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Notes from Clery

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The following are notes found in a hidden cave of the Anima Lake. They were salvaged and added to the Library.

Please handle with care,

These days I find myself stuck here, more than I’d like. I look around and see fewer of us. A life like this, I don’t wish it on anyone. Before Aquillia was killed he told me “Had Letron not turned into a demon, the others wouldn’t have gone out and done it.”, he looked at me as if it was my fault. My duty, when I took it, was to give Defenders the proper tools to survive everything this land those their way. Little did I know that those same Defenders we prepared would become this. I still believe in Kiel’s dream, a Defender army to protect humanity and unite it. That’s why even in these desperate moments, I try to help. 

I’ve decided to write here some notes, to help any future Cleric out. Here is a brief explanation of all the different types of Clerics. Maybe, once this is all over, things can return to normal. Defenders become the hope of the people again. I sure hope we can find a way to make it happen, someday. 

I am the Master Cleric Clery, and I am not very good at naming things. You wouldn’t believe just how hard it took me to name my Discipline Cleric. The Types that don’t have a particular name, I will just call them by the name of a Defender or Warrior embodies the class. Hope it helps.

  • Roan (Named after one of the Legendary Seven, Roan Thinami)

Being a cleric is one of the most important roles of the entire Defender Army. Entire battles can be lost, just because there is no Cleric present, that is how crucial we can be. Being a cleric like Roan, is one of the best things to do. When you are a Cleric, Roan is the embodiment of such a discipline you’d want to emulate. 

There are three different ways to go with a Cleric. The first way is to be a Full Support Cleric in which you mainly Buff and Heal the defenders around you, the second is called a summoner which you will learn about later, or you can go the route of a Battle Cleric where you Fight and Heal in Battle.

Wand & Mystic Tool, that’s what a regular Cleric wields. Muses advance to the Cleric when they’ve obtained good use of their power with water affinity. The energy of a Cleric can be used  to heal allies during combat. Most clerics are devotees to some sort of cause, in my case my devotion is to helping Defenders carry out their duty. The majority of Roan type Clerics prefer wearing neat, clean clothing, and light colored armors. They often mark their armor with holy symbols as a demonstration of their diverse beliefs. Some clerics use other types of SubItem (offhand) support tools.

Roan clerics are generally suited to aiding party members from behind by using their many support skills. They are more often than not creating bonfires to heal party members and themselves. They are using healing skills to keep the frontline fighting, supporting everyone in their party. They even support allies, that aren’t just Defenders like Firegons or Phantom Swords. Clerics can ensure that their comrades will not fall in battle.

Roan type Clerics don’t really have a specific attribute, so they can specialize in many things, but the most important thing to do is be smart, astute and grow in intelligence. Clerics also have a variety of different attack skills which can be used to defeat enemies if needed. Their most important thing is helping warriors keep fighting, what some call “Rez” is just the dubbed name for bringing a defeated warrior to consciousness. Some Defenders like to explore a bit more and have formed dexterous clerics (skilled with attacking fast) or strength clerics (building up their muscles for more durability and defense), but ultimately they are all what I call a Roan Type cleric, the foundation of the Defender Army. 

  • Luxem (Named after the Angel Guard, Eucar the Mystic) [Combat Cleric]

Mystic Eucar, the Angel Guard, would say to new Defenders “Being a Cleric is the most rewarding job class, and the most important”. I agree with her, but her style was more than a simple Cleric. She was a cleric that could adapt to anything. Most of all combat, which she claims to have learned from the teachings of Luxem.

As clerics there are three ways to go. The first way is to be a Combat Cleric where you Fight and Heal in Battle, the second is what was dubbed as a summoner and third is the route of full support. Eucar was excellent in full support and summoning, but above all she was the best when it came to combat. Perhaps Luxem might not be the best name for this type of cleric, so I will simply call it a combat cleric. 

Although I am here to prepare you for battle, it is not what I’d like to occur. We must always strive to get a hold of things before fighting even begins. Sometimes battle will be forced, and we must take up arms. When having to fight, some clerics build themselves up for battle. It starts with focusing your skill with the wand. Fighting at a distance with the wand, and using it as a real weapon for battle is what you must first accept to become a combat Cleric. Use it to either attack fast or attack heavily. 

It isn’t only offense, but also a bit of defense that you’ll need. Getting good armor for durability, energy defense or defense can go a long way in helping a battle cleric remain in combat. That can include good gear to control your consumption, max energy or recovery can go a long way in certain situations. Some would do well with Mystic Tools or Shields for block rate. 

Later you’ll learn about parsons, who are also one type of cleric that focuses on battle. Unlike Parsons, a Battle Cleric isn’t so focused on being the frontline. It is more focused on being one of the major damage dealers. A core element to both though, is the use of healing to survive in battle. Healing, like all clerics, is one of the most important things. 

An important thing to every single combat cleric is having an offensive arsenal of skills. Energy Waves, or Voltage are all part of what is needed for a battle cleric. While Parsons go into using offensive skills since the start of their Muse career, a battle cleric goes into them far later. That’s because their main focus is the wand and energy usage for battle.

Someone who is a combat Cleric may at times also go into using enhancements for themselves, skills to increase their performance in battles. Many consider battle clerics to be the strongest force in the Defender army. That is because they can last long, attack fast, attack strongly and support themselves almost indefinitely. 

  • Solice (Named after the Celestial Guard Solice)

Solice, my first pupil. Very unique, very special and of great imagination. Solice took just one, one of Muse’s skills and elevated it to a much higher level. I can say I learned from him, just as he learned from me.

It begins with the first two, Bonfire & Phantom Sword. Clerics like Solice dwell into something they like to call Summons. The proper name of this is constructs, creations forged with a Cleric’s energy & materials. Using your energy you can conjoin diverse materials to form a Construct. 

Starting with the Bonfire. As you read the Skill Book, you will learn how to “summon” it. Using Wood and your own energy you make the Bonfire. Which is something used to help you, and yours have designated points and relaxing time. It can also be used for multiple other things, like preparing some meals, or using it as a marker. The imagination is the real limit of what you might be able to do with this construct.

A more offensive construct is the Phantom Sword. As the Skill Book states you need to use metals to form the sword and sharpen it. The Phantom Sword is exactly what Solice used the most. Once you have the Phantom Sword out and about, it will be with you as you fight and deal with the trouble. Consider it a tool to assist you in fighting against opponents or enemy armies.

The Cleric Flames, just for Clerics, are one of the constructs that clerics will use. When reading the Skill Books you will see a couple of these, using Youl Stone and Win stone. They are great for disrupting opponents. If you search around the lands, you might be able to find other uses for the flames. Some natives have used them for various purposes.

A Solice type of Cleric forces themselves to use constructs in various ways. Although those are some of the Contructs used, it is not something limited to them. Other types of constructs can be formed, for example a Construct that imitates the Golem creatures in Gorge of Silence or a floating energy orb. Constructs are something that few clerics really go into, like Solice with the expansion of the Phantom Swords.

  • Enchantress or Enchanter 

Something that many Clerics are good at is the ability called Attraction. Most defenders simply refer to this as summoning, like Solice. Clerics who are skilled in this are called Enchanters, I personally was called Enchantress alot. 

An enchantress begins with understanding the Summon Mastery. In the lands there are lots of natives and creatures who are very unique, they have a certain sensitivity to detect strong flows of energy. This is where an Enchantress begins her efforts, placing energy in her wand as a sort of construct, in forming a beacon that will attract these types of natives or creatures. That is what is called Attraction, but you must be careful not to attract a creature that will just turn on you. 

An enchantress’s first summon is called an Elemental. These are powerful fire native, and energy absorbers. They also eat fire and heat, which makes it a native that is hard to manage. Elementals are temperemantel, they can get lost in rage or battle. Even been known to attack the enchanter who attracted them to the area. They are feral, but if you can put it with them and work together, they become great warriors to fight by your side. They can do much more, depending on your relationship.

The other creature that gets attracted by enchanters are the lovely Firegons. You must know that usually when you attract a Firegon, you attract the younger ones, around 2 years of age or older. Their young brains are very susceptible to Attraction. The first few months are spent with the parents, but later on they separate and that’s usually when many get attracted by enchanters. Firegons are the best companions, they understand you and stick by your side. Mostly because they are young, they bond with you. My firegons always stood by me, they were my best friend in the darkest of times. Although they can’t easily communicate, their actions are how you’ll know you’ve bonded. You aren’t just gaining a companion, you are also raising the Firegon. How you train the Firegon and what you teach them, or work together to do will affect them always. 

Firegons aren’t the only ones that get attracted, at rare times an enchantress attracts a Pyregon. Pyregons start off looking like Firegons, but as they grow the scales change to a different color. You must know that usually when you attract a Pyregon, you attract the younger ones, around 2 years of age or older. Their young brains are very susceptible to Attraction. After their first few months of birth a Pyregon separates from their parents, they set out into the world. That’s usually when many get attracted by enchanters. Pyregon, like Firegons, can form very special bonds with the enchantress that summoned them, but they tend to leave faster than Firegons. Growing Pyregons feel a strong need to protect dragons. They’ll jump to defend wyrms, worm dragons, firegons or moss golems. Jorielle, the Pyregon I practically raised, stood by me for a long time. One day when a nest of Wyrms was under attack he jumped right out to defend it, ignoring me entirely. Jorielle went off with them, protected them. I miss Jorielle, he was one of the best. 

In the lands there are many creatures and natives who will respond to that type of beacon. Mummies and Sprigs for example, they might come because of the Attraction. An enchantress takes this Attraction and finds companions to help in all sorts of situations. Some are great to fight, some are great to learn from, some are great to help you out and some are just great friends. 

  • Renegade (Named after the Fallen Six, Renegade the Parasite) 

Eucar’s words are not one Renegade would agree with. He’d say “Being a Cleric is a thankless job. Every Job Class needs you, but when you need them they aren’t there. They never listen, and will be the death of a cleric”. As he said, he carried himself as such. He prepared to be the cleric but made sure to think of number one, himself.

As clerics there are three ways to go. The first way is to be a Full Support Cleirc in which you mainly Buff or Heal the Defenders around you, the second is what was dubbed as a summoner and third is the route of combat cleric. A Renegade type Cleric, is one of full support, they believe that only certain classes need the support during battle. While other classes do need support as well, Renegades have a set of priorities they follow while in combat. 

First on their priority list are defense classes, and the one above all that they support in this situation are Knights. Knights are the class that control the movement of the enemy in battle. They can become walls or obstacles to slow down the enemy’s advancement. Being the frontline of every battle means they take the full force of the incoming attacks. This is the reason why Renegades have placed Knights in the priority of their support needs. The most important of all the support that Knights need is healing and “rez”, getting the knights back up.

The second on their priority list are the defenders who are considered the damage dealers. Many battles will have diverse people who are considered the damage dealers of the battle. Most of the times the class considered are either Champions or Mages, but other classes may be the damage dealer in the diverse combat scenarios. Defenders who are in this combat position, need support to increase their combat ability and endurance in order to continue constantly damaging opponents over time. This is why Renegades place them second in their priority, to keep the damage dealing defenders in the field for a longer time.

Lastly in their priority list are the other supporters, other clerics. A Renegade will undoubtedly assist other support classes, like clerics. That is because in order for the team to continue fighting, they know that clerics keep the army moving. It wouldn’t be the only reason, since clerics are also the ones that can help a Renegade Cleric get up.

Funny enough, Renegade type Clerics avoid being in the front of the battlefield. They consider warriors who allow the enemy line to reach them to have failed in their objective. They keep themselves back on the battlefield, simply supporting. When a Renegade sees a defender getting too far away from his range of support, they will quickly consider that defender dead. A Renegade type Cleric might be bossy, and rude but they still carry out their task.

  • Hailey (Named after one of the Legendary Seven, Hailey Cross) 

Hailey, like most here, died a while back. It is a real shame, and Hailey was among my best pupils. You will never, never, never meet someone as sweet and nice as Hailey Cross. She lived her entire life in service of the Defenders. It’s not about what she wanted, but about what she could do to help the Defender Army. So much so, that she even fought against her husband for the Defender Army. Not even love tore her apart from her duty as a cleric, and she was the best. 

A Hailey Cleric is considered by many a holy caster, even though the main use of her energy is water affinity, who focuses on aiding allies and defenders rather than dealing damage. It’s not just that they help others, but it is in their nature. Their supportive nature makes them a key in any group, squad, party, clan or organization.

Remember that I’ve said devotees to some sort of cause? Well that’s the kind of devotion a Hailey type clerics has, entirely devoted to helping other Defenders. Their ability with water affinity skills is enough to have your wounds healed, increase your combat ability or get you back up from being knocked out. A Hailey is all about supporting everyone around them. While most clerics can only manage a party, a Hailey type cleric manages to aid her whole clan. 

Hailey Clerics have the unique ability to keep track of everyone around them, even their statistics in battle to ultimately aid them properly. Knowing what to do for each defender, knowing how to aid them in battle and how to aid them outside of battle. That is what a Hailey type cleric is about, placing yourself second and placing all other Defenders first. 

  • Clergical 

As clerics there are three ways to go. The first way is to be a Full Support Cleric in which you mainly Buff or Heal the Defenders around you, the second is what was dubbed as a summoner and third is the route of battle cleric. A Roan type cleric, a Hailey type Cleric and a Clergical Cleric have something in common, the devotion to helping their fellow defenders.

Many consider Roan Clerics to be very focused on healing, while Hailey type clerics focus on keeping the whole army up. The one they usually overlook is Clergical Clerics, clerical for short. A Clerical isn’t afraid to heal but their main focus is on enhancements, what are called buffs or debuffs at times. 

Clericals must understand their different buff skills, skills that will enhance their fellow Defenders. When it comes to the offensive buffs, clericals must be able to tell which defender needs it and which buff they will really need to take full advantage of. The same can be said for defensive buff skills, a defender might want a skill that raises dodge rate, but what they need is energy defense. Clericals must be able to recognize what each defender in the party may really need.

Enhancements are great for battle, but it isn’t the only thing a Clerical works with. Clericals also work with enhancements that disturb opponents, called debuffs. Taking a page from the Solice type Clerics, Clericals use the Cleric Flames to debuff enemies. Using debuffs can help the entire defender party’s performance in combat.  

  • Parson

As clerics there are three ways to go. The first way is to be a Battle Cleric where you Fight and Heal in Battle, the second is what was dubbed as a summoner and third is the route of full support. A battle cleric that enters combat with a shield and mace is called a Parson Cleric.  I once heard that a knight’s best friend is a Parson. That same day Champ complained about it, saying a Knight’s best friend is a Champion. 

A Parson is a cleric that attacks when she needs to attack and defends when she needs to defend. Knights are known for their defense, on the contrary Parsons become known for their energy defense. Being a cleric, Parson develops strong defense against energy attacks. Parsons are always side by side with the knights, part of the defense line. 

One of the important things for a Parson is to learn some offensive skills. Regularly these are used by Muses wishing to head into the Mage class, but for a Parson these are great skills to have a steady flow of offensive capabilities. When a Parson is faced with a big enemy, these attack skills become the go to move for impact on the target. While a knight has properly corralled the enemy forces, a Parson will be able to use many of the skills to attack foes. 

A Parson is not a Parson without being able to cure themselves. A Parson way of handling defense relies heavily on the use of skills for healing. The shield is a great tool for blocking enemy attacks, but the healing is what sustains a Parson. When having to be the defense, two things must be understood for her. The first is positioning, how do you position yourself properly to control the attention of the enemy. A knight has a great ability to handle this, but a Parson depends solely on where they place themselves in the battlefield. The second thing a Parson must do when handling defense is heal, yes just heal. Once positioned the Parson will only heal herself so that the offensive Defenders can take out the enemy forces while they are distracted with the Parson. 

Muse had a small saying “The only reason a Parson will need support is to get back up into the fight”. Many Parsons can can take care of themselves in almost every situation. They take time to gather great gear that helps with their health, and durability. Parson bulk up on strength to  increase some of their defense, offense and durability. Many consider Parsons to be the most self sufficient class, sadly all classes need to work together to achieve victory. Something to really keep in mind.

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