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Injuries in DOTC are painful moments in a character’s story line; be it in battle, during an interaction or a random accident. Injuries come with possible losses, depending on the severity of the injury. Do not expect all injuries to be the same, there are three types of Injuries players may run into which we will cover in this article.

Minor Injury:

Minor Injuries are mostly accidental or did not come about with intent to cause serious harm. These often occur when a player is randomly kicked and no announcement is sent out to report an injury. There is minimal loss to these injuries, from nothing to minor exp loss similar to that of a re-spawn.


Typically referred to by players a Combat Injuries, this is where legitimate harm was done to the character and / or there was intent on harming the victim. These can happen during combat scenarios or something like a duel. It is safe to assume, that if you find yourself in a situation where you are involved in actual combat, an injury may take place. Injuries such as this can take an exp loss similar to that of a respawn, an announcement will be sent out reporting the Injury, and a piece of equipment may break as a cause of the injury. These Injuries are meant to be avoided by players, so remember to be careful during combat and avoid dangers that you understand you cannot take on.

Critical Injury:

A Critical Injury is the most severe type of injury. These are potentially fatal injuries which place the character at chance of death (permanent death/deletion). There are even some scenarios where the injury is lethal, though this is usually revealed upon casualty reports after a battle has concluded. Should a player’s character receive a lethal blow upon the moment of critical injury, the casualty report will typically be displayed as an announcement, to let the player base know that that character has fallen in battle. A critical injury will not break items, however the character is “under the knife” so to speak, and at risk of succumbing to their wounds, and should this happen they lose their entire character. Those who are not reported dead after a battle or have not been found as a corpse in the middle of the battlefield have a chance to recover, it is a 3 day window where medical supplies and the intervention of other entities such as players or M.O.B. controlled NPCs can be used to prevent the character from passing away. Making sure there are supplies on hand and available via Resource Drives in order to aid critical injuries is key to helping characters recover. Should all attempts to recover the critically injured character fail by the end of the 3 day window, the character will be declared dead via an announcement.