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Defender Text: The Study of Energy

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The study of energy

Perfection is in the balance.

Life as a defender means certain expectations rest upon your shoulders due to the fact that you, unlike other -humans and natives alike-, have an aura and can manipulate energy, atune it into certain elements, or even just burst unaspected energy; This is all basic information, and anyone curious enough to pick up a book and read will find out that much. In fact it is common knowledge in the lands. 

Now, what is not common knowledge is the origins of the defender aura; why we have it; how it can be broken, damaged or corrupted; how it can be mended; what is required for it to work properly; why demons seek it and the alternative methods for performing energy feats for those who do not have an aura.

Before going into further detail, I will draw a map of the energy realm which I will be referencing along this study.

In most cases energy feats go through a process of augmentation, attuning and projection.  Augmentation is the buildup of energy to be used. Attuning if the process in which energy is molded into an element and the projection is the actual casting of the skill.

I.e. There is an internal process of augmentation that occurs within a defender before he is to perform a technique, the gathering of his own energy. Every defender has experienced a situation in which their natural energy bank has been depleted, leaving them with no other choice but to perform non-energy based combat. 

Now, when the defender does count with the energy reserve to perform his technique, say Fire Ring, the aura of the defender will attune to fire before the element itself is projected, or shot out, at its target.

The origin

Everyone talks about the defender aura, in my times no one ever mentioned where it comes from. I asked this to myself many times, and now can finally write down the answer. The aura is the result of the soul, but not everyone with a soul has an aura. Those with an aura are chosen by God. The aura is God’s energy in us.

As for the inner workings of the soul, it may help to think of it as a motor or a heart. From the soul originates the energy and the aura, it flows like blood in our veins within its own system; It can be used, drained, or lost, but it can regenerate itself, the soul will produce more, just like the blood in our bodies. One can bleed or even donate- use with a purpose, in certain amounts, and it will replenish itself. Give or loose too much though, and you might faint or even worse, die. Just because we have enough to give and use, does not mean we are to run ourselves dry in certain harmful practices. A cart cannot run without fuel afterall, and if forced to reach empty while in use, irreparable damage is sure to occur.

Damaged soul

In all my time I have seen various cases of defenders that have taken direct damage to the soul.

Master Warlock, Armucis, was the first defender I ever knew to have suffered what is known as energy feedback. The circumstances upon which he suffered such malpractice was a do-or-die situation. This was back in a time when I was still a simple cleric, and barely knew the basics of channeling, complete and utterly oblivious to everything.

It was the Talisman Campaign in Eldeon. The aruan army had already tried countless times to conquer the planet. The orkish had begun and failed, the nymphs followed up, tried and failed, and then the Talisman Battalion was up. 

We fought in the Refuge, pushed back to the vessel dock, trampled upon by Letron’s Gauntlet led by Drougar.  Many saw no escape, and at that time Master Warlock, Armucis, made one where there had been none. He had begun a channel. Such a feat in such chaos itself was already impressive. But no matter how one looked at it, it would have been impossibly to carry out properly, now knowing as we do. The act failed, but caused such massive explosion it cleared out the enemy and even some allies, but by such an act, some of us were able to make it back home…

Some time later, after his recovery, I learned he had suffered some permanent damage. Even under the harsh conditions of the demonic Aruan Reign, which made acquiring knowledge of such topics nearly impossible for me, I first mentioned the core being damaged, not the energy itself. His energy flows would suddenly spike, he was described as a ticking time bomb. Because of such detail one could then know, the energy was not harmed, that was only a symptom. It was what ever controlled the energy, produced it and controlled the flow that had been damaged. Back then I compared the “core” to a motor and a heart. back then I had no idea and there was no mental map or knowledge of how things worked within us defenders. 

What I know now, that I did not know then; Plasma is the remnants of souls, made and acquired through dark rituals [alchemic reaction] that, needless to say, costs lives. Important to point out that only channeling using plasma as an energy source can cause feedback, this do to the nature of the energy source itself, souls.

Feedback is…excess energy that remains, for it was not properly used. This is the simplest explanation given, but once you know the origins, you can understand why it can cause such catastrophic side effects, including death. 

In essence, a soul is energy, but as you may imagine it is so much more, it is a being itself, it is life; and having this excess energy, this remnant soul now in your own system, attached to your own soul, is critical. 

Feedback throws off the balance of energy. Imagine a pipe with a rock inside as water runs through it. At times it may clog up the passage, not allowing energy flow, causing difficulty or even inability to cast techniques, affecting the restoration of the aura, leaving us weaker and exposed to our foes. In Armucis’ situation the rock in the pipe would move around, at times clogging it up, and then suddenly moving, causing a burst, like that of a dam.

Suffering from feedback is one of the most agonizing pains one could experience. The excess energy can corrupt, like venom, slow and agonizing. If a user of plasma with feedback is to continue it’s use, it will surely lead to death. 

Mending the Soul

I haven’t gotten to this point. I myself suffer from feedback. But I have seen others recover. One would think that the excess energy can be projected out… I tried such practice.

I believe the maker can repair his creation. 

Look for him.

This shows that for a proper function of the soul, energy and aura, a balance must be kept, treasured, cherished, upheld and defended. Do not be blinded by power, it’s taste might be sweet at first, but bitter at the end.

Hunting the Soul

Demons are the natural enemy of humanity, natives, creatures and life itself. 

Demons are energy beings that have gained consciousness and feed off souls to gain power.

This shows the value of our souls. We are the only being that can create energy in steady flows, but have an aura, which is the natural defense from demons and other such foes. And we Defenders, are the weakness of a demon. They are not ours.

Ahead are my notes on Emperor Raisco’s Seminar on demons.

As taught by Raisco and Kiel.

Under the Principality Empyre

The Palace, Capital City

Rank 0

Rank 0 are fiends, a mass of energy not yet strong enough to become a demon.

  • They follow orders
  • No free will
  • Anyone can defeat them for their energy easily scatters (no need to seal)

Example, Fire fiends, aero fiends, ice fiends…

Illusion ghosts are fiends that serve no master, raising themselves and gaining power. The more power, the more “Free will” they develop.

Herbukals are fiends who have become stronger, about to become rank 1. They are known as fiend managers, for demons always gather around a stronger demon.

Sealing: The act of scattering the energy of a demon fo far apart it cannot reform physically. Only the consciousness remains in what is called the Abyss.

Rank 1

They have gotten a physical form

Developed a fighting style.

They walk and talk like humans

But their personalities are dull, for it has not developed.

They still have small little black devil wings. If in doubt of human or demon, ask them to take them off.

They grow stronger by killing other rank 1 or higher ranks, not fiends, or gathering souls.

They stronger they become, the more a personality develops.

To defeat a rank 1, one must know how to seal.

Castle Gears

Tools for battle that can seal a demon.

The weapons used on castle gears is infused with energy. But to seal a demon you need consistent hits to land before stomping it on its head.

They were developed to fight against large demons like the Kraken or the Colossus, or constructs.

Rank 2 & Fear

They have shed the little devil wings and developed abilities (can be more than 1 ability)

They are better at manipulating and tricking.

They are now able to take souls.

A soul can only be taken from you if you do not know what they are. Only when you make the decision to give your soul to a demon, can they take it.

Rank 2’s like to be divided into clans i.e. Elven or Olympians

To defeat a rank 2 you must have no fear. Running away and fear allows them to hurt you, as they use it as a weapon. They can sense fear.


When the body if a human is inhabited by a demon.

Another type of possession in when a demon takes your soul. When a rank 2 or higher takes a soul, the body may be possessed by even a rank 0. 

If no possession takes place at the very moment, then the body is just a corpse.

When a rank 3 possesses a human body it keeps all the aura, abilities, skills and knowledge the human had. They share the consciousness, and two become the demon general.

In order to save someone from rank 3 possession the demon and soul must be separated.

The concept would be to seal the demon in the body without harming the soul. But the host must want the separation, as usually the demon corrupts the human and they want the power, and not to part with it.

Rank 3

Demons known as the demon generals. This is because they have many subordinates beneath them.

Because rank 2 love to separate into clans, the rank 3 that rises becomes their leader. 

Master Demons: Rank 4 +

The stronger the demon the more they like to flaunt their power. 

Master demons have huge black feathered wings as well. 

A rank 3 does not become 4 be killing or taking more souls, it is by the amount of subordinates. 

It means all rank 3 follow a rank 4. The rank 2 follow the 3, the 1 the 2 and so on, they all become subordinates of the rank 4.

After a rank 3 gains other 3 following and becomes rank 4, they move onto another planet to subdue their demons and raise to rank 5 and so forth.

Conquering a planet does not weaken them, it is about getting rid of the demon followers in the planet. 

Demon Armies

Head demons are the demon army of the demon queen Succubus. They have a large following called herbanians.

Demi god demons serve the demon Arua.

The Eldeon demons are under Demon Kairos

Junon Demons are under Shairos…

 This planet demons are stray.

Stray demons are those who do not join up any army. They are always rank 1 or 2 and serve a master demon.

Alternative Energy Sources

On this last chapter I first wish to express that I think the search is never over, not for sources of energy and neither for knowledge and awareness.

Sources of energy:

  • God
  • The soul
  • Plasma
  • Crystalline
  • Energy generators
  • … Your own discoveries.

If this book is ever read under a demon reign. Never lose hope. God is always with you.

By: Master Priest, Siren

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