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Junon: The Sinocx Town Archive

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The landscape of the Adventure Plains was laid to waste by the M.A.C malfunctioning above it’s skies. The devastation caused by the Ikaness guild’s weapon was beyond description and the death toll was in the thousands. In the aftermath of these events the recently appointed King of the Akram Kingdom; Sinocx ordered the construction of a new town.

The Town ; named after its founder, was rebuilt with various goals in mind of the Akram Kingdom. Establishing commerce in the area once again, help the natives with the aftermath of the M.A.C. incident, and to find what is known as the birth gate which was lost after the battle of Adventure Plains. The reconstruction effort were funded in its entirety by Ikaness who felt responsible for the destruction along side all the lawsuits by the residents.

After much thought and planning it was decided that the town was reshaped from being two small towns into a single more centralized town. The decision was fueled by the importance of two services provided in the town. Compartmentalizing the towns into one provides multiple advantages to the economy.  Centralizing the stockpiles and production as well as being placed near the docks. Second, it is the starting point for all would be Defenders as well as the location that provides the licenses for open weapon carry.

These two services will remain in tact till present day. After the Aruan Reign Conquered the planet of Junon, all documentation was changed from Akram Kingdom to Aruan Reign standards. With the Opposite goal in mind, instead of using the town as a focal point for native diplomacy, it was used as a platform for transporting goods taken from the creatures in the area.

After losing control of planet Lunar and Eldeon, the Generals began a campaign to regain control, starting with the thwarting of Native resistance in Planet Junon, their remaining stronghold. During this time the campaign against the Goblins began. The entirety of the Goblin campaign was launched from Sinocx town ; the base of operations for the Aruans. The purpose of the campaign was twofold, to gain access to the crystalline deposits and other materials located within the cave, and to subdue the Goblins and convert them into the Aruan Reign. The constant assaults by the Reign diminished the numbers of the Goblins to the point that The Goblin cave currently does not house any of its original inhabitants after a final attack by General Fairy.

The Ikaness Guild moved into the abandoned Cave, dubbing it the Crystalline Caverns and began mining operations.While many of the materials gathered remained in custody of the Guild, Crystalline was provided to the Aruan Reign. Operations eventually ceased due to depletion of the cave’s resources, the Guild moving on to search for a new mining location while the Cave’s Crystalline recovered. The Caverns have been left abandoned since.

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