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If you’re in doubt of what the Faction represents. Stick around. The people at the Faction specialize in what is known as Research and Development. That means they work on making tools for defenders to take on the planets. Their people emphasize in understanding these vast planets and what they offer. To learn to use their resources in the best ways possible by all. To do this, they carry out many kinds of field studies and analysis. Often sending and risking the lives of themselves in the process.

The people here on Medical practices too, from helping defenders who fall unconscious. All the way to treating those who are Injured or fall Critically Injured and need treatment. The members are often sent out to investigate and study things in the world. Meaning that groups of their members take on tasks that they require to be studied. But this also means you’d need to be able to analyze the situation occurring at the time. So that you may come back with possible solutions, and advancements even.

Faction staff are easily offered an array of Luminous Union Gear. Which in turn would help them brave the perils that they face out there in the world. They also have access to specialized Siege Equipment.

Enrollment has a fee of 1,000,000 Zulie. It’s billed over time, and is non-negotiable. But, Enrollment can only be cancelled by the Faction Leader’s consent. If you think you’d be able to do the job. The Faction’s looking for new hands.

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