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Recovered Text: Blood And War

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Day 1 -> We were called into the Barracks and told that a Campaign was coming afoot. That, for months now Letron had been at war, fighting the Ranks of the Sikuku. A civil war, and he didn’t call for backup. Three months, to be precise. According to the detailed information, the war has begun escalating. Squads and some other things have come into light. I’m now wondering where it’s all going to go. Me and my sentinel squad have been deployed to the planet. We’re apparently going to be leading defensive stations alongside the Sikuku. Multicultural war… Sound’s amusing to say the least.

Day 23-> The departure for the war is almost afoot. My team and I, we’re ready. Apparently some tactics have been coming into play. Most of our duty is sideline work. But the tactics coming around are detailing some heavy defender based formations. The spearhead… Tactic composed of one Knight leading a large team of champions into the enemy lines to break open, like a spear jabbing into the gut. A rather direct form of combat, but it is effective. Though, it leaves the knight vulnerable. The champions will carry out their work.

Day 34-> A tactic has come into conversations. A simple formation consisting of one front line and rearline. No protection for the lifelines, and no clerics at all? It sounded hazy, but it sounded like a direct assault.

Day 93-> The war in here has been much more hectic than we had expected. The mines of the Marsh have been dried up in the chaos of war, fuel is being demanded left and right for the vessels who are engaging in war. Things are bleak to some extent, but our leaders are holding steadfast as if they aren’t even aware of our resource crisis here.

Day 95-> The Generals have come to an arrangement between the Republic of Eldeon and the Akram Kingdom. A tactic they are calling “Kiels Blitzkrieg”. It’s nothing more than a suicide mission carried out by only defenders while the rest of us sit back to protect some resources… I hope all goes well.

Day 103-> Sikuku Honor. One of the leaders of the Sikuku forces fighting alongside us. Had honor dueled the warchief, “Turak”. During the battle of the Blitzkrieg… Turak showcased that he had defeated him, and lobbed him into the fires of the Warchief’s kitchen. According to the locals. Sikuku honor consists of holding battle to the end, if one subsides to the terms. The loss is unconditional. Death, mercy, it’s all at the hands of whom have bested them. Turak was cruel and prideful. He killed the one he bested to showcase his superiority, but still lost that same day. Warchief, or Murderer?

Day 107-> The mines of the Marsh have somehow replenished. The planet bears fruit, and the Ikaness people have taken that to the next level. The mining operations have gotten more intense, and it takes only hours till the crystalline is cleared to regrow once anew. Some kind of production is taking place here. A vessel of some sorts…

Day 110-> I met with one of the locals today. His name was Taino. Apparently, he’d some belief that the war that was taking place was an honor duel of leaders. A war for the Chief’s to exert who is more fit. Turak, apparently wished to seek the mantle for himself. He wished to be the one and only Sikuku Warchief. Letron held the title, but was being challenged. A defender, was leading the normal tribes of the Sikuku. Was that really so upsetting to them, that they turned to civil war over it? The strangest part is……

Day 115-> This war has taken its toll on so many. But the battles have finally come to an end. People have finally ceased. What’s stranger… What’s really stranger. Is how things suddenly just change. From fighting a war of weapons and shields. I find myself wandering the streets of famine and fear.

Day 132-> I’ve come to realize the fear that haunts this place is no more than the fear that trains it. For years I never understood why this place was so dark. Why so many people feared it. But, now it makes sense. The one they call the Warden. She is more fit to be called an Executioner. My curiosity grows as I wish to find out what lays inside such a place. I will visit that prison.

Day 140-> I’ve never seen such horrors…

(The log book seems to come to a pause here. As if the writer had suddenly ceased.)

Day … I don’t recall anymore. But, I can only describe that place as the darkest depth of the human heart. I’ve never seen a place riddled with such fear. Such animosity amongst themselves. I wish to never walk those floors again. The world that they call, Prison. It is far from what they describe. Far from what we’ve perceived… Never have defenders been so wrong as to send their prisoners to this place. The people there… They are drained of their very life of their very soul. It’s as if a single nail was shoved into your chin, and from it, your blood slowly pours out. Ending your life, as it is all replaced by fear. I saw it. I saw the most horrifying thing I could’ve seen. A young woman… Raknu, “prisoner”. Tossed into the chambers of this… this witch. As she placed her on a shrine like object. And just, watched her life wither. She gazed at her as if it gave her some sick pleasure. Some passion beyond what we would see…

I ran out… I ran out of there as fast as I could, because I could not bear witness to such cruelty. To watch someone, siphoned in such a way… It is too much.

(The log book stops… There’s nothing else on this notebook. The final pages, detailing the strange death seem crumbled and worn as if soaked in something.)

-Unknown Sentinel

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