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By: Gawain Gearfred

Righteous Crusader Major

All across our kingdoms, cities and great towns our defenders find themselves stocked to the waist with missions, requests and even delivery jobs. So, we here at the Crusaders have seeked out an alternative to this crazy hassle for our defenders to have an easier load. This is what we call, the Bounty Board. A location for Defenders to attain paperwork for requests that our cities and our Unions have brought forth. This location has been selected as the Sunshine Coast, a nice beach side paradise for those who are weary and looking for a new job. There are rest accommodations, and enough tasks for a large variety of defender groups. The boards are open to the Civilian, vendor, and Union requests to be brought in and given as tasks for defenders. All requests brought in require a minor pay, but once completed, a Defender is granted a reward of his choosing and our availability by our Union itself.


The Postings

The bounty board representative, Cornell is allowed to take in all requests pertaining to specific fields. These which fall into the following categories.



Requests pertaining to the tracking and slaying if required of a particular native or creatures that roams the lands and presents a clear and present danger.



Chases involving criminals, or fugitives from the Kingdom’s law. This includes murderers and or kidnappers.



Requests for the protection of individuals come by often, and defenders are requested to handle these as well, due to their extraordinary abilities.



Collection of Information is sometimes valuable amidst the kingdom, and some individuals like to pay for it to be found. As such, this service was allowed as it also provides it to the Union as well.



Many civilians are requested to carry out deliveries to far off locations. Due to their lack of self defense techniques, defenders are requested to aid in these deliveries should they be present. Defenders will be asked to escort the delivery person and protect them from any attack. Keeping in mind, sometimes these deliveries could be massive.



Often time civilians require aid collecting particular ingredients that are located in dangerous places, and Defenders are often paid for these requests.

Bounty Rankings

Among these tasks, the Union itself cares and takes these requests into different categories, aside those of their posting origin. Not all missions represent a clear and concise amount of danger. In many cases, these missions are expected to represent more danger than that of which is anticipated. As such, the compensations do increase as well. Bounties are ranked by numbers. Yes, smallest and least dangerous, to largest and most frightening. Let’s take a look at what we expect these to represent.


  1. The request brought into the bounty board will yield no danger whatsoever, but may require a bit of “out of the box” thinking. Usually, missions ranked in these regards are just minor conversational objectives. Like that of information collection.
  2. Some danger will come about, but it is nothing a stern defender cannot handle. Minor training, or major training will make no difference. Formations probably won’t be required.
  3. Danger is guaranteed, but there is no certainty of how trained you must be for what may come. Exercise caution, and do not go alone.
  4. Information and sources already have confirmed the danger that lies and it requires a group. Do not think yourself capable of surpassing, and be prepared for potential increases in opposition.
  5. Danger is certain, and an enemy Leader is present amidst this difficulty. Do not forget to keep matters close and quiet, as this could escalate into a larger conflict.
  6. An escalated conflict, that will require more than one party if not a full party of defenders. Hostiles or creatures have already been confirmed stronger than expected before, do not let your guard down.
  7. This conflict is escalated to the stage of potential clan involvement. Be weary.
  8. There is a high amount of danger. Do not let your guard down if you wish to return with your life.
  9. Another kingdom has been determined to be involved among this task. Remain Vigilant.

10 or Higher. We do not expect you to return.


Keeping these rankings in mind will always assist you in determining what kind of risk you will be expected to take, as well as prepare you for what is to come when you see the postings. Remember defender, if the ranking is higher, do not expect the previous to not be applied. All lower numbers are indeed applied to the higher numbers as well, and do not always assume that your enemy will be a native or wildlife. Sometimes these tasks take turns into becoming much larger affairs that must be tended to by the main militant force.


Across the land there are several locations that we come to find ourselves at arms length or at dire need to keep protected at all times. These locations are Restricted Zones. Defenders often call them “Raid Zones”. These locations, as well as several others are requested permits to be accessed. These Restricted Zones are usually protected for a number of reasons. Like for example, the protection of highly valuable resources to a Kingdom.


As such, a means of protection or prevention of trouble coming from these zones, a defender is requested to attain authorization permits. These, can be obtained from Union Officials of the Righteous Crusaders.


To request these permits, a defender must head to the Lion’s Den or the Training Ground if accessible and speak with one of the Union Officials there. If the defender is granted access to this location, he will be provided the permits without hesitation and at the instant if need be. But, do keep in mind, that actions that take place upon the zone, are allocated to the defender. Including violations of the Oath, disobedience with his superiors, or other actions that are unforeseen from granting of the permit.


There are also validations as to why a defender wouldn’t be allowed a permit. Which are as follows:


  1. The Defender is in debt with a Union.
  2. The Defender isn’t properly inscribed among his kingdom.
  3. Previous violations among permit granted territories have been reported involving the Defender.
  4. The Defender is missing a job class and doesn’t belong to an organization.
  5. The Defender is branded as pending for trial or sentencing.


With these small regulations, a defender is kept on his toes regarding his requests for permits. This is because our Unions take matters that occur in these hazardous zones very seriously, as there have been many reported incidents involving these zones.

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