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The following are notes found in a hidden cave of the Anima Lake. They were salvaged and added to the Library.

Please handle with care,

On a day much like today, I was sitting over a hill with Asch. While looking over the El Verloon Outpost, I was asked a question by Asch. “What will you do now?” It is something that I asked myself for weeks, since the massacre. That’s when Kiel came by, and asked me to assist in the formation of a new army, the Defender Army. I took the opportunity to shape new warriors that would be ready for the things to come. Hopefully avoid something like the Massacre of the Death Desert. I wrote many Skill Books since then, trained several Great Defenders and survived a few more wars. But even now, I still think I have more to teach.

This latest article is a small guide to help new defenders see the diverse types of Scouts and Raiders that exist. I’m aware my counterpart butchered his article on diversity, so I plan to correct it. Raisco has let his ego become his true north, and has entirely forgotten the real reason the Job Class was created. That is to help Defenders and prepare them. I am Intercep and these are some of the different types of the Scout & Raider Discipline.

  1. Bow Scout

One thing I do give props to Raisco, is that he explained the everyday run in the mill scout very well. I will just be adding a bit to it. 

The Bow Scout, or just plain scout, allows a Defender to use skills that involve the projection of arrows, an ability used to increase the power of the typical arrow. Using the Bow, a Scout can have a nice range from which it can attack. The skills can be used to deal additional damage or ailments; all of this assault the enemies in the front lines. 

Scouts focus on using their archery skills for fast and accurate attacks. Scouts wear lightweight armors made out of fabric or leather to move as quickly as possible, even having enhanced skills to do so. Several scouts do also wear chain make or scales to add additional defense, some seem to like wearing animal furs. Scouts tend to always have lots of inventory space, to carry their quiver and arrows. It has been seen, I’ve done it myself, of Scouts also using Dual Swords to have some melee support. 

Since Scouts are well suited to using long range attacks, they can afford to avoid close encounters with enemies. Instead, Scouts initiate attack on the enemy from a distance and continue to attack as the enemy approaches. That style has made them ideal for supporting melee attacks, combat classes, from behind when on the battlefield. Some even wait until the frontline is already in combat before providing cover fire, and assistance. 

A Scout, Bow Scout, is very popular and the array of skills are liked by many. Skills can increase the accuracy, attack or attack speed of the Bow weapon. Some are even able to fire multiple shots at once.

  1. Crossbow Scout

Crossbow Scouts are a lesser known part of being a scout. Personally, one that I am very fond of. When a proper Crossbow Scout is set up, they become a good part of the defense in the lands. The Crossbow & Shield combination is one used to help in fighting alongside the frontline. 

The Shield is the most vital part of a Crossbow Scout. The Shield allows them to block certain attacks, and allows them to have a bit more defense in the battlefield. Crossbows scouts are all about durability, this is caused by their growth in strength, their block rate, and most important their recovery from damage. The Recovery, Defense and the focus on health is the most important thing for a Crossbow Scout. 

Crossbow is a weapon which you’ll need lots of strength to handle. It is also not an attack speed build, so don’t expect to hit quickly. But you do want to work on your accuracy and you attack power. Many complain about a Crossbow Scout not being fast, and that’s true it is not always the fastest.

A Crossbowman is all about understanding one important thing ”Endurance is how you really win the hunt”. Going slow and steady will allow you and your allies to grasp victory.

  1. Beastmaster

Unlike what Raisco believes, a Beastmaster is something very good to become. There is so much more than meets the eye with them. Raiders usually only work with Beasts, but when you are a Scout there is so much more. Xita once said “Harmony with nature is not just about respecting it, it is about being a part of it”. I agree with it, and when it comes to creatures it is something Beastmasters live by. Creatures are a part of nature, and working together with them is such a great feeling.

As a Scout, one thing a Beastmaster begins to work with is the Hawk. Hawks are amazing and they travel all over the lands, even across the planets. Hawks naturally can travel the air streams and don’t ever seem to get lost. Since before the time of the Akram Kingdom, Hawks have been used as messengers. Scouts can do the same, and even more you could use them to survey areas. Find any clues to know if anything has disturbed the natural order of these areas. Hawks are seen overhead all the time, and they are always welcomed by scouts. 

The other creatures that Beastmasters train with, are the Beasts. I’m talking about the tooths and wolves. (As some like to call them, cats and hounds.) Beasts can be trained to help you fight, and they can also be used to track enemies. A hound can grab the smallest scent and go on to locate anyone. Meanwhile a cat can do the same but at times it can help dig up shallow areas. 

Beasts & Hawks aren’t all the types of creatures that can be trained. There is a Sikuku Tribe that trains Gargoyles (Another bird creature) for war and to pick up things, some even use tools. The Yeti train Wolves to ride, fight or track. The Yeti I have seen also train Mammoths & Dreadnoughts, but mostly use them for food. There is a Sikuku Tribe that trains Tigris & Panthers for riding and combat. Penguins, unfortunately, train slags to fight in order to use them to train the bigger Mauls. Penguins shackle Mauls and train them. There are many creatures out there that can be trained to fight as your partner.

It is important for every beastmaster to remember that these are not pets, or mascots, they are partners. You care for them, and work together as a team. That is what a Beastmaster is all about, utilizing these beasts to fight as a team for the people. Those creatures are the extension of his Defender duty.

  1. Archer

An Archer is much more than a typical Bow Scout. An Archer takes the whole concept of bowmanship to new heights. Archers aren’t only fast, and observant, they also make use of their entire variety of skills, and gear. 

Arrows, make the Archer. Some arrows have many utilities and an Archer must learn all of them. Claw Arrows, Energy Arrow, De Arrows, Lightning Arrow, even Fire Arrows all have a use that can be exploited as an Archer.

Skills, so many useful skills to be used for an Archer. Slow down enemies, poison the arrows to damage them over time, stun them and more. An Archer must make full use of all the skills they have at their disposal. Although many scouts all love the hawk, an Archer makes no use of a Hawk. 

An Archer is built for Dodge, Attack Speed and Critical. It is all about attacking fast and causing the most damage you can, all while keeping a distance. On the battlefield don’t expect them to stay with you all the time. Archers have a job, like every Bow Scout, to survey the area and see what the enemy is up to. Understanding the actions of the enemy, their warpath and their movement is one of the most important jobs of an Archer. 

Archer is an Assault Class that makes their purpose all about their arrows and skills for offense.

  1. Bruiser

Raisco mentioned all sorts of Raiders, which I would applaud a few of, but he forgot one of the bests, the Bruiser. A Bruiser is a Raider that focuses on using his knuckles in combat. There are multiple Bruisers, those that fire barehanded and those that use various techniques in combat. These are at times called martial artists because they excel at using their body for battle. Bruisers usually learn fighting styles from different parts of the land. Some learn from the Sikuku, the Lunarians, or the Zantians. 

A Raider who chooses to be a Bruiser, let’s go of most standard things of being a Raider. They focus only on fighting face to face with their opponents. Raising heavily their strength to be able to hit their targets the hardest. Placing all their energy into their impacts, and keeping the target in a barrage of attacks. 

I’ve seen Bruisers fight with their kicks, punches and even headbutts. I’m sure many of you have heard of Letron, he once did an uppercut punch that instantly knocked out. The person who was impacted by his punch was flung 8 meters away. A Bruiser’s style is a combo of punches, slashes and kicks to defeat opponents. Always face to face with them, hand to hand and blow to blow. 

The Bruiser may train his body to the limit, that doesn’t mean they stop the use of enhancement skills. Skills like Rapid Twitch, or those that help raise their attack are all part of their routine. They must reach, and fight face to face with their opponent. Unlike most Raiders, hit and run are not their forte. They aren’t stealthy and sadly most of their excellence is in one on one fights. The Bruiser, when met face to face, is a very dangerous warrior.

  1. Katar Raider

Raisco really enjoys the Raider. He made some really good points for the Raiders. But I have some deep appreciation for them. One of my favorite weapons to use is the Katars. Knives are the staple of most regular Raiders. Even the skills from your time as a Hawker become very valuable for a Raider. The same can be said for our speed and our growth in Dodge Rate & Attack Speed. Although Accuracy is something that both Dual Wield Raiders & Katar Raiders raise, it is something that is very often overlooked for a Raider. You must successfully hit enemies, and Accuracy helps with that.

Now Katar Raiders do have something very different to Dual Wielders, and that is their critical & attack power. Although some pretend critical attack is a great thing in a Katar Raider, they must realize that in a singular battle it is based on their enhancement, which lasts for only a bit. In reality the one that has a higher base of Critical is the Dual Wielders. The same can be said for their base attack power.

Katar Raiders are great at using their attack speed, will always be faster than a Dual Wielder, and with the use of enhancement their Critical can match. Katar Raiders also have a higher count of damage over time effects, these are burns that a Dual Wielder would not use. The Attack Power enhancement of a Katar Raider is the way for them to reach the same power as a Dual Wielding Raider. It is all about the strength you may have to pull off a Raider.

The best thing about the Katar user, is that you have a variety of skills to assist you in hiding, stealth and sneaking. Including one that allows you to fight without ever being seen, easily the biggest difference between these two types of Raider

  1. Dual Wield Raider

Dual Wielding is one of the more imaginative ways of a Raider being formed. Our speed enhancements are the staple of most regular Raiders. Even the skills from your time as a Hawker become very valuable for a Raider. The same can be said for our knives and our growth in Attack Speed & Dodge Rate. Although Accuracy is something that both Katar Raiders & Dual Wielder Raiders raise, it is something that is very often overlooked for a Raider. You must successfully hit enemies, and Accuracy helps with that.

Now Dual Wield Raiders have a variety of weapons. Which is very imaginative. Examples are the Axe & Sword, Club & Sword, Blunt Duals, Dual Swords or Dual Axes. The most popular and best has been plain Dual Swords. Katar Raiders do have various more enhancements, but the Dual Wield Raider has a very good enhancement that helps increase the defense & dodge rate of the user. Although their attack speed is not the same as a Katar, Dual Wielders do have higher attack power. 

As a Dual Wielder, you’ll be able to fight multiple enemies at time and use a variety of debuffs that will aid you in keeping enemies under control. This is probably the largest difference between these two types of Raider

I can hear Champ shouting, and it seems we are heading back into battle. Hopefully I will be able to send this to the Library after. Raisco’s way is not the only way to be a great Scout or a Raider. You can be whatever type of Raider or Scout you want to be. The land is full of promising Defenders, who may even one day further expand this. I hope that once this civil war with the Sikukus ends, perhaps a new Defender will be able to take my lessons ever further.


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