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By: Shannon Shaw

Guide of the Righteous Crusaders


Below this, is a list of important references that are vital for defenders to know about. These of which are displayed among our libraries in the Capital City. You as a defender can request access to these at any point. Simply head over there, and seek out the book of the desired topic your wish to see. Please take your time to review these as they are up to date for many things including local events of high importance, and even information regarding locals. Do not assume this information is only relevant if you require it, for you will find that these lead to other important facts that could provide you with aid or perhaps even answers for things you’re seeking even for other reasons.


As requested of me, this now concludes the guide of the Defender Handbook. All of us here amidst the Righteous Crusaders wish you a fair journey and the best on your travels. Please do your best to remember everything that this book is to teach you, and apply it or study it as you wish, and show us and your kingdom, just how great of a choice we made by selecting you.


Town Archives:
Sinocx Town
Canyon City
The Windmill Town

The Archive of Energy



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