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Recovered Texts: The Laws of the Aruan Reign

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1) Arua is the Goddess of all creation, love and peace. She is mother to all humans, creatures and natives in the lands.

2) In order maintain peace; all creatures, natives and humans must be under the Goddess. Only she can bring true peace.

3) One must love Arua above all else, even over family and significant others.

4) Demigods exist to serve the Goddess and her Generals.

5) Humans exist to serve the Goddess and her Demigods.

6) Natives and creatures exist to serve the Goddess and Humans.

7) Those who don’t believe in the Goddess are doomed to repeat mistakes and cause chaos. To prevent this chaos, humans are to convert or eliminate those that doubt the Goddess, no matter the means they use to accomplish this.

8) In order to achieve peace, all must be under the Goddess.

9) An Aruan must strive to become a Legionnaire and be granted the Gift of the Goddess.

10) The Aruan Army must be divided into Battalions each lead by a Legionnaire who was given the Gift of the Goddess.

11) There can only be one General for each Demigod Clan.

12) A member of a battalion must strive to become a Centurion, and then a Legionnaire.

13) Only a Legionnaire can receive the Gift of the Goddess, then becoming a General.

14) To become a Centurion you must be hand picked by the General of the Centurions.

15) All Elites and Captains of the Centurions hold the rank of Legionnaires.

16) Only Generals may lead Battalions.

17) Each Battalion other than the Centurions can have up to one Legionnaire.

18) The Deputy Master of a Battalion must be its Legionnaire.

19) A General can nominate an Elite or Captain to become a Legionnaire.

20) Battalions can compete, fight, and train against each other to show superiority. This is considered a sport.

21)  Initiates and Militia are allowed to train and roam the lands. But if they want a job class, they must join the Aruan Defenders.

22) A Visitor who wishes to get a job as an Aruan Defender must join a Battalion.

23) Defenders who are not in a Battalion must report to one or be considered deserters.

24) The Centurion Games are an event to show the Goddess and Centurion General just what a battalion is capable of. It is to showcase its members and hopefully have some picked as Centurions trainees.

25) Demigods and Generals are to convert or eliminate Demons who doubt the Goddess, no matter the means they use to accomplish this.

26) Demigods can challenge a General for their position.

27) Conflicts within the Battalions will not receive outside help from other battalions.

28) A General leads not only humans but the demigods of their clan as well.

29) Demons who convert to Arua will be cleansed of their malice and become Demigods.

30) An Aruan who aids rebels and heretics who doubt the Goddess is considered a traitor, penalty of death.

31) A Legionnaire is chosen by a vote from all the Legionnaires and Generals.

32) Souls that are collected or found must be handed to the Goddess, Generals or Demigods.

33) Rebels who have no chance of converting are placed in a Black List for execution. This Black Book is given to every General.

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