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Principality Empire of Junon

Yesterday, the Council of Junon was visited by an old friend, Ferrell. He came to discuss the return of the Ferrell Guild. Many were expecting him to return sooner, but Ferrell has not returned yet. Ferrell wants to meet with the Council of Junon before hand, the meeting will be held in Adventurer’s Plain on . It is required that the Council of Junon attends, Mag, Kiel, PRican, Sikuku and Letron. This discussion or meeting will bring back one of the most important of all Guilds in the land.

After the last meeting with Ferrell, Guild Master, The Principality arrived to a proper way of leading the Kingdom. Still keeping the title Akram Kingdom, they have formed an assembly of the people. The assembly consists of Clan Masters, Guild Masters and representatives of cities, towns and tribes. In the assembly all participants have an equal voice, No one rules no one. The assembly will take all actions to help protect the rights of the citizens. Even though certain people such as Joshuan, SeathCross and Solice are against it, the assembly wishes for peace. The assembly has decided to help reduce war by promoting anti-war movements. In their first ask they will eliminate the bounty on Joshuan, SeathCross and Solice and put a halt to the refining brought by the Titans of Junon as well as the continue sell of Blood Charms. Stopping this they hope to promote peace to all citizens.

After a long wait in which the economy of the 3 planets was seriously affected, Ferrell Guild members were spotted entering from the Birth Gate in Adventurer’s Plain and hauling crates and crates into their carts then speeding away in all directions.  It is presumed that their destinations were their old shops, storage warehouses and trade routes they commonly use, but we cannot be sure.

We could not spot Ferrell for comment and guild members refused to talk stating being busy, but we can only assume for the better that pretty soon much needed places like the item storage and others will re-open and the guards will retire.

Demons Lenux and Stranger

The war between the Akram Kingdom and the Principality Empire of Junon has finnally ended, giving the Principality the long awaited victory. The new Council of Junon was created as a result of King Akrams loss and failure to the people. While in power, the Council consisted of Joshuan, Akram, Sikuku, Letron, Mag and PRican. The Council of Junon later on dismissed Joshuan and Akram for signs of treason against them. New members Raisco and Scylar had been recruited to take part of the Council, and now a new threat has come to our planet, “The Master, Stranger”. Some people might be asking themselves “What now?!”, “Another war”, “We want peace!!!, welll… I say we do something about it! The new Fallen Mayors, Asch, Chukii, AXEL, iane, Lunem and Roberto are now on the search for Lenux and seal it. Meanwhile I, Chaos, master of the ChaosLegion, former Raknu
Mayors cannot stand idily by, and see our planet fall to the demons. I ask of the people, join me in the hunt for Stranger, and free yourselves. Make a difference, be free. I will assemble an army, an army free of obligation, an army that will lead the people of Junon Planet to freedom. An army of LEGENDS! PRican and Shadow will be counselors of the Army of Legends and will be recruiting people in Adventurer’s Plains and the City of Junon Polis. I will be recruiting in the Canyon City, until the beginning of the hunt which shall begin .


The Parasite and Dark Researcher, Renegade

Renegade, former CrossDefender, was assigned to the Fallen Six. Being a Supportive Muse, Renegade helped in the Demon War, Aura’s War and the Desert Campaign. Soon after the Demon War, he was discovered in the Planet of Lunar experimenting on helpless Creatures. As investigations from the Righteous Crusader continued, they found 2 captured defenders, SeathCross and Solice. Renegade had done inhuman experiments on them. When this was discovered Solice revealed to the Akram Kingdom that SIRIUS and Annunnaki were also captured by the Parasite. Renegade, A.K.A The Parasite, was convicted and sentenced to life in Sikuku Prison. Rumor has it he was helped by several Red Cloaked Men and the Demon of Top. He stated that he was ordered to do such things by the Kingdom, but the evidence points elsewhere. Confirmation states that he escaped from Sikuku Prison and is located in the Planet of Junon. Odracir, new defender has already seen the evil Parasite.