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Soldier Job Class

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Hello Initiate,


    My name is Soldi, the founder of the Soldier Discipline. When you arrive to rank ten, you are required but not forced to have one of the four Jobs. As a former Angel Guard and warrior of the Akram Kingdom, I have knowledge that could benefit the new Defenders and Warriors that enter the Kingdom. I trained for years preparing to face any enemy that threatens my friends. I mastered a large variety of weapons that allowed me to fight against all sorts of opponents.


Through endless self-training I can teach you how to withstand attacks and how to deliver the most powerful blows. Your attack power, stamina and strength will be taken to your most greatest point. I teach many techniques and skills which the Righteous Crusaders and Junon Order allow me to sell and tutor. Techniques using a large variety of weapons like One-Handed Sword, Two-Handed Sword, Shield, Blunt, Mace, Hammer, Axe, Spear, Cross Bow, and Cannon. These weapons and skills when learned, will make you perhaps one of the most powerful defenders in the lands.


    Thanks to my training you will be able to advance to the next disciplines, Knight or Champion. Two of my greatest friends Champ and Knight formed these Job Classes in order to expand the knowledge that I start you off with. The stronger you get and better you become, the most likely you will receive one of the titles we all used to have. What do you say New Defender, do you have the muscles to take the Soldier Job Class?


Proud and Strong,


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