathing feel the Hamon flowing thru you. With every single Inhale and exhale that is the first step.” I ask him, “What is Hamon? How does it feel like?” In which he replies by saying. Hamon is your own energy, that which lies within using proper breathing techniques you can begin to control and feel Hamon. The feeling that you feel is unique to every person and you will know when you feel it. Take your time and find a place to practice your breathing technique.” The reason I wanted to learn the Hamon was because in a way it is a way to project your aura around you. But from what I understood meditation is all that was needed and to focus on your inner energy that in my case it was the fire within me. Then I decided to try it out and started to meditate on it on every single chance I got including during battle since I thought that if I manage to meditate during that state of high tensions I could probably meditate almost anywhere my inner energy.

Chapter 28 Ritual stones with Zeke.

I mention to Zeke that I knew of something that we could use to take down demigods since I had witness it been used against them once. This was way back in the past during Poseidon’s last days. I was instructed on a mission a secret mission to locate and collect seal stones from mana snowfields. Since the stones are used to confused and control certain creatures in the planet. I was something that was going to be used to keep dragons away. But then the terror squad happen and was used in the interplanetary cannon to fire at the capital. With the seal stones loaded into the cannon it created a huge blast that Poseidon died defending it from harm. He was sealed away by the blast so my guess is as a scientist that what ever material the seals stones are made off it can be used to seal demons. So, what if we collect does seals stones and make weapons out of them. Like bullets, explosives, etc. I said that we could create explosives that could scatter fragments of the seal stone and that we could find a ton of them in Mana Snowfields” the location where Poseidon told me they were and the place I went to locate them last time I went looking for them back then.  Zeke mention, “We have some ritual stones in the Sikuku Ruins. I was told they are a special type of crystalline and that since Mana snowfields is not under out control, it is safer to get them from Ruins. Since we must be practical. And as scientist I think you are making too many assumptions and I think you should research more how those seal stones work.” In which I replied with, is part of the job to make assumptions and them put them to practice seeing if they work or not. I ask him if he knew how they work in which he replies, “No, but I’m saying that we should be the first step. For all we know, it is the Seal stone itself that works. Not exactly broken apart.  And besides, if they were used to fire a big ass cannon maybe they are containers of energy? Since demons are energy beings. Perhaps they can contain the demons within themselves. They are called “Seal” stones after all.”

Chapter 29 Massiel Yeti Rupert

I present myself to him as ZeroSlayer. I am a fire mage. In which Massiel replies with, “Most yeti believe this planet was send to disarray when the aruans came. Yet, it is funny, isn’t it? How much more calm things have been, since the war concluded. Now new war comes to the planet. Brought by these unknown people. Claiming to be fighting for the truth, or “good”. Their boat… Docked right there, outside of those glaciers… When centurion guarded it, they just ran off. The more you know the truth, the more off putting it seems. These planets know no peace as long as threats keep on coming… threats that have to be constantly stopped. They’re just another one. Coming down from their foresty planet to be but another threat.” I ask him, “Are we a threat?” he replied, “… At first… I would’ve  said yes. But the years have passed since your people’s first arrival… The planet has culled it’s chaos. Culled it’s disarray. Despite the war that came, the crusade. Your Goddess’ Liberation… Proved truthful… Not all results are instant. That is just a way of life.” Then Mayhem said, “Can I ask you some question to stop wars coming to this lands.” Massiel said, “May I too, ask something in return? Some days back, I came across some gear of unknown origin. Sadly, it’s of no use to me. I wouldn’t mind trading it forward. For a favor. What do you think? Sounds reasonable? I will provide whatever answer you seek, as well. There are a coule of creatures in the vicinity of this place that I would much like to tame.” Mayhem ask him, “Well is to see if you know about the jovial serpents and the location of Goel?” Massiel replies, “Goel? Our king? Why do you seek him? More so… How is this connected to the serpents?” Mayhem replies, “ Well an informant to us that he may be working with the serpents and we want to make sure because it may be misinformation.” Massiel replies, “… Such accusations to a king? That’ll do more that just start a war. The jovial serpents are a gang of hooligans that has been increasing in activity. If they have a connection to a king… it is more likely that new GodFather Shogun.  The disgrace … I believe they call him Shogun Jack. Either way, pointing the fingers from one king to the other. … it just lead to more chaos.” Mayhem replies, “That is the reason we need to make sure we don’t want war we want to prevent it.” Massiel says, “then your best fit is to search for an ambassador or a diplomat of some sord.” Mayhem ask him, “Can you say more about this jack and if you know any movements of the serpents?” Massiel replies, “I do not know of one sadly. There was a small band of ruper serpents. Led by Zhukar, and Megarie. They where causing chaos and making illegal sales cross the planet. But the defenders put a stop to them.” I ask him, Do you know who is funding the serpents? Massiel replies, “Funding… I’ve heard tell of some resources they have in mass. They have been selling it to those who seek it. I believe it was called… Hm… I can’t recall the name. But it was some strange gray liquid some say it’s useful for some “mechanical” contraption”. Zone replies Mercury. Massiel also says, “There was also fuel, just like the ones you humaks used to carry around. The pink kind. I trust that was of some aid… if you do feel like helping me. Just bring a basilisk.” I reply, Greetings, Massiel we are back. You said one but to show good faith on our part we brought two. “Hmm… Fine specimens. I’ll keep them here. I take it you have more questions about the serpents? If I have answers, I’ll provide.” I ask, Do you know any camps they had had in the past that they have shown activity recently? Massiel said, “The only camp that has been afflicted around these parts was the one to the north. The lookout posts. It was for clear reasons as well. Control the warning systems, control the transport a simple move on their part… that was the one that was taken by Zhukar and Megarie.” Zone ask about 3 dead rupers… Massiel said, “Hm? I heard of some killings… I know nothing of them thought.” I ask him if he knew about what cause the mega drake to awaken? Massiel said, “An angry moon child, delivering payback against thing he believes were done wrong. No surprise. Mayhem ask the last question to him, Do you know anything you think we should know about the serpents?  Massiel said, “They are aggressive… and, whatever means theya re using to fund, they have not shared among other natives. The compensation as promised. Many thanks. Sourbdia, if you need a blasphemer. You know where to find me.”

Chapter 30: Luchenzias death

We tried our best to get the terrapins to shady but every time we tried, we would lose a terrapin because demons where around stopping us from doing that. Virus showed weakness she did not know what to do or how to lead she felt as if she was useless and powerless. Siren believe praying to the god of virus would help in the recovery of luchenzia, I was optimistically as to what a god was since ever since I came to Eldeon and I was told that the goddess Arua was in fact a demon in which shatter my perception as to what a god is making me think that all Gods or Goddess are demons. So when I saw the body of luchenzia, I kinda snap since a god is supposed to be all powerful surely it could prevent or even cure one of his followers in a instant but he did not. Even do it was a funeral I could not hold myself from saying what I did. The best I could do for my friend Gwyn who had lost his fellow Knight was give him some wine it was said to be extremely potent. Mayhem came to me and said that won’t help and if I wanted to help him? In which I replied, “a bit”. Then he said well is quite easy don’t let him be suicidal. People don’t think when these things happen, and they seek vengeance and he will become an embodiment of that, or he become what his friend wished for him. Pray is not the first one. I said to him revenge… something I know oh to well… hmm it can be a powerful drive. He then said that will destroy you. Now if you don’t mind. I want to take a walk without any crazy sounds or thoughts.

Chapter 31: Alberich in Zant

Alberich shouted, I trained you! I trained her! And you dare betray us! You vile disgusting filth! All those muses in the rebel faction, were raised by us! Traitors will pay with their lives! I said to him I know master. You where a great master and taught me a lot. Alberich says, “ You are a traitor! You spit on the elfic ways.” I said I am. He says, “ You spit o us. You will die like a traitor. With Fire! I shouted to him, “ I only came to hear you out! I came to here to liste to what you had to say Necr said you had to say something to me”. Alberich shouts back, “You are here to buy time, like always! Time for Raisco, Deathscar or Virus to come! You are a traitor and you have a choice. This offer is only for now, ZeroSlayer. Come with me. Xemnas shouts Don’t listen to him Zero! He is a demon! Alberich says we will speak to centurion together. Centurion wants me dead. The goddess will forgive you.  Centurion will forgive you, only if you take this chance right now. Come with me you must decide now. Follow me to the capital city. We will speak with centurion. You will be forgiven. Xemnas says, “Enough demon scum!”. I say to him No, I made my decision. I will fight for a better future. Alberich says,” …A better future. This is the only chance… take I, before you end up like Luchenzia and the natives. More will die, many more. Do you want to be part of it? I said to him as I look at him, “Hm… Do you care for me Alberich?” In which he replies, I am here to grant you an opportunity. I say to him I am sorry but I will decline that! Some principality Kaimans appeared and fought him “Begone! Demon!”. Alberich shouts back and says you have chosen, poorly! The Elfic will take you down! The pyroclast will be extinguished from this planet! I Shouted back and said I shall fight for my friends and the people I am trying to protect. I will cleanse you with fire! With that he left, and I stare back at the dead kaimans in the floor that fought bravely to protect the town and me. I knell infront of them and I said I am sorry Kaimans…. I am sorry. Xemnas appears and says, “Enough I need you to focus. Stop being tempted by the Demons.” I said I will stop them. He then said, “Stop! You will do nothing. We will do it as a team. We need to stick together. Stop letting the past get to you. Understand? He just killed kaimans… protecting us. We need to fight this together. I t happens… there is nothing we can’t do. Other than use this to learn. It’s okay Zero. I want you to understand, it was not your fault. Alright?” I said, “it is. I hesitated! He said, “stop saying that! Listen. Don’t keep asking for forgiveness every time. Just learn from the mistakes. The kaimans did this… because they’re fighting for what they believe they believe in. you will do that as well. Understand me? Do not let the past get to you. Whatever happened as an aruan. That was just that. Just make a better you. Alright? We all forgive you Zero. It’s Okay. Just promise me. You will keep moving forward Alright? Understood? I said, I promise to move forward towards a better future. That’s why I fight for. Thanks for snaping me out of it Xemnas. A couple of days pass and then I hear a shout from Alberich in Kenji beach him saying, “ ZeroSlayer! Where are you ?! you Treacherous bastard! I already killed Mana Today! Just 1 PyroClast left! I said, “You bastard. Are you running away?” He said, “ You would never fool our top elfic hunters like that. We will meet again.” I shouted, “Run coward!”

Chapter 32: Arua

Broadcast to everyone, “All of you that remain serving me, you have meetings with my generals. All of those who are against me, my wrath will be upon you soon. You have taken but a portion of my power away, but I am still almighty. I will bright death, chaos, mayhem, destruction and despair to all human kind. I will burn your cities, your towns and your villages. I will destroy all of you, as I destroyed the Akram Kingdom before. This is far from over. Each and every one of your head will decorate my chambers. Your guts, and blood will decorate my temples. And when I am done destroying your pathethic insignificant lives. You will all be forgotten. History will never remember you! You shall see the infinite energy of Gaia. You shall be crushed by me, the demon of power.”

Chapter 33: Zavalla after centurion attacked his own defenders 

After Centurion decided to go on a rampage in Junon capital attacking his own defender force that was garrison there and well during the capture of the capital Zeke and several other defenders where gravely injured including Irving. Our current defender power was low and well I did what I could to help including hiring a nymph to look for medical supplies in Eldeon. I then remember that I had save the life of a doctor name Zavalla and that was taken to Refuge for safety. I decided to go there and ask for his assistance. He replied that he would make his way to the capital to help out.  In the capital we had over 40 defenders injured so his help did make a difference we even manage to save Zeke and Irving. In the case of Irving well if it was not because I knew his value as a defender and as a researcher well, he would have been dead since the first time they treated him well he failed to recover. So, I went and spoke to Virus for her permission to treat him but this time with my doctor Zavalla. If it was not because I went to seek his help, I am sure that Zeke and Irving would both be dead by now, so I really appreciated his help.

Chapter 34: The new clan proposal and the recruitment of Irving and Siren.

I went to speak to Irving regarding a proposal for a future clan, the summary of the clan was to bring, innovation, and to facilitate the wellbeing of defenders, civilians, and natives alike. I wish to give the tools to allow the people that shall work under me to inspire, research, and create new ways that have never been thought of before. To bring forth the best of this kingdom and its future.

I went to speak to Siren regarding the proposal in which she replied she wanted to focus in the practice of herbalism, harvesting, farming, medical use, and the development of aura. She was taught by the native’s name Elgroth, Karite, Est in a time where doctors where being killed, she mention how she realized they might even go extinct. 

The way we decided to run the clan was one where we all had equal power done by votes like an internal council of sorts. I did not wanted to have all the power to myself and well basically I wanted us all to work together so I made that proposal so that they both would accept on the union of our 3 ideas. Since we all had our own fields of experiences, I thought It might work perfectly.

Chapter 35: The Rising Meeting in Zant

We had just been accepted and we decided to go to the tavern to drink and celebrate our approval of the clan proposal, we were drinking to celebrate a bright future indeed. We started to talk regarding who we should we hire  I mention that maybe we should hire Spero and Siren we should try to get other defenders, I told her maybe we should recruit future clerics like Chloe and maybe Nalah. After a couple of minutes Ikaness showed up he told everyone to take a seat. He mentions the names of Irving, Glint and thermidor who were all Irving. He about the time he was known as Glint for the Aruan Reing, he wanted to know regarding some events that happened in Lunar which he Ikaness was aware of using Third Eyes. He explains they do not relay voices. Anyway, he came to us asking for help, the planet Lunar holds many secrets and one of it’s largest is the hidden Snow Village. He wanted to retrieve as many penguin allies as possible for our planets. Before the war comes to a start. Unlike vessels, demons are small maneuverable. He needs the penguin support to ensure that we can control the skies. Currently, no one knowns of this request. But I ensure to ask the Emperor. And more than likely he will send the principality. I ask you as a clan because part of lunars secrets include medical practices, and mechanical ones as well. Irvings connection to the penguins, Siren’s Research of the yetis, and ZeroSlayer’s passion for technological achievements. I wish your help. I do not require your response now said Ikaness but the idea will operate entirely, from the hidden snow village.

After Ikaness said that he left. We then proceeded to talk regarding where we should set up our main camp of operation meaning our Garrison I said the place was Zant since we had a farm nearby, speros workshop and we would be repairing several things.

Chapter 36: Getting to know the Rising members

Siren mention what he knew of Irving was basically his medical interest and that he was smart. Irving then proceeded to mention from verifiable and accountable papers that have not been opened or shown In years armucis and old mage defender used to call him someone from the ‘Old World’ and I ‘ve no idea what he meant, Irving mention how he had no Idea who he was only his name and far to much information for my own good. That’s how he got started in Junon. He vaguely understood some of the rosarian words he mentioned. Armucis also mention that a lot of information Irving knew pertained to the “Old World”. Irving knew next to nothing of junon, Lunar or Eldeon. All of this has been complete mysteries to me from the start to finish. And to this day, I’m still trying to piece it all together. Those are my not so humble beginnings. He also mention how Sage the General Elf took him to trial but it was decree that Irving was too ‘valuable’ and Arua grant him mercy again.

Siren mention stuff related to how she was interested in medical arts and how she had come to learn about the healing arts by the help of doctors.

ZeroSlayer well I mention stuff related to what I had done and what I would do in the future.

Chapter 37: First Visit to Kera as the council member

Raisco made a shout saying “Kera, We are here to speak with you! In which Kera replied, Who is “We”? Raisco mention, “The principality empire, and me!” Kera said it was not enough details!. Then Raisco mention the members of the council in which where Raisco, ZeroSlayer, Deathscar, Garrow, Virus and Ikaness! She then told us to proceed.

As we enter Keras chambers Raisco said that she was beautiful as always. That it was nice to see you again. She then said that is this your republic? In which Raisco replied with this is the principality empire and these are the current members of the council. 

Kera give a brief silence with a followup saying that’s a stretch Isen’t it? You’re no Sikuku. So let us get down to whatever business has brought you here. I am not, nor am I Letron said raisco. Kera then replied with Dark Assassin.

Raisco then proceeded to metion that We’ve come here to discuss our current arrangements with prisoners. You can continue being you inside the prison we won’t be disturbing your existence. But we want, to be able to decide the fate of the prisoners. 

She then replied angerly you want to take my prisoners from me ? In which Raisco replied what we want is to decide the duration I the witch they will remain imprisoned. Kera then said that it sounded really demanding. Raisco then said that for example Zone and Revo, since we’ve conquered planet junon their reign has fallen, and as prisoners of war… we would like to release them, give them a chance to join us. See the truth and all that.

Kera then said prisoners of warm right that is what they are. But… Your war’s not over you know that quite well. And for a beloved council.. which of you hold the key to actually winning this war? Because from where I stand you’re still losing.  No emperor would leave what he requires to win the war in the hands of a grunt. None in your council wield it. You’re far from winning. Saying I am wrong… Will just further prove to me, that you’re no emperor.

Raisco then said I will not pretend to be what I am not with you kera. You know who I am, you know I will do anything to accomplish my goal.  I have done this since I was a child in the canyon city. 

Kera the said you want to set these prisoners free? You want to control that which is in here. Establish ”times”

Raisco then said You know that to defeat the goddess, we need manpower we need meat shields. We need bodies to send to the fires. 

Kera replies Which, will fail just as it did the Akrams. My collection remains incomplete. Ever since the akram kingdom freed my past prisoners. I’ve got missing pieces upon my cells… I wish to complete them, once again, I have my soldier, my muse and I’ve a spare muse too… No prisoner among my collection will be freed, without a replacement being present. 

Raisco then said what would Sikuku do in this situation Kera? 

Kera said that he would let Renegade make the choices for who will be replaced. 

Raisco then mention, what would letron do in this situation, Kera? 

Kera said He never cared for this prison. And his only attempt to do so, wounded up with his friend tripping over the stairs and stabbing himself with a sword.

Raisco then said well I’ll be, myself… I have many options… First, I could give you two replacements. Second I could not give a rat’s ass of your collection… break in and free the prisoners… Thirdly I could invade and kill you… Fourthly we could come to a peaceful solution, five I could break in a free Drogaur… You’d hate that one…

Kera kepts saying while he spoke screaming almost in panic Which one will it be! Which one will it be ! Choose worm! You’re already locked in here with me! All your decisions resolve around you surviving my scythe! 

Raisco then said we are giving you the freedom to do as you like in the prison. We are even going to  be sending you all our prisoners, so you can play with them we are not going to bother, or try to imposed our rule over you. All we want is the right to decide when one is release or when one is brought in. Raisco then mention that if she knew that letron is 1 planet away?! What do you think he’ll do when he arrives here?

Kera then said less than Arua. That’s for sure.

Raisco then said Letron knows you, your secrets and everything you do here. He will not leave you in peace as I do. He will impose himself..

Kera then said and you think he won’t come to an agreedment? Of cource he will you two… polar opposites. Raisco then said he is no longer a man, kera! She then said just because he betrayed you all those years ago.

Raisco then scream saying HE IS A DEMON! Leaving people alive who can drain demons energy?! How is that good for him?! Everything Letron did was to move his own agenda. Because his enemies are demons too. All assests are valuable, if used accordingly. 

Raisco: Don’t be so blind.  He is a demon, not some demonic hero.

Kera then said seems you didn’t practice his same teachings of war. Pity… you too were an apprentice of sikuku. Who cares about petty heroics? 

Raisco then said I am the last remaining fallen six! Not letron, letron is gone, he is but a demon now! 

Kera then said you talk a lot, all because you know the decision you want to make it not going to sit well with your allies. 

Raisco then said Kera I have something you might want. Seathcross… You remember him? 

Kera then said: A hawker, a dealer? I have a nymph in my collection already. Hm…  A Nephilim thought is something I am currently missing… But he doesn’t replace my collection… Raisco said he is not just a Nephilim; he is a hawker. Kera then said I give up two pieces, for just one? I do not think it’s worthwhile trade. Your point is valid… I should collect a nefilim of each job class as wel. Yes… That’ll be more valuable than just one… but two pieces, to gain one it’s still not a worthwhile trade.Raisco then said Devlish… Kera the replied it is not a worthwhile trade. 

Raisco then replied I’ll capture SeahCross and give him to you for the acceptance of our proposal. Our proposal, for us to decide the right of the prisoners we bring into the prison. I have a question, Kera. Did you like being locked up in here? When Drogaur betrayed you? Think about it kera.

Kera then said do you not see. It’s become how I house guests now too? Mull it over… Dark assassin but bring replacements if you wish to empty my collection. 

Raisco then said I have a throne made of opals to forge I’ll be back soon. 

Kera then mention Precarious choice, Almost as if intentional to say out loud. Raisco replied is just a throne, my beautiful friend. She replied as you please…

Raisco then proceeded to present Deathscar in which kera said Yes, he has a bounty and Mellow too. Raisco then said he is now one of the Six now…

Kera then mention how the bounties where place by ikaness so I guess since he is here with them now, I guess they are friends. Deathscar gets close to Ikaness and places an arm around him we are best buds! And to feel free to scratch those bounties off the board.

Kera then mention Isn’t it lovely, how friendships can just sprout out of deceit and betrayal?  I love t when friendships are made from the pure love of fist fighting oh no I haven’t been asked to do that …

We then left.

Chapter 38: Renegade seals from Nalah

Nalah talk about how she was not able to continue to understand and unleash the power within each and one of them. They can be used as powerful enhances or… to give a human demonic power. I then ask Deathscar what are the fallen 6?  In which he mentions how the fallen 6 where an elite fighter group dedicated to eradicating the demon menace.

Then Virus mention We’ll give Kera those seals. In exchange for Raisco. And while that is done. Kera will be able to you know. Enhance whatever she wants or give herself or others demonic power. Heh…

Nalah then said or Get her champions and enhance them.

Deathscar then said her collection and everyone follow up with a brief silence.

I then mention Drougar in which deathscar mention how he is already a finished champion of hers that’s why we couldn’t kill him. I then replied So we want to give her the power to make more of those monsters in exchange of the emperor.

Nalah then said Is she capable of using the seals, thought? I then said she is old less assume that she can or has some way of activating them. Nalah then says how she has gotten feedback trying to understand them. I take it those defeated spirits don’t want me near it. It may cost her more. 

Chapter 39: The moongate with Tlana

We gave the permit to Marth we went in search of a moongate. I mention about my last time being there that If I recalled the reactor core was damage and if we simply replace it then that could probably fix it. Tlana then says to look for the panel. She then mentions when Heoro was last here, they said they broke one. Hmm… It’s possible the goblins have had a lot of time here but, if that is the case… wouldn’t they have used them in the war against the aruans? Or are they standing down all of the sudden? Keep checking. It’s got to be around here somewhere.

I then spot the panel in the corner seems to be well hidden, I almost missed it but something’s odd about it. As it seems it was welded shut. I then said found it. I then said how I thought it could be operational. We then left after killing a bat.

Sometime after that we return to the moon gate we open it with drills, we found that inside there was a protectors will that was used as a power source we pull it out and replace it with a mana reactor, we then tried to power it with plasma and well Siren used to much causing a reaction and blowing the thing up. We almost died in the process.

Chapter 40: Channeling using technology 

I have been scratching my head for some time now trying to figure out a way to channel without plasma, I tried to learn the Hamon way but with no results, so I decided to start over from 0.  That’s when it hit me. I was not being me. I was looking at the wrong place where I should have tried to create a tool that allowed me to do the same effect as plasma. I had forgotten the one thing that made me, me. And that was that I am researcher and Innovator of tools. So, I thought of many things and one came to mind. When the daisy shopper was selling an Energy Generator that is a powerful yet portable energy generator. So, I thought to myself I am a Mage and I am capable of manipulating energy so what if I connect the energy generator by some sort of conductor to my staff where it will allow me to redirect the energy from the generator to anywhere that I focus with my staff. Thus, allowing me to channel that energy like I would usually do with plasma.

Chapter 41: The lantern 

This device requires the following materials: [Wind Stone x50][Fire Stone x50][Earth Stone x50][Light Stone x50][Crystal Stone x50][Ore of Water x50][Spiritual Stone of Darkness x15][Spiritual Stone of Lightning x15][Spiritual Stone of Ice x15][Oil x25][Thick Iron Piece x50][Mana Metal x25][Energy Metal x50], Spero has the blueprints to it don’t let that old fool stop you from actually getting it. But if you ever need a prototype there is one lost in AP during my accidental burning of 50 % of Adventure plains but this one can only store fire if you require one that can hold all of the primal energies well the materials above are the ones you will require. The blueprint well I fail to acquire it. But if you ever find it make sure to mass produce this device.

The Lantern is a device capable of storing different types of energies. It extracts the primal source of an energy source so in order to use it efficiently you need to have a strong source near by. Let’s say a bonfire, snow of lunar, lake, sea or a demon. Over my years of using it I have seen how you could use the lanterns energy that is store inside to augment your channel. You could even use the energy stored inside into a single powerful skill shot capable of causing an explosion to the target hence my experience when I empty the energy out of the lantern in the lake of anima lake using a skill. Another cool thing about the lantern is the ability to revive and store the living energy of a demon I suspect I had to try several times with the same demon until it finally was capture but I had to many interference with defenders getting in the way so I was not able to try this properly. I did however capture a part of Erubus a rank 2 demon in which manage to escape do to my fault of trying to use the lantern again to capture another type of energy thinking I could store several types of energy into my lantern at the same time. He still is around inside the halls of the temple in lunar waiting and probably scared shitless of my device to come out. One day ill try to get him again. Another thing the this lantern is capable of storing any type of rank demon even ones as strong as Arua or Centurion the problem with this is well that I never actually wanted to test it out since that would mean if it fail to capture him at that instance well that would mean we would have to fight them again and then try again to capture it with the lantern. Since I made the lantern, I design it in a way that only defenders would be able to use it since it requires defender aura in order to power it efficiently and if any demon tried to use it, well lets just say that lantern would become its home until some defender releases him from it. One thing is for sure I spend a whole year working on this device and its one of my greatest gift to all defenders of the future I leave it in your hands to push the limits of what it can do and even if you think it seems impossible always remember that as long as you push it and keep on it nonstop anything is possible. Only your mind is the limit of what you can and can’t do remember that!

Chapter 42: The Generator 

I spoke to Spero regarding my idea of using the generator as a way to channel energy. 

He then said that generator you carry works similarly to that which is used by carts and castle gears. But, it’s burning of energy will always occur immediately. The process in which it operates however takes time. It is a good means to creating ambient energy however, the process in which it would cause the generation, would definitely take… somewhere around 30 minutes to 1 hour whatever kind of cast you’re working on, will only require longer periods. I also ask him regarding if I could make a staff with a mana reactor attached to it, but he said that the mana reactor is not a conductor, nor a transceiver it’s just a storage device. So, everything exposed to it, as a means to channel would just become stored. Like a battery. 

I then decided to try it out during a combat where one of our transport vessels had disappear and well I started to refueling it using medium fuel, the energy started to appear all around me until it completely manifested as energy orbs. But the demons thought they could stop the channel by simply taking me out. Little did they know that the ambient energy created by the generator stays in the area until its absorb or used by something. Revo decided to do something with that energy knocking everyone out unconscious and freeing the vessel as well.

Chapter 43:  Pepe Sealing Lessons

He started with first thing, get naked. You gotta blend with your surrounding demos have great vision they look for armors not skins other thing is you gotta stat practicing how fast can you put your armor and weapons on and what goes on first like weapon, chest, helmet, then the rest like in cases like dealers the use of pistols or canons they should learn how to use other weapons or could set traps, Incendinary explosive are the best against the demons because you gotta burn them. Secondly is patience without armor you will be sooo slow but worth it follow me, we follow him to some tall grass. He then tell us always run in the tall grass, tall grass to tall grass, avoid natives, do not fight, corpses will give you out and if you do pick up the evidence the other way is the Letron way. In which is wait and wait, I mean I have seen wait days for demons just sitting, you also need to walk through the rivers the more the better, hides your scent the last way is just running around pointlessly armored to the teeth shouting come at me or whatever more advanced plans may be needed that time.  After you learn how to hunt, to then seal to seal just stab them in the heart you will need to start practicing with a rank 1’s. The heart is the weakest point. Kiel then appears gives us some pointers on how to seal he says no carts, no shouts and no gems. I then ask that from what he says anyone that knows how to seal can teach but kiel replies even if you know how to seal that doesn’t mean you are capable of it. It is a spiritual thing.

Chapter 44: Pilot Lessons 1 Tanius

I went to Tanius to learn how fly a vessel.

Last time he explains how to crash land safetly a vessel so this time I wanted to learn how to fly one or take off?

Tanius then explain well Vessels operate on a special key. One that uses 3 rotating pieces each with 9 different sides of rotation. Once you know how the three rotations, you can actually ignite the vessel’s engine. As for the takeoff, the vessel;s are powerful machine with high powered engines. They’ve got a lever that you crank for forward boost. The rest; is rotation and management of angles. As well as some fast movement of the hands and asture understanding of physics. I then ask about what each of the 9 different side of rotation does. Tanius then says they don’t do anything special You just need the right rotation, for the vessel to actually turn on. Otherwise… crash and burn. So, I then ask how to do I know which of the rotation pieces do I need to turn when needed? You mention 3 what is the difference in the 3 and where are they located at? Tanius replies on the key… I then ask for clarifications regarding the key I said so if I turn the key right the vessel will move right? In which he replies the key doesn’t control the vessel’s movement actually only the ignition systems. I then said Oh! So, then the wheel controls the direction so I am guessing if I pull the wheel it will go up? He then says the rotation of the vessel the ignition system pushes it forward. So, the rest of the maneuvering… it’s up to how good you are as a pilot. Honestly, it’s why Illiya is so feared. She’s good for a small gal. So, I ask how can I become good pilot? He then says I learned by getting behind the wheel… blew up a vessel it was a good time. He then says at the end of the day is just do or die.

Another day I came back with another question regarding Airwaves and currents so that I don’t drop off out of orbit. 

Tanius then says oh the routes yeah. You’d need an astrologer to answer those actually. I don’t know the shiters by memory. Someone who studies the position of the sun, stars, and well … in these planets, that includes the airwaves that give life to these places. I then ask about how can he tell? He says that he knows the basic routes for trade. But it’s something I can’t actually explain. Kinda like recognizing a landmark. Except that well, I recognize star landmarks. But if I tell you; “once you see the three tipped stars, turn right”. You’ll be lost.

Chapter 45: Raisco Living energy explanation

I went to hidden village to speak to him regarding a theory of demon energy I had recently thought of well I thought maybe I could turn a demon into an Angel. 

So I started to talk I wanted to talk about dark energy? I capture a part of a demon energy. And I was wondering what it’s capable of or if it could retain some of its abilities or not? He then mention how I use energy to make fire attacks right? And that he uses energy to make fire attacks too. But they are not the same. But they are both fire. Dark energy is chaotic energy out of control. So can you control it? I Then mention plasma is chaotic in its nature and that I could control a part of it but the rest is raw energy. He then mentions how demons aren’t dark energy and that he does not place dark energy and demon in the same category. Because even knights use dark energy. I’ve used dark energy. Knight who use Sword of Zant are using dark energy. But it isn’t demon energy. Demon energy is living energy. That works like a symbiote when placed on a host. That is how letron became a demon so what you have there in that thing is not dark energy. It is a fiend. If you use it, it will mix with your energy. Take over your body, and you’ll become a demon. Seen it happen before. Renegade, the dark researcher. You’ve heard of Nephilim’s ? That is what they are… humans who became demons with process similar to what I just mentioned. I then said wow but now that I think about it. My lantern captures only energy sources. I thought it was dark energy but it could be living energy as you put it. Raisco then says many confuse dark energy. I then said well the real question is what can I make with living energy? I am quite adapt in energy manipulation so would it give it life to my energy? Like could I create instead of a demon something that could fight along side us? Something in the light side? He then mention if I really want to know? You need to speak to Kera. With kera it is all about holding something of value. She is has fun with the trade. A gambler. Not a gambler, more like a collector says Raisco. He then says she might want the energy, but information is also important if you give the energy you can get it again. I then replied so she might be curious as to what I could do with living energy?  All I would need is a demon and I would be able to extract it again. The down side is well it get’s revive from what I witness but in a weaker form. Raisco then says that sealing is about breaking the demon energy apart so if you are absorbing It, you are bringing it’s energy together again. So it can reform. Basically, halting the dispersal. You did not revive it; you stopped the sealing. 

Chapter 46: The angel research

So, a while back I learn about the living energy that demon seem to have and that my lantern was able to extract it and I was thinking what if we could turn a demon into an angel? What if we can create our own energy good side beings to fight demons. Demons are well known by some defenders to be dark sided. Thus, why not make a demon or used their living energy to create a light sided energy being. We could in theory separate that energy and basically purify that dark side and make them light side. In other words, make them good. Not sure if this is possible but I believe it is since if we combine the lantern ability to extract the living energy of a demon and then use the sealing technique to disperse that negative side I believe we could create Angels or light sided energy beings. Another way would be using some sort of machine to separate it, but I believe the simples its using the sealing technique of dispersal to separate that dark sided out of a demon. I will need to talk to Kera regarding this if I wish to find out whether this is possible or not.

Chapter 47: The channeling practice 1

Thank you all for coming!

My name for does that don’t know I am ZeroSlayer Pyroclast, and I am an innovator and researcher.

Some of you may be wondering why I have gathered you up today. The reason for this is because I will be conducting the first ever channeling training for both muses and non muses. The reason for this training was because some of you don’t have an extended feel on how to manipulate energy at is basic and give it form. So, this training will give everyone, or I am hoping that it will give everyone an idea as to how it feels to manipulate energy and it give it form. So, the energy that we will be using for this endeavor will be the ambient energy from my machine. Is not like plasma so don’t worry about feedback. I will now explain a couple of things to all about some stuff you should know:

So, to begin I will now explain what is Mana?

 It is energy, for many it is a tool of battle and creation and for others, a large span to expand their abilities. For muses, it’s all of the above and more. Unlike the rest of the classes, muses are trained in energy manipulation. Once Energy is manifested in a certain way, then it is called Mana.

So, how to Channel a specific element?

This is one of my favorite part besides blowing stuff up! If you want to channel a specific element, then you will need something that can produced that element in question in other words a source. For example, me, ZeroSlayer, I am a Pyroclast thus, I need a source of fire to be present near me in order to create a Spiraling flamethrower like the one that was used to destroy the Hammerhead Arthur. Since my first element is wind when it is combined with a fire source, I can destroy a vessel.

So, how does it feel to use energy? That feeling is unique to everyone you will know when it happens and when it does focus it into a single point, then give it form and then release it.

Well that concludes the textbook basic we will now head to Dotd where we will have a medical team waiting for us and assist us if anything goes wrong.

Chapter 48: The channeling practice 2

Greetings, All. Thank you for coming on my official second channeling training. Since the one that we had prior to this one was cancel due to unforeseen events todays training shall continue where we left of last time. In our last session we cover some basic stuff like what channeling is, the dangers that come due to not having enough experience and some examples of the potential dangers that you could face when failing a channel. Today we will try to do what is call a group synergy or a group channel. Where multiple muses and mages work together to accomplish a big channel. We will also attempt to do a partner channel where I will pair you with someone and you will attempt to both channels as one, as well as one single channel for 1 person to practice their energy manipulation and to show off a bit of what they are capable of doing alone. Now without further do we I shall begin to refuel my machine so bear with me. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if any come to mind, I will gladly answer to the best of my abilities. 

Xanira thank you for coming and we are grateful for your attendance in this training. 

Chapter 49: This will be my final chapter I leave the rest to you Zaos

Zaos I am sorry I won’t be able to continue telling you about my adventures and research something has come up and I feel I won’t be able to contact you ever again. For that reason I am leaving you with my journal in which contains the most important details I could remember so that you can carry on with my torch if you ever feel like following in my foot steps in the future you wont be starting from 0 like when I did when I arrive at port. If I am to die I want you tell them everything I did in my funeral, tell them I am sorry for the burning of AP, the time I used a cart in eldeon and killed so many sikukus and how that hunted me forever, and Shout to Spero that he wont have to worry anymore about me since I am dead now he should understand. I leave you my will that is the Lantern I hid it well so should you ever seek it you know where to find it. One last thing be careful of who you trust sometimes the people who say they are your friends or that act all friendly to you are the very ones plotting to back stab you and the people who you least thought of actually working with like the Kaizoku members who became more than friends to me than any of the other defenders who rejected me every single time or did not accepted me. And if I were given the option to leave everything behind and go with them I would do it just because they at least where there for me without a butt and treated me as if I was a part of them. This is my final goodbye brother see you in the next life and never let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do your mind it’s the limit!

By: ZeroSlayer

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