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The Remnant of the Fallen War

The Akram Invasion Force has no leader and therefore are in a state of disarray. Meanwhile Letron’s Gauntlet, the mighty Sikuku Army, has begun the take over of the lands. Their victories have been increasing with the pass of the days. Since Akram has become a Prisoner of War, Letron has taken charge over the defender army. New Defenders, Veteran Defenders and Former Cross Defenders have joined up to battle the Remnants of the Fallen Army. Letron has taken charge along with FenrirCross and Light.

Under Letron’s Leadership the Mighty Defender Army has taken over the Lake of Anima and the Forest of Wisdom. FenrirCross and several defenders managed to retake Kenji Village. The last recored attack was in the Gorge of Silence, lead by Light. These three warriors have been leading battles more than once against the Fallen Army. The tide of this war has finally turned, and the Defender Army has reached its peak in power.

The CelestialGuards find themselves divided when thinking of the new leadership. Many such as Zehruk, Isgard and Crasus believe that Joshuan should be the new King. “The Deputy Master, and General of the Defenders has already much experience in combat. He has faced off against many demons, including the Iron Skull.” So say the Celestials. Joshuan has indeed proven to be one of the most powerful defenders in the kingdom. Can he really handle being the King? According to these Celestials the plan is to make Joshuan the temporary king, until Akram’s return.

 Renegade, The Parasite has been seen walking and fighting as part of the Akram Invasion Force. This former enemy lends a hand in the protection of the kingdom. As it seems Opal was a threat to all of us. Many believe he did it for a more mysterious purpose, but nothing is certain. When faced with this threat of who will lead the nation, Renegade says that there should be a more ruthless leader. “The Kingdom needs someone who isn’t afraid to give up one man for the better good. I could care less about what happens here, but I just want to be left alone to my work.” Can a new Ruler be what the Kingdom needs?

 Gratefully most Defenders wish to look towards a new and better future. These that want a new form of government are the vast majority. They ask for a Republic. Letron proposed the idea and has the plans to make the Republic work. “First no one will have absolute power. This will allow us to make decisions in conjunction. Not one man will control our decisions but many will. Changes are needed, alliance, control and fighters that want real peace.” Letron seems to have a solid plan to fix the kingdom. Can a Republic of 5 senators chance the fate of this kingdom?

Fighting the Fallen Remnants

The Righteous Crusaders and the Junon Order have declared Junon Polis safe for all residents and defenders to visit once again.  In their bid to reclaim the city, Knight and Ferrel  led a small contingent of Defnders in a two prong attack.  While Knight whiplashed his foes with swords, Ferrell mowed the lawn with his guns and althought hard to achieve, they got the vistory and reclaimed the city.

Knight proceeded to later establsih a foothold on the Canyon City of Zant with the help of many other defenders who felt a new motivation arise and joined the fight.  It is expected that they will now start the move to Junon Polis to finally establish there.

“With so many defenders now providing support to our cities, we know that Junon Polis will again become the Capital it once was.  That is why we are offering more on our shops than in Zant and other places.  Even Ferrells shops are loaded now with goodies, this new stance on things has been very helpful for us indeed.” Stated the Junon Order representative.

Indeed it was evident of this new change, as we were seeing more and more defenders in the outskirts of JunonPolis its residents were eager to receive them.

Surviving the War

An important History Fact in the Principality War is the defeat of the Demon Garnet, also known as the Dark Assailant. Raisco, the host of Garnet, was in fact a Fallen Six member. He carried with him the titles of Former Cross Defender and Fallen Six Member. Part of the Principality of Junon, Raisco faced and killed many demons, until the day he himself became one. During the battle against Akram Force in Junon Polis, the Demon Emerald surrendered to Akram’s Army and defeated the Demon Garnet. When Garnet was defeated he cast out Raisco’s Body into the waters, where he drifted all the way to Kenji Beach. When in the shores of the beach Mag and Akram discovered his body and quickly rushed him towards the Arumic Faction. He was in a deep comma caused by his defeat in the hands of Emerald and Garnet. Since then Akram has kept his well being a secret from the kingdom.

Akram visited Raisco in the Arumic Faction almost everyday, hoping for him to wake up. Taking care of Raisco was one thing that gave him hope for defenders. When Opal’s Army began to take over the City of Junon Polis, The Arumic Faction revealed that Raisco still lives. Akram ordered the Arumic Faction to escort him to Breezy Hills. This is when the news got to the Gazette. As fast a possible the reporters began to gather news about the existence of Raisco. Some believed Akram visited Raisco cause of guilt, but when Akram was confronted on the matter he stated “I come because Raisco is my friend. He and I fought together and even though he was my enemy in the last war, I still see him as a friend.” Soon afterwards in the City of Zant Akram was captured as a Prisoner of War by Opal.

After all this time in a comma, Raisco has re-opened his eyes. Opal was defeated and Raisco has regained his strength. Arumic stated to him “It is a shame that Akram was not here to see you wake. He brought you all your belongings and items so you can return and fight by his side.” Raisco is now back with us and his motives for fighting and being are now unknown. What will he do with his life?

Letron’s Defense Lines

The Second Defense Line was a large one. Even though FenrirCross did his best he had to retreat to fight another day. Light then lead the second attack wave, aided by the former Helhound, Travis. Their battle was fierce and after some time they too were pushed back. Joshuan then came in with the third wave, aided by FenrirCross and Knight. They attacked the enemy and after some time were also pushed back. Then Champ came with a small team, composed of Sirius, Dranzer, Knight, FenrirCross, Devlish and hawkeye. The teams managed to take down the Terror Knight Defense line, setting a foothold for Letron’s Final Strike.

The Last Attack team was lead by Letron, SeathCross, Light, Renegade and FenrirCross. Together aided by Joshuan, Dranzer, Knight, Travis, Dante and Sirius they managed to pull back the enemy and Inguz was forced to do battle. Then Letron faced off against Inguz. The battle was not so long but Letron managed to defeat the Moon Sister. The scream of Justice! The City of Junon polis has been freed from the grip of Inguz. Now they prepare to invade the next cities of the Kingdom. But first they face a battle for Government and Leadership.

The GK has become famous for his ingenious ways of figuring out how the market for goods, materials and items work and somehow seems to know when to make a buy at prices people cannot resist and then when the time is right, making defenders cry at his exorbitant prices, just when everyone needs it.

As for this latest move, if true, we can only speculate what the market will be in a few weeks and the tremendous profits GK will make if there is a downturn, what other use could they have for these books, except make a killing with them.

His idea was quickly loved. Citizens began to join his cause. PRican’s Campaign is now in ruins, because of the sudden rise of the True Defenders. Seath plans to let the Kingdom be the one who leads this world into a new age. SeathCross “The People must take a stand and fight for their rights!” New Defenders, Veteran Defenders and Former Cross Defender quickly allied with Seath. Champ “That sounds like a great idea, a lot better than the others.” Knight “It’s actually not a bad idea.” Other defenders on the other hand question SeathCross leadership; blink stated “What if we want to put someone else?” The Kingdom has now divided into four political parties. SeathCross seems to be the new shinning hope for many, and Akram is still in the lead by conservative followers.

After the defeat of Dagaz, the Republic of Eldeon hosted a Christmas Party in Lunar. Hundreds of visitors, soldiers, hawkers, muses and dealers celebrated the New Year in a grand celebration. There were gifts, snowball fights and even the Joker Party, made by Asol. The day was indeed jolly and everyone enjoyed the Yo Momma round with Letron. The Republic has made its political moves and no one seems capable of putting a halt to their advancements.

Now with the conquest of the City of Eucar complete, the Republicans set their eyes on the Refuge of Xita and the Eldeon Campaign. Will they manage to free the prisoners of war? Will the republic run be short lived? Will we manage to retake the planet of Eldeon? These questions and more race all our minds. The truth is that the Republic is a strong new force in the kingdom and might manage to be superior to the Principality and the Akram Kingdom.

Champ’s negotiations with the Penguin General have caused a new great alliance. The Penguin Army and Yeti Army have joined forces with the Republic on their fight for a new unified kingdom. After their help in the planet of Eldeon, the Penguin Forces have become a great weapon and alliance with the Republic of Eldeon. Slowly Knight’s Clan, the DukesOfHazzard, have begun taking down the ever popular NewDefenders. The Clan’s rise to the top has set forward a new form of unity. Defenders such as Rain, Sinocx, Shift, Stephy, Nightmare, Mellow and many new warriors have begun to rise to become great defenders in history.

The Republic of Eldeon

When time came to begin the conquest of the Planet of Eldeon, Letron had the plan. The first attack was in Xita Refuge. The Defender Army began their invasion taking out all TerrorKnights in the facility. As battle continued Sword Master Emil, threaten the Defenders “If your attack continues, we will kill one of the prisoners”.  Quickly Knight and Letron ordered a retreat. The NewDefender Clans retreated but the Datenshi Clan kept going into combat. PRican, Asol, Joshuan, Light, Sirius and a few more kept fighting in the refuge. Sadly their disobedience towards Letron, lead to the death of both muses, Solice and Eagle.

Feeling Responsible Letron decided to form the War Senate, to lead the defender army. Seeking responsible warriors Letron asked Kiel, FenrirCross, Knight and Champ to be part of the War Senate. With their leadership a second invasion began and soon they managed to take over the Refuge of Xita and free some prisoners.

When the War Senate took charge many disagreed, but their success has been shown. Champ formed an alliance with the Yeti and Penguins which has given the Defender Army a powerful weapon against the Alkali Ban. Soon they began their attack on Shady Village, where Sikuku Warriors, Xitans and Defenders faced off against the Fallen Army. NewDefenders protected the Penguin Artillery as they bombarded the enemy. Meanwhile TheCrusader, DukesOfHazzard and Datenshi clans began their attack on the cities. Battle kept going against the Fallen Army. The War Council lead the combat as it continued day after day. Soon the Fallen Army fell to the Defender Army and Letron’s Gauntlet, taking with them the life of Jang.

The Republic of Eldeon has claimed the entire kingdom! Their swift tactics and strategies have shattered the moral of the Terror Knights. Sword Master Emil has even been spotted having to fight off the Legendary Seven. This mean menace is running out of options. He keeps spitting out that they are going to sacrifice the P.O.Ws. The last two lands that the Fallen Army controls are the March of Ikaness and the Assailant Forest. Steadily the Army of the Republic plans their move. Together the Defender Army, Letron’s Gauntlet, The Xitans, Raknu Warriors and the Lunar Coalition, lead by Champ, and get ready for combat and the creation of a unified Kingdom.

The battle began in the March of Ghosts, where old heroes were spotted. Merk, Arti, Krusa, Zehruk, Renegade, SeathCross, Xita, Cleri, Raisco and many more defenders faced off against the crumbling Fallen Army. Leading the main attack was the War Senators Kiel, Letron, FenrirCross and Knight. Behind in Shady Jungle Letron’s Gauntlet and Champ defended the Penguin Artillery as they defeated the terrifying Vessel. After much combat, the Eldeon Creatures began to fight back as well. The Determination of the Republic has brought hope to the many creatures that had their heads down. The Fallen Army even faced off the Moss Golem King, and his guards. Battle was indeed fierce and when victory in marsh was spotted, Kiel and Knight were dispatched to the Prison. The rescue of the defender was necessary.

Shocking enough, a discovery was found. Annunnaki, one of Renegade’s experiments, was seen slaughtering the Assailants. Aided by the demon Kaang, Annunnaki had taken charge of the Fallen Army and murdered another War Gear member, Fang. Facing off against Asol and PRican, Annunnaki had joined the Head Demons of Succubus. They managed to get away and are still in the lands. All Defenders are to be watchful. Victory was ours but this threat still remains.

When the Republic of Eldeon forced its way into the heart of Akram, FenrirCross had a fit. He quickly forced onto the people a Rebellion, Cross Rebellion. Aided by Raknu he began to round up creatures that disliked the Republic and has already begun massive attacks on Junon Polis and Canyon City.

Recently we have noticed something quite odd, the creatures we once knew have seem to have gotten stronger. The creatures that loiter around in areas are combining the heavy training they endured when they were in zant, and some tricks that look a lot like ours to attack us. The combinations they use are a lot like us! Believe it or not, Its believed it has something to do with the skill books they were buying. In the recent battles our soldiers lose their morales when they see enemies, some of them even let their guard down from time to time. We are unsure as to why the creatures are preparing for but it seems like its gonna go against us and bring down something we cannot handle.

In the battle of Junon the penguin gangsters were taunting us by shooting into the air. During their taunts some of our soldiers left their guard down and got shot by all the others. The extensive training was eoungh to be able to take Ferrell down multiple times. The creatures seem to be more powerfull than before

Republic Economy

“The Junon Order wanted to meet with us to discuss how we can help all the planets to progress and provide for all our residents. We exchanged ideas , which were very good by the way, and we have scheduled another meet very ysoon before we approach the senate.  We need more support from other groups as well,” were the words of Melmac, one of the aides to the RC.

It seems the JO and RC wish to push for economic reform throughout the lands. Now that the senate is firmly in place and times of war seem to be coming to an end, the residents are worried of their lively hood.  

In the words of the Junon Order.  “The RC wished to discuss all the ideas they were bringing to the table which will be beneficial to all the groups on the planets.  They stated that with Akram as king all the groups were provided for by him. This was good, but did not allow for growth.  Now, the senate does not provide for us but it has stated that we as a group can be heard if we have ideas that will bring prosperity to the planets.”

As to the details of the meetings neither the RC or the JO provided any.  We just know that for a change they are not silent about what they are doing and this can only mean they are confident of their plan.

Economy of the Republic

Canyon City of Zant, Junon

2 Billion, that is the proposed amount offered by the Junon Order to DaisyShopper in order for her to do the exact same job that she is doing for Ferrel for free.  In a remarkable turn of events started 2 days ago.  Almost all the clans of Junon have formed a coalition for the good of all. Ferrel announced this morning that he was appointing Daisy Shopper as the new manager and head of operations for the Ferrel Guild and designated his new HQ to be back in JunonPolis.  “This is not a one shot deal or a strike of whim.  We have been planning this move for days, weighing the pros and cons to make sure it is all for the better.  I am sure everyone will be pleased, not only has Daisy shown the guild how to be successful but now is willing to set it all aside and work for the benefit of all the dealers.” Ferrel pronounced happily.

“Daisy has started to re-organize all our guild operations, including, selling, crafting, transportation and distribution she is confident that our guild will no longer be comprised of 10 shops, but of a network of hundreds of dealers” said Ferrel.  “For a long time I have been searching for a person that could take over operations, so I can finally retire completely.  This seems to be the right time and the right person.  My first choice was Cofresi, God bless his soul, but he is no longer, so who better than Daisy.”

“I will, in the coming days, give more of the guilds resources, materials and experience to the dealers.  Savy dealers will be able to benefit from the new products available in a new distribution system.  I am ordering guild members to concentrate on managing their shops and factories and hire any defender who wants to, the chores normally they would have done like fecthing materials and items and doing courier jobs as well as crafting.  Let the defenders benefit from their hard work too.” said Daisy.  “If you want more details I will notify you later, I now have work to do.

The details mentioned above, which had Ferrel so happy, were the reason Junon Order offered such a high sum to an already extremely rich person.  “We want the same thing, If FG can make chnages that will prosper all, then by all means we will spare some change and improve our guild too.” Said the representative from the Junon Order.

We expect other clans to join the movement as well, The Righteous Crusaders did confirm they were searching for a consultant too, but reiterated that whoever they chose had to be from amongst them.

The streets of all major cities and villages immediately became alive with the shouts of residents offering cazh to defenders in order to do the jobs they normally would do themselves.

When asked why this change of heart towards employing defenders a Tavern owner simply said. “It was getting simply too dangerous for us to go out on the lands.  We still need supplies and materials, why not use them ( refering to the defenders), they are out there anyway, they have the training and skills to defend themselves and with the scarecity of gold and silver, we know they will be strapped for cazh.  So if they help me, I help them.”

So were the remarks of other shop owners and even the gipsies, who normally do not talk to anyone.  It seems now that a new job opportunity has opened for defenders, they will quickly take charge of the opportunity too.

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