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Natives of the Lands

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Before Humans reached the lands, other lifeforms already inhabited them, these are called Natives. Sadly the arrival of the Pioneers caused a drastic change the stable balance of the lands. Food began to diminish and the habitats began to get destroyed. Natives became enraged by this and soon started changing their customs and ways of life. Some learned all sorts of skills and abilities from the humans and others started to despise them. Humanity seemed like invaders and the natives weren’t too pleased with their arrival.

List of Natives known so far:

Jelly Beans – Residents of the Adventurer’s Plain
Goblins – Residents of the Adventurer’s Plain and Gorge of Silence.
Pomics – Residents of the Breezy Hills and Desert of the Dead.
Woopies – Residents of the Canyons.
Rackie – Residents of the El Verloon Desert.
Grunters – Residents of Anima Lake.
Moldies – Residents of the Junon Coast.
Crool – Residents of the Forest of Wisdom.
Doongas – Residents of Kenji Beach.
Kaimans – Residents of Kenji Beach.
Guardians, Jackals and Falcons – Residents of El Verloon Desert and Planet Orlo.
Yetis – Residents of the Arumic Valley.
Penguins – Residents of the Freezing Plateau and Mana Snowfields.
Moon Children – Residents of the Crystal Snowfields.
Behemoths – Residents of Mount Eruca.
Elementals – Residents of Draconis Peak.
Sprigs – Residents of the March of Ghosts and Planet Eldeon.
Dragons – Residents of all the lands. There are many different Dragon Natives that exist in the lands.

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