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The Defender Handbook

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So, you’ve completed your registration as a defender, and have finally finished the trial and most likely the delivery of identifications to the towns. Now, I’m guessing your aim is to become even better. With all of this, defender, comes a great responsibility. You now have your license to bear arms, you now have your license to adventure freely. Your name tag, your identification, and everything you require to get a job class. Along with these, you are also enrolled in the active military force, the Defender Army. Yes; we do expect you to comply with all of those regulations, those rules and laws that are placed by our acting kingdom. We too, have our own decrees. This; is why one of these handbooks has been provided to you. Because you care enough to know what binds you to our world, and our laws. I urge you to keep on reading. Knowledge is a weapon far too sharp to be used as rarely as it is. There isn’t one tiny detail that can escape you from this document. Because it is our job to prepare you to the utmost supreme of your capabilities.


Before I continue on, I must express how much I appreciate your cooperation amidst our army. Your work, will to fight, and extensive training is all taken into account. None of us among our administration looks past your efforts, nor do we take for granted those who show us their greatest potency. I can assure you that all talent is put to good use under our work, and we greatly value defenders willing to carry out their job at the cost of their lives, like few out there. So, take heed in these words and be assured, that no matter the situation, we will do our best to assure your job is properly carried out, that your talents are taken into account, and that no matter the need we shall carry out everything we can to protect those we care for. Because that is our job as Righteous Crusaders, as Defenders, and Rangers.


For the years that have come since the war for the planet of Junon. Since the loss of many more, we who still stand and take arm to these laws, these principles. We shall bear fruit to new life, so if your intent is to grasp the knowledge here, as a weapon. I invite you to take fruit from here, and hold as true as one of my arrows. Because a Righteous arrow cannot be unlit, and a steady heart’s crusade, cannot be stopped.

So say we all; defender. So say we all.


Union Leader of the Righteous Crusaders

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