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Recovered Texts: Dragon War Texts

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Kiel and the Golems

Last spotted wandering the Gorge of Silence, General Kiel of the Defender army was seen attempting to grab an audience with the Goblin Leader, near the Golems. As a result, the Adamantium Golem began to attack and Goblins once again have severed all ties with humans, and the goblins have become more aggressive as a result. What Kiel intended to do with this reckless action has yet to be confirmed, but needless to say, this will not be good for further relations with the goblins.

After weeks Sir Kiel of the Akram Kingdom, was seen once more in the Gorge of Silence speaking near the Adamantium golem with a Goblin General about his actions and although matters where still unclear. He stated his apology but the Goblin was not ready to accept it right then and there. The goblin reminded Sir Kiel of the treaty with the Goblin King that was broken a while ago and feared humans would do the same again. Sir Kiel assured the Goblins that he is responsible for all of his defenders and has confidence that all of them will maintain the peace he is seeking to restore between the nations. The goblin was pleased with this and has found new happiness with the Humans.

Future relations with the goblins look bright.

Sparks of War

Years have passed after the Massacre of the Death Desert and a new Army has risen to represent the Akram Kingdom, the Defenders. The Defender Army established by Kiel, has begun to spread out and bring forth a new style of warfare. Angel Guards and Cross Defenders have begun teaching these new warriors. They have established what are known as Job Classes within the army, and Second Job Classes. The Legendary Heroes of the Aruan War don’t miss an opportunity, many of them have began setting up an economy to sponsor and bring economy to the forces.

Another great addition that it has brought is the concept of Clans or Parties which are groups of Defenders to train and complete tasks for the Akram Kingdom. One clan lead by Andrew and Delmar the sons of the Cross Defender, Cofresi, has become one of the most notable clans who have grown in fame for completing short task of the Akram Kingdom.

Shortly after the establishment of said army the Dragons came to the lands and established their routine nests. Celestial Guard members located such eggs and began to take pictures of it, but some of the nearby Defenders made a mistake of accidentally breaking one. This might have sparked a war against the Dragon King and all the creatures of the planets. The first Dragon War of the Akram Kingdom might commence.

Dragon War

Weary travelers upon reaching the gates of Junon, immediately reported to guards and Mayor Warren the need for more saftey on the roads to Junon Polis from Zant.

“I can handle Rackies and Moldies now, but those penguins in ambush are the baddest.” was the remark by HandicapKid.

Mayor Warren immediately stated that Akram authorities are planning an assault to liberate the rest of the Planet from Dragon control.

This follows critics by Arumics that liberation forces did not clear out all paths and areas leading to Junon Polis and that enemy was bypassed in order to rush to Junon Polis and claim the rewards. “They even did not engage the Dragons and simply let them go back to Gorge Of Silence were they came from.” was the remark by Arumic staff members.

“That’s hogwash” replied the Crusaders, “Nobody knows where the Dragons are and much less how to defeat them. I understand a Celestial Guard was crushed in 8 seconds and the bloodcharms used did not even penetrate the hides.  “If you know of a weapon that works against them, let me know and I’ll be the first one there.”

Regardless it seems that plans are underway to assault the areas not cleared during last weeks liberation, more news to follow…

Urgent! We are in grave danger. The Dragon King has called the best of the best to fight in his kingdom. Jelly Beans, Rackie, Grunter, Clown and Doonga commandoes have been training the diverse mobs found in Junon. These monsters have made the rest more aggressive and stronger ready to try to defeat us. But don’t loose Hope! We warriors of Akram Kingdom shall be victorious!

Like the words of Akram “These monsters may be strong, they may be nasty and perhaps a bit faster but we won’t let a group of puny minded creatures stop us from claiming these lands. Let the Dragon King know we mean business. “

So I say Fight them in the walls, fight them in the rooftops, in the hills, in the mountain and in the desserts for we shall prevail!! For the Glory of GOD!

So say we all!

Triumph against the Dragon King

“It is now time to retake the city and even if I have to do it all alone I will do it.”  Those were the words of Ferrell, founder of the guild which holds his name as we stumbled into him in the city of Zant together with other people loading up.

Fact is this retaking will start practically from breezy hills as scouts report enemy forces have setup strongholds there.

With telegates currently erratic and transportation seriously affected, our forces will have a long walk back to Junon from the current location, and from the look of things its going to be a very long fight too.

Ferrell indicated that “all citizens should join in this battle.” Referring to the previous evacuation of the city which was cause by the low amount of defenders when the dragons initially showed up.

“If we band together and put up a fight, we can win this one” were his parting words as he ran off in the direction of El Verloon to fend of attacking armies of Rackies.

Last night in a coordinated assault, Clan members , Guild leaders and many fighters marched on from Canyon city of Zant in a fierce path through the Hills of Breezy and so on up to the City of Junon Polis.

Penguins, Rackie, Goblins, Firegons, Yetis and even a Dragon were encountered on the way. Paths were blocked, roads were extremely dangerous and simply stating, it was a real mess. 

“I Think they are expecting us” were the words of PRican when it was apparent that it was not going to be an easy march.

“It was relatively easy until we got to the city” were the words of Daisy Shopper who was seen holding a shotgun instead of her usual shop gear. She remained guarding the gates while forces entered and began the clean up of the area.

Other persons found the way in hard, although it was a coordinated assault at one moment communications broke down near the docks. As expressed by Mr. Brocoli.

Penguins and Yetis were the strongest defenders encountered in the battle of the city, but on the outskirts and the way in Goblins and Rackies were holding lines and telegates from incursion.

“I have to thank Boyz for his many contributions. He was scout, he was a hunter and even saved me a few times” stated the smiling Ferrell as he surveyed the badly damaged storage warehouse in the city after the battles.

“YES”, shouted another as he received the reward money posted by the Akram Ministers and The Mayor which was paid off for the successful liberation. A total of 2 Million Cazh was given to those who remained.

Fact is, the Dragons were not defeated, they were chased away or simply left the city after their forces were defeated. Now residents will have a hard time re-establishing themselves in the city as the badly damaged areas need to be repaired. Last to see the Dragon retreat was Sikuku who mentioned they were going out to open sea.

In summary, the city is now clear once more and the reasons for the Dragon’s retreat are still unclear.

Pretty soon the Akram Rangers have been assigned the task of verifying reports by Sirius, Crasus and iane of a Woopie King leading the assault. “I am glad the Akram Rangers are coming in, but don’t get me wrong, I still admire guys like Sirius, Shadow and Shadowknight which have held the fort while they arrive” were the words of Judy.  This confirms that small parties have kept the swarms at bay, but it’s time to eliminate the threat that still remains.

Rebuilding Junon Polis

Junon Polis – a recent tour of the city witnessed residents and merchants in re-construction of the city.  Most of the structures looked unscathed on the outside but had been wrecked internally by the invading armies.  Curiously the Arumic structures and the docks seemed untouched.

“Mayor Warren indicated life will go back to normal in less than 2 days, but I have my doubts. That’s why I’m staying here in Zant my customers need to know how to find me fast and safely” were the words of Daisy Shopper from her booth in the north gate of Zant.

From the look of things, it will take much longer, The Ferrell Guild storage warehouse and the taverns were totally destroyed on the inside. Taverns were back up as goods were being sold from crates and tents.  The storage was not that lucky as items were stolen, racks were destroyed and burned by the Firegons in the area. Ferrell Guild Staff will remain in Zant and adventurers Plains as rebuilding proceeds in Junon.  “We have a good system of inventory management, from our supplies we restored lost items and monies” stated the manager of the storage in Zant.

Arumics on the other hand, were immediately back in business, althought not permitted to enter the buildings, we could see no damage from looking thru windows and doors.  Transpo did not return to the city.

The Good News is that military guards are back at their posts and safety has returned.

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