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Recovered Text: The Forgotten

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Ever since these “intruders” go here I’ve watched all of their actions, seen how they fight and how they react. This thing that they call fear, a fear of losing, of death. It is perfect to exploit. One of their best weaknesses. These “intruders” call themselves humans. “The Mana Fusion Squad”. There are so many of them, this should be fun.

Maihn: We were given orders to retrieve Camrus and Nauym from Eucar.

Anthony: Alright, then let’s move, the vessel leaves in 7 minutes.

Maihn: Let’s go then.

As they went to that “vessel” they never realized that their golden age was already over. They soon won’t know anything but this so called “fear”. I will make them regret ever coming to my home. To my planet.

Anthony: About, 30 minutes until we arrive at Eucar.

Maihn: We’ll meet the new recruits there.

Anthony: New recruits?

Maihn: We’ve got more fellows being added to the squad.

When they arrived at the place they called “Eucar” they were met with 3 new members of the Akram kingdom army…

Maihn: You’re the new recruits then. State your names.

Recruit #1: I am Benjamin Sir!

Anthony: You have a squeaky voice! Hahahahaha!

Benjamin: Don’t mock me! It’s from my mothers side!

Anthony: Hahahahaha! Laughs don’t come from ancestors kid!

Maihn: Enough you two. Welcome Rookie Benjamin.

Recruit #2: I’m Augustus! Sir!

Maihn: Welcome Rookie Augustus.

Recruit #3: I am Braid Sir!

Maihn: Why are you wearing that soldier?

He apparently had a weird scarf on his neck. It seemed quite out of place with the rest of his outfit.

Braid: It’s my favorite scarf sir.

Maihn: Well then, how long do we have Anthony?

Anthony: Like, 29 minutes to E.T.A. sir.

Maihn: How about we play some cards while we wait then?

Anthony: Sounds good!

Benjamin: Cool!

Braid: O… K…

Augustus: Sir, Yes, Sir!

Maihn: You don’t have to be so formal, we’re not that formal.

Anthony: Yeah, we’ve never been that formal.

I watched them pull out this strange pack of cards. And they began to play something new to me. “Ten Piece Triumph”, they called it. This game was quite confusing. But it seemed like a puzzle. Perhaps… It could be more…

Anthony: One minute to arrival. I can’t wait to see Nauym and Camrus again.

Maihn: It will be good to have my best dealers once more.

Benjamin: So, you’re saying these guys are like the best of the best right?

Maihn: Well, they’re not the best dealers out there. But they are good at their job.

Augustus: I’ll show you guys skill!

Braid: Put a sock in it tough guy! You’re not that great!

Anthony: Eucar told us to gather up at the center of the city…

Maihn: What about Camrus and Nauym?

Anthony: Same location…

They left their tavern and went off to the plaza. To meet up with these so called “better dealers”. As they descended the snowy hill stairs, they saw three other defenders walking towards them.

Benjamin: Is that them?

Braid: How should I know?

Maihn: Yeah, that’s them.

Anthony: Let’s get moving then.

Maihn: Lady Eucar, Camrus, Nauym. Greetings.

Eucar: Welcome to my City. I hope your trip was swell.

Camrus: Hey there.

Nauym: Sup guys!

Eucar: Maihn. I am sorry to report that one of your scout parties has not returned. I want your team to go to their position and check out what happened. Oh, I brought a new recruit for your squad as well.

Recruit #4: Greetings! I’m Rojas!

Maihn: Guess we already have our next job then. 

Eucar: I’ll need a moment to gather my compass and map, and give you their last known location.

Maihn: You lads wait here, I’ll go get the intel.

The leader, this “Maihn” human. Left with this Cities founder, “Eucar”. As the others stayed behind.

Augustus: If we get into a fight, I’ll take them all down!

Braid: Yeah, yeah sure.

Rojas: Wow, you guys sure have been together for a long time haven’t you?

Anthony: HAH! That’s funny! These idiots just met like an hour ago. So did we!

Rojas: Then… How are you guys so friendly?

Anthony: It’s our squad bud, we’re not so formal as people believe.

As they had this talk, their leader and the cities founder were coming back.

Eucar: There you go. Good luck out there and may God be with You.

Maihn: All right then. Let’s get going fellows. Crystal snowfields, inside Arua’s old temple.

These poor humans dare to come to my domain. Ohh how they will regret stepping into my home. I will show them fear, true fear! The fear they have never experienced! These fools! I will kill them with their own things! Havoc will rain upon their heads!

Maihn: Any of you know about this place?

Benjamin: I hear that it was just the abandoned temple where Arua died. Some huge fight that it took to stop her. 

Anthony: Yeah, something that happened before this Golden Age.

Maihn: I know that, but I meant if you’ve ever been inside.

Rojas: I hate old places. Ruins always creep me out.

Maihn: Yeah, looks like it’s gonna be a long walk there too.

Braid: Hey Augustus, you even a good fighter?

Augustus: Of course I am! I’m the best cannon wielder known to mankind!

Rojas: You’ve beaten Junon?

Augustus: I have my exceptions… 

The entire group proceeded to laugh as if he had excluded his prior point. Whoever this Junon was, must be someone quite pitiful for this warrior to be making an exception for him. Perhaps a weak child?

Camrus: Come to think of it… Have any of you ever even seen this temple?

Benjamin: I was told about it when I was a kid. We saw it from the observatory, the entrance at least. 

Nauym: Crap, how old are you?

Benjamin: I’m like 25. I joined recently too!

Nauym: Shit you’re young!

Benjamin: I am?!

Nauym: Well I think so! I’ve been working this defender job now for almost 10 years. And I’m 32.

Anthony: Is that the place there? That large broken door shows all the ominous signs.

Maihn: Probably is. Let’s get going in then.

Benjamin: Are… You sure?

Augustus: Well, come on you slow woopies! Let’s get in there and save some woopies! Yee haw!

They were a daring group of savages. They show their faces in here like if it was some passive day, I will rip them limb from limb. I’ll break their small minds and then I’ll feed their lobotomized corpses to the wolves of the plateau! Wait… I can do better… Argh! How dare they walk in through the doors!

Maihn: This was Arua’s temple then? Not so astounding a place…

Anthony: Guess so. This is the same place she died right?

Camrus: Indeed it was…

Nauym: Funny, I pictured it was… Smaller… This place is actually pretty huge.

Benjamin: Well, I thought it was bigger. Feels kinda small compared to what I was expecting.

Braid: We should move inside, see what’s in there.

Maihn: True, let’s keep going.

A sudden roar of what could only be described as hundreds of things roaring in unison filled the ears of these wretched humans. And from the corner, a greenish human like looking creature storms outwards and swings a serrated blade at the Benjamin one. Augustus, strikes the creature with his cannon, and then rips his arm off, Benjamin in a burst of panic, fires off his RP-911 at the creature, striking 2 bullets into it. The creature, still alive, slashes back at them, but Augustus successfully deflects it’s strike with the cannon. Benjamin proceeds to shoot the creature 3 more times in the back, as it then falls to the ground, face first.

Benjamin: What was that thing?!

Augustus: Finally some action!

Maihn: Keep your guard up guys. We have no idea what we’ll find here…

Their other teammate. Looks up as he realizes there’s something in the way. He points towards the direction he faced.

Camrus: What is that though?

Nauym: Is that a… Wall made of ice?

Rojas and Anthony approached the wall, to see what was going on with it. As they turned away from it, they realized something was wrong.

Anthony: Umm… Guys, where’s braid?

Rojas: He was right here a second ago…

Camrus: ROJAS! Behind you!

As Rojas was speaking, another green like creature showed up from behind him. It grabbed him and dragged him towards the wall of ice. Which, Rojas started to phase through mysteriously…


Augustus: Don’t panic! I’m coming man! Try getting loose!

Rojas tried to break free from the creatures grasp and with the help of Augustus, he then succeeded. The bastard got free, as all I could do was stare…

Augustus: Don’t let it grab you again! Keep your eyes open man!

Rojas: Take this you shit!

Rojas began to desperately shoot at the wall, but all his bullets did was bounce off. The others stared at him until he stopped. 

Camrus: That was unnecessary, and a waste of ammo.

Nauym: Dang man…

Anthony: Where’s Braid?

As the question was asked, the echoing shout of their comrade just perceptively came at the right time.

Braid: Guys?! Where are you!?

Benjamin: I hear him guys! He’s this way!

Camrus: I heard him too…

Nauym: The wall is still there though.

The room filled around them with strange voices.

Voices: Come beyond… Go through the gate…

Maihn: What was that?

Anthony: Umm… Guys, are those more of those creature thingies?

Maihn: Looks like it… Guns hot. How many?

Rojas: 1,2,3,4,7,24,25,32,50,72, I lost count guys! I lost count!

Maihn: Dodge guys! Dodge and shoot!

Augustus: Really?!

The insane creatures continued to charge at them, blades in hands and swinging rapidly as they approached. Augustus blasted his cannon with ferocity, hoping to stop the cluster of the creatures that were coming in hot. He stood in front of the others, almost as if sacrificing himself. As he did this, one of the slashes of the insane creatures actually got him.

Augustus: I’m hit! I’m hit!

Maihn: Come on man! I’ve got you! 

These humans were persistent as they covered each other to get to safety. The leader just jumped off to save his cannon wielder. It’s like they care for each other?! Blasted humans and their wretched existance!

Braid: What’s going on here guys?! OH GOD WHAT IS THAT?!

Maihn: Shoot at what you see!

Braid: It’s green, about my size and they have some weird serrated swords! I don’t get why but they have a tag on their forehead too!

Camrus: Don’t let them hit you! It’s the same damn thing that tried to get Rojas!

They kept shooting their guns as they held their ground, but slowly, it became more notable. They were lacking something to maintain them… I think they were incomplete.

Camrus: Don’t let them hit you! If you can kill them faster than they can kill you, it’ll all be alright! Rojas! Rojas no, run! Move back here, group up!

Maihn: Augustus is behind th- What?!

A hand suddenly came from the wall near Augustus, and it grabbed him and began to drag him in. 

Benjamin: Augustus! Augustus!!!

Anthony: Don’t lower your guard Ben!

Benjamin: Augustus!

Camrus and Benjamin quickly reacted and gathered together as they raised their RP-911’s in unison and fired off bursts of bullets at the incoming targets.

Camrus: Rojas! Support our fireline!

Rojas quickly reacted and began to support their firing line, covering them and shooting some of the insane creatures. But as he fired more and more, he suddenly stopped as he saw Braid was in the line of fire, and in his hesitation, the insane creature topped ontop of Braid, and began to cleave away at him.

Braid: AAhhhhhhH!!!!! 

Rojas: BRAID!!!!

Maihn: Rojas! Back up! I have potions! Move move move!

Benjamin: Our line’s falling!

Anthony: Same here!

Camrus: Move back! Move back! Don’t let down the firing!

Nauym: I’m hit! I’m hit! Braid! 

Maihn: Agh! I don’t have enough for both of you at once!

Nauym: Oh God! They’re coming for me! 

And in that moment, I realized why they were incomplete. They did not have Eucar alongside them. No mender of their magical traits that allow them to fight. They were weaker, because they were not replenishing.

Nauym: BRAID! Braid! Come on! Get up! Get up! I’m coming for you!

The man in desperation, rushed to him to try to pick him up. 

Maihn: Nauym! Don’t! It’s too risky!

Nauym: Then I’ll go down in a fight to save him!

The crazy warrior pulled out his gun and sword, and began to cleave and fight his way towards his other friend. Pitiful too, as his effort was in vain. 

Camrus: Nauym! DON’T! DAMMIT! DON’T!


Maihn: Get back here! No!

As he rushed inwards, he was pinned to the ground by the enemies around him. And they grabbed him and that braid guy, and began to pull them slowly towards the wall of ice. The others desperately tried to save them, but their guns were to  no avail.

Nauym: They got me man! Get out of here while you still can! Leave us!

Augustus: Guys! Help! Help! I’m alone and I don’t know what to do! I don’t see anyone else?!

Anthony: Augustus!? Augustus?! Where are you?

Nauym: Gaaahhhh!!!

The disarray and chaos was so beautiful, that the defenders just casually forgot about their buddies, and gave me all the way necessary to take their friends Nauym and Braid.

Maihn: Aggghhh!! They didn’t listen to me!

Augustus: What’s going one?! What happened to Nauym?! I can hear you all but I can’t see you! It’s all the same room, but no one’s here!

Benjamin: We can’t hold on forever!

Maihn: I’m thinking! I’m thinking!

Anthony: On our left!

Camrus: What’s that?!

A strange gigantic creature suddenly stood besides Camrus. A winged beast with four arms, feathered blue wings and large katars the size of a human’s chest. It was one of the dwellers of this abandoned place. It was an Astarot. 

Maihn: That’s an Astarot Camrus! 

Camrus: Oh shit!

Anthony: Run Camrus! Run!

Benjamin: Holy shit that’s huge!

Unknown Voice:  Who is your best friend Maihn, or better yet, who is your best squadmate?!

Maihn: Do you expect me to answer that?!

Voice: Why yes…

Maihn: Rojas?!

Rojas: Yeah! What’s going on?

As Rojas shouted out to his dear captain, he soon realized that he too was in the wrong room… He suddenly felt the same circumstances as the others. No one was around, the room was empty and all he could do was hear everyone.

Rojas: Wha- Maihn!? Captain! Anyone!?

Maihn: Rojas!? Rojas I’m coming!

Voice: Good thing I didn’t forget your friend Rojas. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Maihn: Rojas look out! Don’t let him get to you!

A stale silence was heard across the room a Rojas delayed in answering his wretched captain.

Rojas: Guys… Nothing is happening…

Voice: Hahahahahahaha!

As the voice began to laugh more and more all of the insane creatures began to morph into strange firefly like objects. Small blue orbs of spectral magic, and fluttered around the area.

Maihn: What’s… Going on?

Anthony: What is this?

Benjamin: Guys… I’m scared…

Voice: One little person has just let go… Ha ha ha ha ha…

Benjamin: Guys! What do we do?

The odd spectral orbs suddenly begin to morph again into strange fiendlike creatures and immediately commence to attack Benjamin. A final fitting strike to the wretched little human!

Benjamin: Oh my God!

Maihn: Run! I got your back!

Their leader rushes away from Rojas’ area and draws out the fiends that were attacking benjamin with a barrage of bullets. 

Augustus: AHHHH!!!!

And just like that, the body of Augustus is seen flying straight into the bullet barrage layed down by their leader. The barrage completely finishes off Augustus, as his body slowly falls down to the ground, the eyes of his wretched leader open wide. A victory was done! Fear was felt! 

Maihn: What have I- AUGUSTUS!
Voice: Hahahahahaha! How does it feel to kill your friend? To take his life in cold blood?

Maihn: You son of a woopie! You did this! AHHHHH!!! How dare you?! What is this?! Some kind of Fantasy?!

Voice: Would you kill to be explained to?

Maihn: Explain why we are here!? Where is the search party!? Where is braid?! Nauym?! Rojas?! Why are you laughing?! Who are you?!

Voice: Let’s start with the basics… I’m the remnants of this marvelous place. What was left behind by the destruction, by the purging. This is my home, and well, you’re an intruder. So I suppose I am this place’s security. I am the Forgotten. Hahahahah…

As he laughs maniacally, Augustus gets up from the floor with all the scars and bullet holes upon his body. He lifts his cannon upwards as it suddenly gets darker, and refined. 

Maihn: What is this madness?!

Forgotten: Well, your friend is still alive and he looks angry. Hahahahahah! 

Augustus’ Corpse: Look what you did…

Benjamin: Augustus, you okay buddy?

Rojas: NO! It’s a Trick! Don’t fall for it guys!

The cannon wielder suddenly lifts his gun and aims it at the rest of his squad.

Benjamin: Augustus, no!

Maihn: Guys! Get ready! I think that’s not him! He’s going to attack!

Rojas: Oh God! Guys get ready! He’s coming!

Forgotten: Hahahahahaha! Sic ‘em! Hahahahahahah!

Augustus ran towards the others and began to fire off rounds of his launcher. But as he rushes forward, Benjamin spots and points at three insane creatures behind Augustus.

Benjamin: Guys! There’s zombie things behind him!

Maihn: What are you talking about Ben?!
Anthony: Oh come on! He’s coming for me!

Rojas: I don’t see any zombie things around me!?

Benjamin: You have got to be kidding me! There’s more of them even?!

As Augustus’s puppet continues to fire in a spray without hitting his targets accurately, Benjamin suddenly begins to fire at the air, as if fending off some enemy that they do not see. As anthony ducks to dodge attacks from the puppet of the wretched human.

Anthony: Wake up Augustus! Wake up! You’re not dead! 

Benjamin: Guys! Guys! There’s too many of them!

Rojas: Dude! There’s nothing there!

Benjamin: Yes there is! Support me man!

Maihn: Benjamin! He’s saying the truth!

Benjamin: Braid! Nauym! Help me!

Anthony: He’s lost it too sir! We have no choice! We need to get out of here!

As they say this, the wretched human of benjamin begins to turn his gun towards anthony and begins to shoot at him too.

Anthony: BEN!? Hold your fire!

Benjamin: DIE! DIE DIE!

Anthony: Benjamin stop! 

As they attempted to get a hold of each other. The sound of ice crackling and forming suddenly began to fill their ears.

Rojas: Guys! The wall is forming again! I can hear it!

Maihn: What?! Gahhhhhh!

Their imbecilic leader in a fill of panic, began to shoot at the forming wall with his gun nonstop…

Forgotten: You should listen to your boy Benjamin more often.

Maihn: You do not tell us what to do!

As the forgotten finished his sentence, Maihn looks to the left and sees Benjamin suddenly getting his arm cut off by air. As if the energy around him had solidified and cut him apart. As the screams of Benjamin come into their ears, they begin to see the insane creatures cutting Benjamin apart, and throwing him left and right.


Anthony: HELP! I’m not sure what to do!

As Anthony screams, the puppet’s attack strikes his rifle, breaking it apart, and Augustus’ puppet suddenly strikes him in the face, kicking him down.

Rojas: Anthony! Anthony turn the tables on him now!

Anthony: AGH!

As the dealer shouts, he pulls out a gun from his holster, a small gloria gun. And lets off a barrage of bullets towards Augustus. And in the midst of the chaos, Rojas commences to blindfire from what he believes to be the fighting area. The shooting continues for a long amount of time… 

Maihn: Guy’s benjamins dead!

Braid: Where are you?!

Nauym: All I see is a large labyrinth!

Camrus: What’s this glowing moon thing?

Braid: I don’t know… I can’t see you guys…

Rojas: AGHHHH!!!! 

As he continued to blind fire.

Anthony: Augustus buddy! Stop!

Augustus: I’ll take them all on!

Maihn: Benjamin…

Benjamin: Guys! Guys! They’re right there! Help!

Forgotten: Far from classic, isn’t it? You can still hear each other. Perhaps I should put a stop to that… You’ve been standing beside each other all this time. 

Maihn: What?

Forgotten: Can’t you tell the difference between sight sound and touch?

Rojas: Guys! More Zombies!

Maihn: Deal with… them…

Forgotten: Hahahahahaha!

The mediocre fools kept on believing there was a way out…

Maihn: This is impossible… All of it’s just… impossible…

Forgotten: Impossible? No, I assure you all of this is real.

Maihn: No… It can’t be, it makes no sense. This is some kind of trick! 

Forgotten: A trick? Do you not remember what you’ve done yourself?

Maihn: What are you talking about?!

Forgotten: Oh I see. Your eyes are not yet open.

Let me… Open them wide.

How you stabbed Rojas with your own dagger.

Shot augustus when there was no one near him.

Had Benjamin and Anthony shoot at each other because they didn’t realize.

Sent Braid and Nauym off to scout, to be lost.

Have you… Forgotten?

Maihn: Wh… What?

I looked down at my hands, and saw a book. It had the entire situation written down upon it. I looked back up, and the bodies of my comrades were all sitting beside me. Shot, stabbed, and slain by my own hands. They let me survive… I’m still standing here. 3 hours in… I chose to write this too. He hasn’t even shown himself again. He hasn’t even spoken. I’ve screamed out to him and he hasn’t responded. We were scouting party #34 at these times. We were left for dead at this temple. We’ve been Forgotten. We are left to die in this death trap… 

It’s been 12 hours since he showed up. If it weren’t for my foot, I would have gotten out of here… 

It’s been 3 minutes, and 21 seconds since I showed up. I just killed him. With his friends dagger, too. The bodies, the stories, the people. They’re far gone here. I hope the editing I did to this story was of some use. You humans are fools. Easy to deal with and stop. So… predictable. I am the Forgotten, and I look forward to meeting you one day…

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