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Recovered Texts: Sikuku’s Principality

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End of the Demon War

Fighting hard against the Demons in the Desert of the Dead, the Akram Kingdom gained a victory when Stranger betrayed both Shairos and Kairos. The Defender Army fought on against the remaining demons and gained victory over both Demon Armies. Talisman, Juracan, Tormenta, Cyclonis, Black Knights and many more demons fell to the might of the Fallen Six.

Assassination attempt

During a meeting with Sikuku, the Clowns attacked and attempted to assasinate King Akram. In response Chaos and WhiteKnight were dispatched to eliminate the entire race of Crools. When this happen sparks began in the Fallen Six that Akram was being manipulated by the Speed Demon.


Stripped away from his power, Sikuku realized the truth, Akram is slipping. He took his observations to the Fallen Six and they decided to take the news to the people. The Recent Events that have happened in the Akram Kingdom are effects of the King’s poor leadership. Sikuku and Kami stood high in Adventurer’s Plain and gave a speech to the people. In his speech Sikuku talked of all the issues that have corrupted the Kingdom.  Kami placed an example of how Akram’s fear of clowns has cut our ties to the Crool Race. They themselves openly talked to all citizens inviting them to join a new Kingdom, The Principality Empire. They spoke of how they already have allies such as the Shugotenshi Clan, HelShot Clan and the HelHound Clan. Sikuku stated “We are preparing the Kingdom for the Return of a true king, Junon! The Principality Empire will be built by the people and for the people.” They ended their meeting and retreated leaving the Plains with the echoes of their war cry “Hail the Principality!” They vowed right there an oath to not rest until Akram gives up his throne to the people and prepare it for a true king’s return

The King’s Kingdom

After the Massacre of the Death Desert Akram continued in power with the Council, which consisted of Sikuku, Letron, Ferrell, Xita, Raknu, Eucar and Kiel. The main duty of the Council was to assist Akram in the decisions of the kingdom. This proved to be a great way to maintain the peace and the ideals of all the people at mind. Thanks to the Council of the Akram Kingdom the Akram Kingdom managed to successfully settle in the Planet of Eldeon, forming the first three tribes of Eldeon, the Tribe of Raknu, the Tribe of Sikuku and the Xita Refuge. This sudden increase of explorers and scientist also was accompanied by Fallen Angels released after Aura’s Reign. This proved to be the most challenging problem in the entire Kingdom. The solution came to Akram, build a new and bigger force of defenders to protect the Akram Kingdom, that now consisted of the Three Planets. A message was immediately sent to earth, form an Army whose job will be to defend the Akram Kingdom lead by Commander Kiel. When the new Defenders arrived many where lost and had no idea what to do. Akram then thought of a plan, send Commander Letron to unite the old Defenders of the Kingdom in order to help the new Generation of Defenders. The new order that was established managed to defend the Kingdom from all sorts of Conflicts against creatures.

The Wise King Akram established the laws of the Kingdom that lead everyone to be the best they could be. Defenders from across the Planets banded together to protect the Kingdom in the wars that continued on.

His first order of duty in battle was against the Terror Knights. These creatures became part of the world in order to eradicate the growing population in the Planet of Lunar. Akram then created the Annihilator of Akram lead by Champ and Knight, his duty was to protect Akram and wipe out the attacks of Terror Knights on the Magic City of Eucar. Bond, the first Annihilator fought an historical battle against the Terror Knights defeating Grand Master Alkali. Once the defeat of the Grand Sword Master Alkali, his son. Emil, vowed vengeance and created the Alkaliban Terrorist group. This group’s main purpose was to defeat the Annihilator. When this treat arose, Akram formed a new team of Annihilators whose job was to protect all the cities, villages and towns of the Akram Kingdom.

Akram’s Second challenge came when the new defenders stumbled upon a Dragons Nest in the Forest of Wisdom. Vanguard, Clan formed by Solice, was ordered to investigate the Nest, but it turned out to be a disaster. The Clan Members Grencious, Solice and Tofu fought against the Dragons and killed eggs and hatchlings. Soon afterwards word got to the Dragon King, Leader of all the Creatures of the Kingdom. It issued that all Creatures in the Planet of Junon should begin an assault to take over the Human Shelters and Cities. So it became known, The Dragon King’s Vendetta. The beings ravished the lands, destroying and conquering all the cities of the planet, even Junon Polis fell to the Dragon King’s Wrath. After a while of living in the Canyon City, Akram re-grouped his men, lead by the Celestial Guards they moved into the City of Junon Polis and claimed it all back. Akram negotiated with the Dragon King to create peace. In the negotiations it was revealed the Dragon King needed to rest after the battles that had taken place. Akram made an agreement, have the Titans of Junon create a Creature Alliance, a Coalition in Lunar and a council in Eldeon. Together both Councils shall promote peace in the Planet and work together.

As it is seen Akram has always looked for the best of the Kingdom, and even now he knows Sikuku is not who he appears to be. Even though Akram’s Job is hard, he is always there to assist the Kingdom, he is the Greatest King in the land. Junon put him for a reason that reason is clear; he is placed because he is the best to run the Kingdom. Junon did not put anyone to be King, he put Akram. Why? The reason is because not Sikuku, not Letron, not Kiel and not Raknu were good enough to run the nations. Since the formation of the Legendary Six to the defeat of Kairos and Shairos Akram has been a loyal follower of the Word. He has taken the Kingdom to new heights, and will keep leading our great Kingdom to victory against the Principalities evil ways, So Say We all! Both the Celestial Guards and the Chaos Legion have sworn to stand by him no matter what. All because they know Junon gave him the thrown for a deeper reason.

Solice Speaks

Solice and Scylar requested to speak with King Akram to find out his side of the propaganda used by Sikuku against him. Solice, being A shugotneshi, did not like to have secrets among his comrades so he brought iane along with him. Shortly after arriving, iane and Akram began arguing. Akram was complaining about an attack on defenders in fallen territory. How does the great and just King Akram respond to this? He attacks a fallen in defender territory… An eye for an eye? Where is the justice? Solice, of course, would not permit his comrade to be killed if he could help, Began fighting with Akram as well. Solice ordered iane to return to fallen territory and forget this event. Solice and S ylar requested another meeting with Akram to discuss his atrocious behavior earlier. Akram, there, demanded that iane be sacrificed in the name of justice. Solice refused to allow any single one of his men die needlessly. Akram then decided to try to negotiate by exchanging to sacrifice one of his men if Solice would give up iane to be sacrificed. Akram said, “I would gladly sacrifice any of my own men for justice.” Solice responds to this by saying, “And I would gladly give up my own life to protect mine.” At this, Akram turned back to Junon Polis. Thanks to Akram’s foolish actions we have the truth, Sikuku is the way for true peace in the Kingdom.

The truth is not certain since these words came from Solice, but if so Sikuku’s Campaign will grow because of Akram’s actions.

Principality War

EXCLUSIVE: This reporter has been requested to join King Akram and his escort to an emergency meeting to be held tonight at 10:00 PM on the town square of Adventurer’s Plain.

Akram’s representative indicates that an alliance could be forged in order to repel the Principality Empire of “Junon”. Ferrell’s representative could not confirm this as the entire guild is maintaining a tight lip.

Adventurer’s Plain has been considered by both armies as a neutral zone, so the choosing of this place is no surprise. The surprise might be for the Principality, as the formation of an alliance could lead to an easier victory for Akram who sees to continue having his uncanny knack for defeating enemies when everything looks bleak.  On the other hand a simple accord of supplies for the army could be all Akram needs to turn the conflict in his favor.  Please stand by as we will bring more details as the day goes on.

Yesterday Ferrell called forth a meeting between the Principality Empire and the Akram Kingdom. In the meeting Ferrell discussed how he sees no need for War. Naturally Sikuku agreed, but Akram felt it necessary to continue the arguments. After a long discussion Akram decided to keep fighting against the Principality, consequently Sikuku had no choice but to defend his warriors. During the meeting a lot of accusations were made, including accusations towards Ferrell himself. Ferrell stood up against these accusations stating how he, being the best Sniper in the Kingdom, could form an Army strong enough to defeat both the Principality and Akram. Tensions where rising right after he said the statement, but Ferrell stated “If I form an army, this war will never end”. Being the voice of reason, Ferrell saw it fit to do one thing, leave the Kingdom. He then ordered all his Ferrell Guild Members to do the same. As the meeting concluded SeathCross stepped in to follow Ferrell’s example and fight both armies with his clan Shugotenshi. The Fallen Six and Akram still continue fighting as you read this. Akram just can’t admit defeat. Even if the vast majority of the people stand against him, Akram does not wish to even consider giving up his throne to the people.

Recently Akram made a grave mistake. He created an alliance with the Terrorist Group the Alkaliban. Sword Master Emil has already taken over the Desert of the Dead, placing a wall in the way so no Principality Defender can enter. Research began to find out why the Terror Knights aided the Akram Defenders. After days of research is was revealed, Akram offered the Alkaliban the life of certain Annihilators. This was a cruel and harsh decision offering his own defenders to be sacrificed in the hands of the Terror Knights. The research continued to find out who was offered to them. The news where unexpected, Akram offered them the Canyon Council Seat, Gorge Council Seat , Xitan Annihilator, Eucarian
Council Seat , Tribe Council Seat and the Plain Council Seat . When it was revealed who had these positions the Kingdom was shocked. All the
Council Seat were now in the Principality of Junon. Asch, Roberto, Lunem, Kootech, iane and Shadow are the ones that Akram is willing to sacrifice for the sake of winning the war. Who would have known that Akram was such a bad King? We have all seen his horrors, it is clear the Principality must do something against this.

Principality Victory

After the Victory, the question was clear “What now?” Now the Kingdom has been changed. Akram has been defeated and the Principality Empire has been formed. The Council will consist of 7 representatives. The Council Members are Sikuku, Letron, Kiel, Mag, Akram, Joshuan and PRican. These are the new head of the Kingdom. Since Akram fought a good fight Kiel and Sikuku suggested that the Kingdom kept the title “Akram Kingdom”. The first order of business they have begun to work on is the return of Daisy Shopper and Small Businesses such as Melchi, War Gear and Jasmin. They also plan on talking to Ferrell to bring back the Storage and Ferrell Guild Shops. Only two days have passed and the Council has already received Death Threats. Reports have come that two assassination attempts have already been reported. In response to such situations the Council formed an elite group of Guards for each member.

Many reports state that Joshuan was infact the one who would attempt the assassination of the Council Members. In response Joshuan was kicked off the council and replaced with S ylar, but if that was all Akram stepped down because of the false accusations against Joshuan. Raisco soon stepped up to replace him. Unable to keep her duty as a council member Mag stepped down and Kami took her spot. Many saw it suspicious as the Council was quickly replaced by the Fallen Six.

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