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If the Brigade still rings up questions to you my friend. Listen closely. We here at the Brigade specialize in the matters of armed Conflicts. We use our specialties to protect and safeguard those who need it. From residents, all the way to fellow comrades. Here at the Brigade, we train Guards and even defenders to prepare them for major conflict. Even broad enough for them to be ready to face a War.

As members of the Brigade, we train Sentinels, Combatants, Archers, and Warriors. These proud siblings are willing and capable of standing by your side in times of Conflict. They are even trained in the Art of War, and are willing to give their lives for comrades.

The Brigade also standardizes our Kingdoms Naval and Aerial fleets. These of which we use to take our ranks into and out of battle. We manage the Fleets munitions, repairs, and even their departure privileges.

Under the brigade, you can expect that tasks may frequent conflict and combat. Which means you will likely be placed in a combat scenario frequently following our tasks. Thus, your union will ensure that you are also armed with what you may need. This is why we offer a variety of Chivalrous wares for you. As well as some major tools for Siege combat.

Upon enrollment, you must pay 1,000,000 Zulie which is to be deducted over time. This is non-negotiable. But once a member of the Union, you’ll receive ample pay, based on your deeds with us. Lastly; the Enrollment cannot be undone, without the Commander’s consent. If this Union is to your liking, feel free to join us, we could use more battle comrades.

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