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Recovered Texts: Consumable Plague

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Emerges plagues

We have a plague that is causing defenders to see hallucinations, Monsters Flying!!! We are all in danger this plague spread over monsters and people. Beware it may cause death. Thanks to this Plague…Akram has raised Taxes and many Shops have begun a strike. Akram also has made certain items not be sold because it may cause a spread of this Disease. What is happening in Junon? Devil Pest Plague, Consumable Plague, Missing Kids…who can solve this mystery?

Spero’s study of the Devil Pest has lead him to believe that that Devil pest and Consumable Plague are related. Spero wishes to thank several helpers who lead to this discovery. Spero also states that his cure is still under process, and that the Arumics don’t wish to help him in his quest to find a cure.

Arumic’s reported earlier to have research facilities in Zant and Breezy Hills to study the Devils Pest Plague that has infected the creatures in the diverse areas.

Decision time came when Akram established a meeting of the Interplanetary Council. Once Akram met with the Council he announced to the public that the Arumic’s shall have the permission to build Research Facilities in uninhabited areas. He said “Arumic’s have a go, but they cannot build any research facilities near any of the cities. They must sign the agreement to stay away from The Canyon City of Zant, Breezy Hills and Junon Polis. Therefore, They must find a new place to establish their research facilities.”

The Arumic’s are currently recruiting Defenders and Scouts to find places with infected monster where they can establish a research facility, paying an amount of 200,000 cazh for this job. To sign up for this Message the Arumic Researchers.

Searching for locations

The search for a suitable location started just a few days ago, and thanks to the defenders the perfect spot has been found. Arumic Researchers have established a research center to study of the Devil Pest Plague and Consumable Plague. The location is in El verloon Desert, coordinates 5487,5132 . Lutis and Carasia have started their work with around 200 Arumics. The Arumic’s owe much of their work due to the valiant effort made by Arcane, 9TailedFox and Kitsune for finding such a location.

Arumic Head Researcher Carasia, has proposed a plan to establish research facilities nearby infected areas. Carasia states “The Canyon City is where we will first research. Infected Creatures will be studied and with the information gathered a proper potion will be made to cure and repel the spreading diseases.”  Lutis also has proposed a research facility in Breezy Hills where many citizens oppose the idea.

Weapon of Disease?

Guard Dogs and Soldiers may see this as a bit extreme but they know that this is necessary to stop the protest and find a cure for the plague. Lutis reacts saying “Soldiers are not needed, let her protest all she wants. We are not ready to give up yet.” The Legendary Six, sense trouble in this facility but refuse to let Xita stop the research. Quest stated “We need to find the cure, or else how will we live? Care for your brothers and sisters as much as you care for nature.” Scylar and Renegade also saw it fit to stop Xita from continuing her revolt and set forth as her escort back to Eldeon.

The Rightheous Crusader’s search came to a new discovery today. The Devil Pest Plague that has troubled so many Villagers, Citizens and Defenders has spread via Scrolls. All the victims of this horrible disease have all t ed from one area to the other. Thanks to the Defenders assistance in subduing the Infected Arumics, we have also found out that the Arumics might have been trying to use this plague as a biological weapon.

Early this morning Xita came to us with news. She had just infiltrated the Arumic Research Facility and got us valuable information. Arumic Researchers had found that the chemical for the Consumable Plague that infected the Villagers was made by humans, yet they did not reveal this to the Council. After looking around the “Lab” Xita had found a small fruit native to her planet, and she was caught by the Akram Rangers afterwards.

Once she left the Facility and had a talk with us, she took us along for a ride, where we had a nice talk with Arumic. Arumic stated “The plague spread via Teleportation, and by the food that was brought back from Eldeon. We have yet to find the point of origin of this disease, but analysis shows it came from Eldeon. Apparently some one made this to infect the citizens of Junon and Eldeon, using this as a Biological Weapon. We were trying to duplicate it in order to better advance our research.”

Hours later, Righteous Crusaders ran into the homes of the 100 Researchers only to find out that the Consumable Plague was manufactured right here in the planet of Lunar. The researchers have now been put all under surveillance to see who the person behind all this madness was. Now the Question on everyone’s mind is, What is Really going on?

Plague Search Continues

Our great King Akram has requested the assistance of all defenders in the finding of some Mysterious Fruits that have appeared in the Planet of Junon. These fruits became a delicacy for defenders and villagers. The kingdom is offering 100,000 for each fruit found by the defenders. Minascos, a Xitan defender, has come to Junon to inspect the fruits because it appears that the fruits are native to Eldeon Planet. More Information can be provided by talking to Minascos on your quest.

Yesterday the Council of the Akram Kingdom met in the Center of the Canyon City of Zant. In this meeting several important issues arose. One of them was the search for the Consumable Plague Cure. Since the Dragon King’s disappearance, after the re-take of Junon Polis the disease known as the Devil Plague mutated. Since then people from all parts of the Kingdom have become pray to the Consumable Plague.  Symptoms such as Illusions, mysterious loss of memory and consciousness are affecting the people worlds wide. Some have expressed high levels of uncontrollable violence and many have mutated into heartless beasts. The Consumable Plague has also been the cause of several deaths in the Kingdom. Having a total of 104 civilians, defenders and villagers lost to this plague, the Assembly Members have re-opened the investigation to find a cure. Arumic, Spero and fellow defenders are to find the Mysterious Fruits that have been found as the source of the plague. The Reward for each one of these fruits is 100,000 Cazh. They must be delivered to Minascos as he will take it to the Arumic Researchers in Eldeon Planet.

All Defenders must also be warned, don’t eat these fruits.

Demon War

The Demons in the territories of Eldeon Planet, have declared war on the Demons in Junon Planet. Many Demons have been located fighting each other in the territories of the Akram Kingdom. Many Defenders have spotted Stranger making deals with Kiroths and Talisman.

The defense of the Akram Kingdom and the human race is lead by the Fallen Six, thanks to their ideal combat skills against the demons race. The battles are carried on mostly on a defensive stance, fending off two invading armies.

Consumable Plague and Strikes

A breakout has occurred in El Verloon Desert. The Arumic Facility has been compromised. Arumic Researchers have not given any comment concerning the incident. As far as reports go, many creatures have escaped from the facility and are roaming around the landscape. The accident seemed to not have casualties, but after an hour it has been confirmed that 100 researchers are now missing. Arumics have left the scene only leaving several Arumic Tra and Personal.

As matters escalate, Xita has also met several Arumic Teleporters who were believed to have disappeared. The Righteous Crusaders heard of their return and demand that they get back to the cities. Xita, Akram and Krusa all met to discuss about the scroll’s situation and the spread of the Devil Pest Plague and Consumable Plague.

Akram’s orders are simple, find the creatures and take them back to the research facility. The reasons for this breakout are unknown. So far Idiosel denies the fact that one hundred researchers are missing. She has alluded all conversation, leading many to believe she is hiding something.

Xita claims that this is what they deserve for messing with nature. Many Xitans began to riot in front of the Akram Embassy at Xita Refuge. They claimed that Junon must stop the usage of animals as experiments and begin to find an alternative cure.

Shroon, Ikaness Staff Member, walked around the site and found 5 of them. He fought them and studied how they became infected. He says that something weird was happening in the research center. Other sightings of the infected Arumics have been reported in Eldeon and Lunar.

Defenders from the kingdom are all requested to subdue them as of today. Once all researchers are found the Akram Rangers will mount an investigation.

Xita still against them in the vote, began a new protest to demand explanations for their failure. Minascos claimed that the Arumics were not successful in anyway. He stated “This was all a scam to prevent us from knowing the truth. What is the truth? They can’t find a cure. The only option is to find the herb that can cure this pest.” The protest has many followers who believe that this is not the proper way to deal with this matter. These events raise the question in everyone’s mind, “Is this the correct choice?”


Solice and SIRIUS, great defenders of Junon, have disappeared. They were last seen by Andrew and Joshuan fighting Letron in Desert of the Dead.  Reason for the conflict is unknown, but evidence shows that Letron is definitely responsible for their disappearance. We would like to ask all defenders to be on the lookout for Solice and SIRIUS, and report them to the Akram Rangers.

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