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Possible Client Corruption Fix

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When you have a corrupted client/installer its frustrating I know its happened to me plenty of times!

First:  Do not erase the dotc setup from your computer or at least keep a backup of it somewhere.  Downloading it again is very time consuming and you might have to re-install at some point again.

I found that copying the Raxan/Games folder and having at least one back up from a “good” or successfully patched client is a good idea. When you have a “good” folder, copy it and put it somewhere safe. If the first one does get corrupt just open the second folder and push (Ctrl+A) to select all inside the folder then right click and copy, then go to the first folder and hit (Ctrl+A) and right click and paste (it may ask if you wish to overwrite the files click yes).  Then start the game and let it patch.

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