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Salutations Initiate,


    Since the discovery of these new planets, people have began to harness their energies. Using this new ability our skills of fighting became strong. My name is Muse, one of the Angel Guards who dedicates time to teaching the younger generation how to manipulate the energy and use the elements as a weapon. We train our bodies not to be physically strong but to use the energy within to create powerful energy attacks that can literally manipulate the elements in our favor.


    Many wish that they could do these sorts of miracles, but under my teachings you will all be part of the proud that can change the fate of battle in a second. Using Wands we will also be the support of the army and with the staff we will be the mystical force that pushes it forward. We’ll even pick up a mace if we have to.


    I had many battles and I am proud to say my teachings will help further our growth in the lands and become perhaps the most legendary race in these planets. Mag and Clery, two skillful friends of mine, can also assist you in advancing to a second job class, Mage and Cleric using my teachings as a base.


    Join me and become a Muse, together we can further expand the human mind and forge a new and bright future.




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