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The following are old writings found by Defenders in the Gorge Town. They were salvaged and added to the Library.

Please handle with care,

After the horrors I saw in the Massacre, I lost all hope. That was until Kiel came up to me with the most interesting request. Apparently a new army was being formed, an army that was going to be prepared for all the carnage that comes from living in these lands. Being one of the few survivors of the Massacre, he thought I’d be perfect for preparing them. After speaking with Dean,  I too saw some hope in this Defender Army. So I prepared myself to begin teaching the Defenders a Job Class to handle the problems of the lands. My name is Arthur, Master of the Artisan Discipline. You can call me Arti

Today I was spending time with a Clan called the Artillery. All members of this clan are my apprentices, and seem to have very unique approaches to what they do. After spending time with them, I decided to vary my teaching styles a bit. So I wrote this for the Dealers of the lands. Here are the different types of Artisans that you can become when you take the Artisan Second Job Class.

  1. Classical Artisan – The Classical Artisan or better known as Artisan, is the Jack of all Trades when it comes to this Second Job Class.

One of Artisan’s main purposes is to support the Defender Army. Crafting gears and items that are of use for the battles ahead. Items like Reinforced Gear, Endowed Gear, Hardened Weapons, Darkened Weapons, Gems, Back Gear, Enchanted Gear and more are all provided by Artisans. The backbone of the Defender Army is the crafts that an Artisan provides. The gear vastly improves the combat capacity of a Defender. Even enhancement potions and health potions aid every single Defender. That is what makes an Artisan.

The main weapon used by an Artisan is the Gun, Rifle or Pistol. When forced to fight, we Artisans are an assault class, fighting at a distance. We aren’t considered the best when it comes to pure attack power, but we excel when taking all our crafts into effect. We craft potions to enhance ourselves, we craft Explosives to cause additional damage to our enemies and the skills I have developed allow you to have useful effects when fighting enemies.

That is not all, a deal I brokered allows us to hire Mercenary Combatants who are of great help in the battlefield. Selling our crafts for zulie, will allow us to have enough Zulie to pay the mercenaries when we need them. 

Lastly, as Artisans, we have a unique position of working with P.A.T. This machinery can be something all Artisans will excel at using in combat. Being in the front of production of such machines gives Artisans a unique perspective on the use of P.A.T. in the present and the future. Something I can’t wait to see first hand in the times ahead, a real Artisan marvel.  

  1. The Marksman Artisan – As a Dealer one of the many skills that DeAl has taught me, and all Dealers, is Sniping. A Marksman Artisan puts all his faith strictly into this skill. 

It’s all about keeping your distance from the enemy and constantly shooting your enemies from the distance. It’s not always easy to do, because unlike other marksmen, an Artisan must use the entire environment to their advantage. If the target doesn’t see you, you are doing the Job well. 

Many things can help guide you to do this properly, the first is being very accurate. You must work on your concentration and accuracy to be able to consistently hit your targets. There are many skills from your time as a Dealer that can help you increase your accuracy and concentration. If you want to be a marksman artisan, read them and some of the books I myself have provided for you. 

Of Course you want to hit as hard as possible, your bullets and attack power matter to this. Marksmen are warriors, and one of the most important things to do is make sure you can damage your enemies. If you want to be a marksman, you should read some books that will aid you in really damaging opponents. 

Another thing to keep in mind is, constantly be moving. The moment you fire, you have revealed your position. The phrase to keep in mind is “Always be moving”, it will help you reposition yourself to another location for safety. A marksman of any kind, needs to be constantly repositioning. Enemies will see you and realize your tactic and try their hardest to get to you. If you take even a step in the wrong direction it can mean death. Movement Speed can very much aid you in moving, but repositioning is all up to you. You must be sure to use the environment to find a good spot to attack them, or sneak around safely. 

Keep your distance, always be moving and be as accurate as possible. 

  1. The Hiring Artisan – As a Dealer a very popular skill to learn is Mercenary Employment. Once you have learned this, you are added to the roster of Dealers who hire mercenaries, with zulie, to assist in combat. Some Artisans go really deep into employing mercenaries. 

The idea of the Hiring Artisan is to make zulie to constantly hire mercenaries to do all the combat and defense. They employ these warriors to do all different types of tasks on the battlefield. Since becoming a Dealer, you already have the ability to learn such a skill. As an Artisan it increased just a bit. 

It begins with the employing some Archers. Using your gun as an indicator Archers join you in combat and move around with you. When you begin to fight, they join you in the task and fight alongside you. 

The second mercenary you should keep in mind is employing some Warriors. These Warriors might not be the strongest, but they are great for assisting you in combat and holding enemies at bay.

The Artisan’s specialty is the hiring of a Terror Knight, known as Combatants to some. These warriors are exceptional, and part of any defense. They fight by your side and can hold off enemies while you move around.

Now they aren’t the only mercenaries around, there are many mercenaries in the lands. Some use energy, others are natives and some are a bit more secluded. Dealing with all these types of mercenaries is what a hiring Artisan is all about. Having all this “hired help” in combat and carrying out duties is part of what the Hiring Artisan is all about. 

  1. The Experimental Gunman – During my time watching the Artillery Clan, I saw some Defenders test out some new weapons, pistols. 

These types of Gunmen use a pair of weapons, each hand with a pistol. What I’ve observed that really sets them apart is the way they are right beside the fighting. Unlike most assault oriented Defenders, distance attackers, the experimental gunman sticks in the middle range from the targets. Just behind the front line they fire and assist the Defense oriented Defenders. In my experience it is a strict style.

While helping these warriors improve, one of the most important things about it stands out. The experimental gunman must be a quickdraw. The key is their attack speed. While many Dealers do focus on attack speed, the experimental gunman must put everything into it. The faster they attack the more impact they will have. 

Now it isn’t only about attack speed, it is also about their ability to really impact critical locations on their opponents. The attack speed combined with critical is the basic build for experimental gunmen. Attack Fast and Attack their weak spots.

A difficult situation they have is with the use of energy for battle. Many of the skills I have implemented are only really useful for them when facing big enemies, what we dubbed Boss Enemies. That’s when the use of their skill in support of the heavy combat classes really comes into play. 

  1. Craftsman – One of the main tasks an Artisan does is crafting gear and equipment to supply the entire Defender army. We, as Artisans, have the ability to make the best and more suitable crafts for any military. Craftsmen are those who put all their efforts into their crafts. Smiths, Designers or Engineers who put it all together for the building of a better force.

What really separates a Craftsman from an Artist or a Classic Artisan is their aim is far higher than regular artisans. Some aim to not only supply Defenders but also other army battalions. Artisans who take the time to supply entire regiments and native armies, are all known as Craftsmen. 

During battle mercenaries, natives, warriors, castors or brigadiers are hired to help fight and support in combat. These allies will also need weapons too, and in some cases Craftsmen Artisans are the ones who supply their gear and equiptment.  

One of the most well known Craftsmen is called Ferrell. Not only does Ferrell strictly supply to every Defender, Native ally or Union of the Akram Kingdom but he also manages several Craftsmen who work to supply smaller military groups as well. He leads a whole force of Artisans, working under his Ferrell Guild Union, in supplying everyone the crafts and gears that are needed for battle.

Another well known Craftsman was Meister, who led the Bourgeois Noble Family in providing supplies to the Cross Defender Army, the Akram Kingdom, Kaimans and Moldies. He is considered the first Craftsman, leading other crafters, smiths and designers for the foundation of the Akram Kingdom. Meister was not only a great Cart Engineer, but also the pioneer of Face Items and Accessories.

  1. Silent Artisan –  The battlefield is not the only location Artisans may need to put up a fight. On many occasions going on special missions that require sneaking and stealth are needed. In those situations, a Silent Artisan shines through. 

Silent Artisans are warriors who are not shy to use other types of weapons when it is needed. Although not strong in battle, they will be asked to help out in situations were placement of bombs or sabotages are needed. Not known to be the strongest, they are the perfect ones to conceal themselves in any situation.

One thing every silent artisan must have is the use of Alchemy Craft, Weapon Craft and PAT Craft. Artisans are needed to carry out certain tasks, like entering into an enemy area and disabling the use of their machinery. If an Artisan understands how Portable Automotive Transports are functioning, they can disable such things. If they understand the basics of alchemy and engineering they can dismantle stuff like drawbridges or gates. 

The understanding that guns can reveal a person’s location is very important for Artisans going on these special types of missions. Usually Artisans who are Bombersans, Classical or Artists are usually also this type of Artisan.

  1. Bombersan – One of the many amazing things a Dealer and an Artisan can do is Grenades, Bombs and Explosives. Bombersans make this their main purpose.

They start off with Alchemy Craft, using Grenades and Hand Bombs to increase their attack. Explosives like this allow a Dealer to use more than just their regular attack skills. There is a variety of Explosives that can be used, and ensure impact on your enemies. Imagine using over 8 skills on a single target, without wasting any of your energy.

It is not only about combat with these explosives, it is also about making bombs for sensitive actions. Explosive charges to open up doors, or large explosions to destroy buildings and machinery. The Bombersan does more than just use these grenades in combat. The imagination of the Bombersan is one of the most dangerous things. I once heard the tale of a Bombersan throwing a High Explosive in the air, a marksman shot it causing an explosion to completely confound the people in an area. 

Explosives also have their various utilities, some can affect the accuracy of an enemy or cause acid damage to degrade them. Some explosives can be used to make consecutive flames, or in rare cases energy flames to really ensure destruction. 

One of the biggest advantages of a Bombersan is with the use of Alchemy Craft and my favorite, Advanced Alchemy Craft, the Artisan will be able to craft potions for healing, or performance increase for themselves and their allies. A real useful tool for support and offense.

In my expertise Bombersans, although I know all their tricks, are the most unpredictable of all the types of Artisan.

  1. Combat Artisan – The type of Artisan we need to become to fight in the battlefield effectively. A Combat Artesian is an Artisan that focuses entirely on the combat aspect of the Artisan Class and Dealer Class. 

Like a Bombersan, a Combat Artisan will go deeply into the use of Explosives for combat. The variety of explosives they use will be a way to constantly barrage targets with bombs and grenades. This is all in order to never stop striking at the enemy with true damage.

Combat Artisans will also delve deeply into Alchemy Craft, not just for the bombs but for Potions that they can use to increase their own attributes and performance in combat. Potions to help with their duration, accuracy, attack, and movement speed are all parts of what Alchemy Craft will assist them on.

Like the Experimental Gunman and Marksman, the Combat Artisan will focus on the offensive side of the Dealer skills, and the offensive skills that I’ve prepared for Artisans. Combining the learning of the First and Second Job Class will allow an Assault Oriented Artisan to increase their combat repeteur for battles. Combat Artisans may use the focus of experimental gunmen, critical and attack speed, to really become an attack machine in the battlefield. It may eso employ the use of markmen, the use of accuracy and damage, to keep their distance in combat for a moment before barraging with their other combat abilities. Combat Artisans even employ the same as Hiring Artisans, to have their own personal mercenaries backing them up in combat.

The Combat Artisan is a powerhouse of using the different types of Artisans to really bring out their best in the battlefield. They employ everything offensively and are a Jack of all trades of the Assault Class of Artisan.

  1. The Artist – Artists, the Artisans that focus on having the highest grade crafts. They focus on only making the pristine of gears, armors or weapons. It’s not just about successfully doing them, but about making them the top of the line. Entirely appraised to perfection. 

Artisans like these are usually very sensitive in their crafts. They focus on the Sense of the item, rather than simply supplying others. They’ll craft an item one hundred times just to get the one that really feels appropriate. The best durability, the best appraisal and the best look. 

What do they do with the other 99 tries? Well simple, they open up a Vendor Store and sell it to other Defenders or sale to residents of the lands. Usually Artists will have a main focus on their crafts. An example of an Artist is one that focuses on Reinforced Gear, Hardened Gear, Endowed Gear or Gem Crafting just to provide the best of each craft. Artists focus on only certain parts of their craft, and don’t dwell in others. This singular focus has ofcoursed brought up the use of certain craft, for example Reinforced Armors, Gems and Hardened Weapons, giving Defenders the best gear possible for combat.

These types of Artisan are also the possible reason why so many types of Second Job Classes exist. An Artist Artisan that focuses on Darkened Weapons, and Gems is what allows an Experimental Gunman to find the best weapon for attack speed, Peridot for attack speed and Tanzanite for Critical. The Weapon wouldn’t be just good for the Attack Speed but have some extra and fruitful Appraisals for their use. 

Artists have become a real staple Artisan in the lands. One that allows such variety to exist for the Job Classes & Disciplines. 

Above I wrote for you all the diverse types of Artisans that you can become. Hopefully this helps you to figure out what you want to be. As the Master of the Artisan Discipline, I’ve had to learn and master all these diverse types of Artisans. If you need help, come find me. I will be helping out the Artillery in the Gorge Town or the Celestial Guard in the Capital. Meet with me and I will try to guide you to become the Artisan you want to be. Hope it helps.


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