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Recovered Text: Centurion Civil War

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Civil Conflicts are common, and can cause lots of damage. But as Aruans we are aware that all this is to grow our forces stronger. The Goddess ensures our safety in these conflicts, here are a few reports and information of the Civil Conflict that occurred just several months ago. 

The Terrible Terrors, or Terror Squad, were a group of strong Demigods that joined together for a purpose. That purpose is to ensure that a General upholds the highest standards required for Arua, the Goddess. Part of the duty a “Terror” decides to take is the elimination of Generals who fail the Goddess. This further promotes the growth of other Demigods who might be more eligible for the task of General. The Terrible Terrors were funded on the belief that their actions are for the Goddess, and will go through any means to accomplish it. Those that take part of the Terror Squad are usually Demigods who feel they can themselves be Generals, or wish to force a change in the current composition of Generals. This “squad” of Demigods are not arranged, nor ordered to carry out their purpose; they simply decide to. For instance when a “Terrible” decides a General is incompetent, an Aruan Law exists to allow them to challenge their target.  A Demigod challenge does not need to be declared but carried out; this is when a Demigod does all it can to seal away its target.

                                                             -Tipi, The Herald

Known members of the Terror Squad

Necro, the Drow.

-He is part of the Elf Battalion and one of the few Drow in the Aruan Reign. 

-Best known for his dark ability to cast illusions. 

Deathrock, Fetchi Ork.

-He is a Blud ork and part of the Orc Battalion.

-Best known for his dark ability to absorb the abilities of others.

-Also known to be an expert in mastering any skill or ability he sees.

Yiour, the Elf Ork.

-He was forged as a Half-Elf and Half-Orc and part of the Orc Battalion.

-Best known for his abilities with Mana Manipulation and Elemental control.

-Also known for his ability to conjure up metal armors.

-He is a Batuk Ork, but the most hated amongst the orks.

Sylvan, the Feline Elf.

-He was forged as a Half-Elf belonging to the Elf Battalion. 

-Best known for his speed and ability to get stronger when touched by the moon.

-He is known as a Night Elf, but identifies himself as an outcast.

Grandir, the Invincible Ork.

-He is a Blud Ork of the Orc Battalion.

-Best known for his ability to get stronger the longer he fights.

-As deklep as he is, it is rumored that only one weapon can defeat him.

Tranger, the Stray.

-He is a Stray Demigod only loyal to the Goddess.

-Best known for his ability to lock skills and abilities.

-He belongs to the Talisman Battalion.

Medea, Olympian Nymph

-She was an Olympian Demigod who was transferred into the Fairy Battalion.

-Best known for her abilities to cast powerful enchantments.

-She was the former leader of the Nymphs and the Pixies.

Gloopy, Gremlin Larva

-He is a Gremlin and part of the Fairy Battalion.

-Best known for his ability to use corpses as bodies and bending of reality.

Puck, Trickster Sprite.

-He is a Blood Sprite part of the Fairy Battalion.

-Best known for his ability to bend reality and alter events with his will.

-Also known as a crazy Demigod who always seeks to have fun.

Lwa, Notoneface.

-He is a Loa Demigod.

-Best known for his ability to shapeshift into any creature, native, human, demigod or demon.

-Rumors state his true face has never been seen.

Aenarion, High Elf King.

-He is a High Elf and former King of the Elf Battalion.

-Best known for his pride and great ability with a bow.

Poseidon, Second Brother of Olympus.

-He is an Olympian Demigod.

-Best known for his ability to manipulate water and earth.

-Along with Hades and Zeus, they were the former leaders of the Olympian Battalion.

Oberon, Blood Sprite King.

-He is a Blood Sprite and former King of the Fairy Battalion. 

-Best known for his flying abilities and perfect aim. 

Ork, Beserkerang Ork King.

-He is a Beserkerang Ork and former king of the Orc Battalion.

-Best known for his berserk state and ravage ability.

It all began…

Danu Druid Armucis had begun a mission to collect a Ritual Stone for Bobdebearg, Danu Demigod. Unknown to him this was really Demi God Lwa in disguise. Armucis was able to locate a ritual stone and tried to carry the mission out. Sadly the mission ended in failure and the Ritual Stone was not recovered.  At that same time transport for materials that will be used for the repairs and modification of the Interplanetary Cannon were transported from the Adventurer’s Plain, Sinocx Town, to the Capital City.

The High Elf, Aenarion, collected a force of High Elves to fight in the Golden Ring. A Herbukal was dispatched to the Oblivion Temple to secure a secret route for Aenarion’s return. Necro’s minion, Lennox,  did not wish for the others to know of Aenarion’s actions in the Golden Ring.  Zorua is officially a Defender of the Aruan Reign. Necro, Gloopy, Deathrock, Yiour and Puck entered the Sikuku Underground prison on a mission to rescue Demigod, Sylvan. Transportation of supplies for the Interplanetary Cannon repairs and modifications were carried out by the Flying Vessel, Sky, from the Capital to the Magic City. Lwa, disguised as Regina, informed the Hidden Snow Village of Goblin Miners bringing supplies to the village.

Bobdebearg, Danu Demigod, ordered Danu Druid, Mana, to collect a Ritual Stone. General Poseidon ordered ZeroSlayer to snag several of the stones as well. Mana, ZeroSlayer, General Dagda, Irving, Deathscar, and Leo located, collected and delivered a Ritual Stone to Andre’s department for Demigod Lwa; thinking it was for General Poseidon / Bobdebearg . A strange conversation with Poseidon took place where Dagda, Leo, and Deathscar spoke to him concerning the use of the collected Ritual Stones. Poseidon suggested Ikaness supplies be shipped to the Cannon. Leo, Irving and Deathscar spoke about a matter involving the theft of Poseidon’s Ritual Stone, a topic which was quickly brushed aside. Demigod Lwa, disguised as Lord Ikaness, stops by Andre; here Dagda, Armucis, ZeroSlayer, and Mana saw him give orders to send supplies towards the Interplanetary Cannon. Deathscar quietly observed the conversation take place. Irving performed his own search for a Ritual Stone in the Mana Snowfields. Leo located a Ritual Stone, and killed a Winter Maul Leader during the raid of the Ritual Stone. Irving united with Leo and decided to call for Andre’s aid and seek a caravan to carry the next stone. Danu Mana suggested that the Aruans not split their forces in moving their supplies. General Leo and Irving delivered a final stone to Andre, however they were unaware that it was to be sent to the Cannon as well. The Terrible Terror’s face off the Sikukus to rescue Sylvan, during the battle they located the dead body of Ameerah. Gloopy decided to make Ameerah his puppet to mess with Centurion SageStrata. Yiour was opposed to the idea initially, but after a conversation with Necro agreed to go along with it.

The following are reports from certain individuals…

Atarah, and Mana met with Guildsman Andre to escort a shipment of supplies due for the Interplanetary Cannon.  Joined by Zeroslayer, they delivered the supplies to Engineer Ridudrimas, who then sent the Defenders to seek out the location of Taerl and Erdidel to speed up repairs.  Mana secured the aid of Erdidel for the repairs while Atarah, ZeroSlayer, and Deathscar spoke with Taerl to earn his aid.                                                                                                                                                                      -Stockpile Director Ishmat

General Poseidon – the real one – asked Olympian Mage, ZeroSlayer to seek out a new pilot for the Flying Vessel, Arthur. Fairy King Trazeren, Lwa in disguise, made sure that Ridudrimas was still on the Terror Squad side.                                                                                                                                                                       -Informant Fete

Legionnaire Deathscar kept a watchful eye over ZeroSlayer as he gained temporary access to the Hidden Snow Village. The young mage attempted to recruit Idiosel as pilot for the Olympian flying vessel but failed. Deathscar, ZeroSlayer and Mana were on scene upon the Terror Squad’s arrival to Planet Lunar in preparation for their next operation. Deathscar successfully followed the Terror Squad and overheard much of their plans to take down the Generals and the targets they’ve bribed. Talisman Demigod, Batzing, was hired by Tranger to recruit Goblin Miners for a job.                                                                                                                                                                     -Tavern Owner Anzhelika

Yiour, the Half-Ork Batuk, had begun to collect energy from the Shrine in the Mana Snowfields. Puck the Blood Sprite secured passage to the Magic City for Goblin Miners. Sylvan, the Half- Night Elf began the collection of Crystalline and its transport to the Hidden Snow Village. Lwa, the Loa Demigod, watched over the modification of the Interplanetary Cannon. Minion Keiropos began to seek out Grand General, Athena. Minion Lennox began his search for the Fairy Queen, General Fairy. Gloopy the Gremlin continued his search for more of his pets. Demigod Tranger spoke with the Yeti to prepare them for an operation, with Proluna by his side. Deathrock the Blud Ork started slaying Demigods that opposed the Terror Squad. Necro the Drow spoke to Demigods who sided with the Terrible Terrors.
                                                                   -Talismen Demigod, Runt.

General Dagda, Nalah and ZeroSlayer encountered Yiour in the Mana Snowfields channeling into the Shrine. Dagda battled Yiour and Gloopy’s puppet, Ameerah, who was eradicated by the Danu General. Gloopy appeared in the Mana Snowfields, angered with the destruction of his puppet. Upon closer inspection, Deathscar confirmed it was Ameerah’s real body as Atarah arrived on the scene. Word around the Snow Village was that Sylvan and the goblin miners continued collecting crystals for Yiour’s weapon, the modified Interplanetary Cannon, until they are confronted by Nalah, ZeroSlayer, Atarah and Mana.

                                        -Est, the Explorer

Grand General Athena and Legionnaire Deathscar were reported in the Capital City where they were confronted by Necro. The Drow declared his actions against her and challenged her position as Grand General.

                                        -Brigadier Galahad

A caravan transporting Sylvan’s crystalline supplies arrived at Yiour’s new weapon, escorted by Deathscar. Meanwhile, the modifications of the Interplanetary Cannon continued.

                        -Guild Shipment and Repair Reports

Continued information….

Irving witnessed the Ikaness complete the repairs and modifications of the Interplanetary cannon, who then mysteriously shouted “Hail”. Irving and Mana were sent by General Poseidon to sway Idiosel to pilot the Olympian flying vessel, but failed. Idiosel, annoyed with the constant requests, asked for the Olympian General to meet with her. Midaran joins with General Poseidon as they convene with Idiosel to pilot the flying vessel Arthur. ZeroSlayer encountered Rougant, another of Gloopy’s puppets, in the Anima Lake. Atarah spoke with Regina about cleaning and burying Ameraah’s body. Later on a Yeti attack on the Interplanetary Cannon took place under orders of Tranger, with defenders ZeroSlayer, Irving, Mana, Midaran, and Atarah protecting it. Athena encounters To Fu and is warned of her chaotic actions as an invitation to opposition. Grand General Athena, Legionnaire Deathscar, Centurion Midaran, Olympian ZeroSlayer and Nymph Irving headed to the Mana Snowfields Shrine to investigate the situation there. They locate a goblin who was working for the Terror Squad and learn of another goblin who was selling goblin slaves. Athena uncovered that a Goblin by the name of Cenetror has taken hold of Irving’s old poison book. Irving collected a sample of the Goblin’s poison, which the interrogated goblin drank and died from. Grand General Athena headed towards the Hidden Snow Village and inquired about the goblins stationed in the village. She is informed that it was an order from her Olympian Brigade to let those goblins stay there. General Leo and Legionnaire Deathscar faced off a weakened Sylvan, but failed to eliminate him as he ran away from the battle scene. Grand General Athena went forth to the Capital City to speak with the brigadiers. Necro, knowing she would head to speak with her brigade, ordered to aim Yiour’s modified cannon at the Capital City.

Informant Compendium

Demi God, Ophiuchus hunted down Batzing to steal the payment he received from Tranger. The Talismen Pack Squad are defeated by Deathrock for opposing the claim of Sylvan as General. Tranger was dispatched to search and report on General Leo’s whereabouts. 

Olympian Mage, ZeroSlayer located the body of Batzing in the Snow Valley. Danu Druid Mana, Nymph Irving, and Legionnaire Deathscar noticed the Modified Cannon melting and heating everything around it. The Defenders began to brainstorm ways to either cool it off or stop whatever was going on with it. Erdidel and Taerl informed the Defenders about the installation of the Ritual Stone, Taerl being killed by Ridudrimas shortly thereafter. Defenders uncover that Ridudrimas was a traitor, working alongside the Terrible Terrors.

Gloopy and his puppets prepare to lead the Yeti army on a march towards the Modified Cannon while two of the Gremlin’s puppets, Valkyrie and Rougant, kept watch on the Defenders in the Snow Valley. Deathrock was stationed in the observatory to hand out coordinates of the targets. Ophiuchus assisted in escorting another puppet, former Centurion LiZero, to the Magic City. Necro prepared an illusion in Yiour’s weapon for defensive purposes. Puck began to recite the “Pucktain’s Log”, a retelling of the events that led to this moment. 

Upon seeing LiZero in the Capital City, General Poseidon departed for Lunar. Centurion Colossus and Olympian Captain Gwyn caught up with General Poseidon, who was outraged at the Terror Squad for using Olympian bodies as puppets. The Yeti began their march towards the Crystal Snowfields with Gloopy, Rougant and Valkyrie. Defenders intercepted and fought against the Yeti warpath as it made its way through Snow Valley, Magic City and Crystal Snowfields. In the Mana Snowfields, Yiour maintained watch over the Shrine. Afterwards, the Yeti forces took a turn to the Freezing Plateau to meet with Proluna and Lwa.

Deathscar spoke with Poseidon on assisting with the cooling of the interplanetary cannon. General Poseidon informed Deathscar that he will help, if Deathscar agreed to become General of the Olympians. Although he never spoke up, Poseidon took his silence as agreement and headed towards the Capital City. He convened with the Goddess before heading out to fill the Flying Vessels with water in an effort to cool down the weapon. Meanwhile, the minions Keiropos and Lennox kept watch in the Capital City for any sight of a General.     -City Guide, Eva

Back in Lunar, Ridrudrimas made his escape from the Crystal Snowfields. The Yetis begin stationed themselves to defend the Interplanetary Cannon in a bottleneck of the Crystal Snowfields leading up to the weapon. Legionnaire Deathscar, Centurion Midaran, Olympian ZeroSlayer, Olympian Gwyn, Nymph Ruby, Nymph Irving, Danu Mana and several others took part in the ensuing melee with the Yetis. Under the guise of Snowpando, Lwa attacked the Defenders during the fighting. Back at the Magic City, a vessel arrived carrying another of Gloopy’s Puppets, former Legionnaire Horus. The Gremlin and his puppets arrived shortly thereafter from the Freezing Plataeu and southern parts of the Crystal Snowfields to join in the fight against the Defenders. Gloopy and Lwa, now disguised as a Yeti, began to place Moon Stones so Yeti can be transported from the Freezing Plataeu and Snow Valley. During the battle many Ikaness Engineers were lost. Yiour and Sylvan later arrived at the modified cannon as reinforcements. Sylvan served as a messenger between the observatory and Yiour. Puck continued his tale of “Pucktain Puck and his Terrible Friends”. Legionnaire Deathscar took down LiZero, ripping him to shreds, damaging Demigod Lwa during the battle. ZeroSlayer defeated Valkyrie, blasting her body to bits. Rougant’s body was also cut apart as a precautionary measure.     -Brigade Scout Reports

Grand General Athena was reported in the Lion’s Den. Yiour and the Terror Squad immediately prepared to fire at her and any of their other intended targets. Yiour, Puck, Gloopy, Tranger, Aenarion, Lwa, Deathrock, Sylvan, Necro, Ophiuchus and another unknown ally declared a challenge against the Generals of the Aruan Army. Grand General Athena, General Fairy, General Leo and General Dagda were all targets of these attacks. Keiropos and Lennox confirmed General Athena’s location to Necro, prompting Yiour to fire the Modified Interplanetary Cannon. As the weapon powered up, it was guarded by Necro and the Legionnaire Horus puppet. General Poseidon was in the Capital City at the time, preparing the Flying Vessels to bring water to the cannon as promised. It was at this moment that the weapon fired. Yiour shouted to his allies to leave the vicinity of the Modified Interplanetary Cannon as the weapon began to break down, eventually exploding. The blast of the weapon was launched towards the Capital City in an attempt to end Athena’s life, unaware of the incoming shot, the Grand General made her way to speak with the Flying Vessel Pilots. As the blast approached, Poseidon’s water typhoons were seen in the air, the Olympian General took quick actions, noticing it was too close to the Goddess, and went head on to clash with the blast. The damage of Yiour’s weapon was too strong for General Poseidon to handle, and a massive explosion was seen over Planet Junon, visible from all over the main continent. A large dispersal of energy began to fill the skies. Snow was reported falling in several parts of the planet afterwards. The blast claimed the life of Lennox, Keiropos and many more Defenders who were in the Capital City. Thousands of civilians were injured and left with no home to go back to. The blast also caused catastrophic damage to the Flying Vessel Sorb, which was docked for repairs. General Poseidon is nowhere to be found.

    -Ambassador and Caretaker Reports

Pucktain’s Log states the following names of Defenders who took part in these hard times: Grand General Athena, Legionnaire G. General Leo, Legionnaire Drakarus. General Dagda, Legionnaire Luchenzio. Legionnaire Deathscar. Centurion Midaran. Centurion Colossus. Olympian Mage ZeroSlayer. Olympian Knight Gwyn. Nymph Artisan Irving. Nymph Champion Ruby. Talisman Cleric Vindex. Talisman Mage Nalah. Talisman Bourgeous Atarah. Danu Mage Armucis. Danu Mage Mana. 

The Aftermath…

Apolis in Danger?! 

In the aftermath of the blast over Capital airspace several reports have come in mentioning severe damage in the docks by maintenance staff. Guildmaster Ikaness is currently on site evaluating the scale of the damage. The Order reported broken windows from the shockwave of the blast and the Faction received some damage caused by debris from the nearby docks. Chacha, one of the vessel pilots on duty during the incident, and Grand General Athena were rushed to the Faction to receive emergency medical attention. Several vessels outside of the docks received some damage, though all remain operational. The flying vessel Arthur managed to avoid taking damage as it was on its maiden voyage to Lunar to retrieve Defenders injured in the explosion of the Interplanetary Cannon such as Danu Mana and Captain Gwyn.

Tragedy Strikes! 

Since the blast over the skies of the Capital City, search ships and rescue parties have been looking to locate General Poseidon. Today, the sad news arrived, the Goddess has informed the Aruans that General Poseidon has been slain during the Terror Squad’s challenge. With the passing of General Poseidon and no qualifying successor, the Olympian Battalion is as of now disbanded. Legionnaires Ashari, Gigglelotz, Mellow and Tapu have been placed into the Centurion Battalion. A Grand Meeting shall be held as soon as possible to determine the next course of action of Aruan High Command. Generals Dagda, Leo, Fairy and Grand General Athena shall convene along with qualified members of their battalions and relevant leaders of Aruan Institutions to decide on their response to these events and restructuring of the Defender forces. The questions many former Olympians are asking is “Who will be designated as the new Rookie Battalion? What Battalion will I join now?”

Unforeseen Climate Change!

Since the large explosion in the upper atmosphere, snowfall has been reported at various locations throughout Junon! Temperature continues to drop in the Capital City at a steady pace; Sinocx Town, the Kenji Fishing Post and the Dolphin Island Docks have also reported record lows in temperature. Citizens from Lunarian settlements such as the Magic City and the Snow Village have descended upon Apolis to help inform the Junon populace on dangers they will face and precautions to take under these cold conditions. 

A New Dawn for the Capital

While the Ikaness Syndicate has both its Faction and Guild branches working on Dock, Vessel and Ship repairs; the Brigade and Order have begun plans on the construction of the new Palace of the Goddess!

Due to a massive restructure headed by the Dignitary of the Order, General Leo; the planning phase has begun of a new Palace and Chambers for the Goddess in the Capital City. The Talisman General has been involved in various meetings involving local leaders of towns and settlements, expanding the Order’s operations to cover all of Planet Junon. Due to the increase in activity and operations within the Talisman Order, a new dwelling and reception chamber for Goddess Arua will be constructed for her use, with the existing chambers being retrofitted as added wings to the Order’s headquarters.

Representative Francis, who recently joined the ranks of the Talisman Order, is currently seeking Defenders willing to assist in the escort of supplies to the construction site of Arua’s Palace.

The New Lunarian Frontier

Dagda, the Danu General, meets with the Ikaness Guild with an interesting proposal, the construction of Planet Lunar’s first docks!

Due to melting in some areas of the planet after the incident with the Interplanetary Cannon, Legionnaire Luchenzio mentioned he has pinpointed a favorable location where he  hopes to build the Lunarian Docks. This new project would not only serve as a dock for boats but also a port for Flying Vessels with potential for much more in the future. With this, General Dagda wishes to usher in a new age of exploration into the Sea of Dawn!

General Elf Returns!

The High Elf demigod, Aenarion, has made his appearance in Planet Junon. He was last seen departing for an excursion towards the Golden Ring. Upon returning, Aenarion has declared the formation of the true Elven Battalion and has asked General Athena to prepare a capable Legionnaire to take the responsibility of Elf King and General to the Elven Battalion.

New Age for Aruans

Various complaints have come in from the Reign concerning Defender Irving. The artisan has been spotted carrying medical provisions to the Yeti involved with the Terror Squad. He states that these Yeti were just tricked like everyone else and wants to make sure they are in good health in the hopes of starting a working relationship between them and the Aruans. Other defenders question his motives, however he has clarified that he has the Grand General’s approval for his actions. 

The Brigade’s Training Grounds, commonly referred to as “T.G.” by defenders, has been a center for members of the military to put their skills and limits to the test for ages. Many defenders were seen day in and day out, honing their skills in the arena. One of the most notable is the Cleric, Vindex, who frequented the Training Grounds to polish his abilities in support, offense and defense. Gamp, the brigade overseer of the grounds, has even expressed that he is impressed by Vindex’s capabilities to support up to four defenders at the same time. However, much to various defender’s dismay Gamp has announced that the Training Grounds’ will remain closed for the time being until bleachers are repaired and the main arena is cleared of debris from the explosion over the Capital in order to ensure safe combat practices. The main focus of construction and maintenance staff is currently focused on the construction of the new Aruan Palace so the Brigade is asking Defenders to remain patient until they can renew use of the grounds to test their might.

The construction of the Aruan Palace, a project spearheaded by the Talisman Order and the Olympian Brigade, has begun. The Unions have requested all available Artisans in the Aruan Army to assist in the construction intended to house the new chambers of the Goddess. One of the more commonly mentioned names among construction staff is that of the Artisan Tycoon, SilverWolf; who is famed for providing several unions with equipment, materials and supplies. His credentials and reputation have led him to be considered the ideal candidate for Site Manager in the construction of the Palace.

The Talisman Order and Olympian Brigade Unions have continued their work on Arua’s Palace. The Brigade has also taken the opportunity to fix and improve some of their territories in Planet Junon. Brigadier Gawain has been particularly impressed with former Olympian Captain Gwyn and commends him for his assistance to the Brigade. The knight has been reported helping with supply escorts and personal aid to fellow brigadiers. Many union members see great potential in him, perhaps capable of grasping a high leadership position in the Brigade one day.

A rather strange and unexpected alliance was reported recently. The Cleric Siren was seen conversing with a group of Grunters. The conversation seemed to revolve around herbs and their medical implementation. An unorthodox friendship seems to have surged from this as Siren was seen working with Grunter herbalists in an effort to aid citizens affected by the blast of the Centurion Civil War.

With the focus of repairs and reconstruction all across Junon, it is easy to forget that Lunar was also affected by the recent events. The energy of the planet has shifted and caused damage to several locations. Artisans Hammond and Irving have not forgotten about our Lunarian allies, with reports coming in from citizens of supplies and medical aid being distributed. While the shift of Energy in the planet is not very visible, the melting of caps near the Mana Snowfields and Mount Eruca are evidence of change in the planet; much work will have to be done in order to bring balance back to the planet. Rumors have emerged that the planet might in fact collapse in on itself because of this issue, and in response to these rumors General Fairy has asked the battalions to spare any muse they can to help address the issue in the Lunarian Front.

A disturbance was reported in the Mana Snowfields Shrine, Upon arrival, brigade sentinels reported that the Mages ZeroSlayer and Mana were surrounded by Danu Demigods in an open exercise. The Danu Druids state that those Mages near the shrine can become some of the strongest ever witnessed. Many Muses are constantly in the vicinity of the shrine attempting to energize it once more and stabilize the problem in Planet Lunar.

The Bounty board has a new request by the Olympian Brigade; to hunt down Ridrudimas. The former Ikaness Engineer is wanted for attempting to murder the Grand General, and for the theft of several materials from the Ikaness Guild. Multiple defenders hope to obtain the rewards of completing the bounty. Former Olympian Takeshi Izanagi was one of the first to begin the task by searching for the Engineer on Planet Lunar. Talisman Ouki, another defender with the reward in mind began his work by conversing with other Ikaness Engineers in an attempt to find any leads.

Armucis and Resa began their hunt for the engineer by seeking help from the Mountian Guides. Along their journey, Resa caught glimpses of Armucis’ journal. She has mentioned that the contents seem to indicate skills and techniques unique to his Spear Mage style of combat. Resa has also been noted to address Armucis as a Warlock instead of a Mage when speaking to others about him. Tryteh, who caught wind of this, approached Resa and asked if she could get the Warlock to publish some of these techniques as books for sale. Resa agreed to asking the Druid, however nothing else has been confirmed yet.

Recently, Herald Tipi was spotted meeting with Legionnaire Deathscar. Speculation has surfaced that the purpose of the meeting may be to bring back the famed Jackal Squad, though none of it has been confirmed yet. The Jackal Squad was a group of fast moving warriors that served the Aruan Army as their elite hit squad. Heroes to the Aruans, assassins to our enemies, the Jackal Squad stops rebellion before it has a chance to destroy the peace of the Reign. The only confirmed fact is that the Interceptor has been in search of gear for a possible secret mission.

Defender Revo, the resident zantian tavern drunk, was spotted back at his favorite table after being missing for several weeks. He reveals that he has been working on forming a new combat style. While he was assisting in Planet Lunar he took some time to perfect his unique way of fighting, in the hopes that others will adopt his methods as their own and lay to rest the myths of weak clerics. Following his example, Revo states that clerics will no longer just be supportive combatants, but fierce warriors to be recognized.

Former Olympian Rookies Gaburieru and Percy met up with the Centurions today. After speaking with the Goddess, the Grand General, the Herald and the rest of the Centurions, they have been awarded a gift. For their continued effort and assistance, the young rookies were allowed to receive an early license for their second job class. The two soldiers seemed to be very happy about it, this occasion marking one of the earliest promotions of champions or knights in history.

News from Planet Orlo!

News has arrived from the Orlean front to the Capital City today. The Olympian Demigod Ares has reported that the seven red streaks have been seen leaving the planet recently. These Streaks are known as the enemy Demon General, Terraul. This suggests that the General has left the planet, leaving behind only one Head Demon General to manage the Orlean territories, Letron.

General Letron, nicknamed the Desert Devil because of his vast skill and peerless tactics in Planet Orlo, has continued to trump Aruan Demigods in the Golden Ring time and time again. The efforts of this Head Demon has prevented the Aruans from trespassing the Golding Ring or reaching the Desert City.

The Leaders of the Unions met today, together they decided to award the defenders who have aided in the reconstruction of the Aruan Reign. The Centurion Civil War, as they call it, has caused much damage; the Terror Squad, while yet to be defeated, has caused the Generals to enact drastic changes. Although much effort is being put into repairs and modifications of the lands, Defenders can look forward to being awarded for their assistance. Union Credits will be distributed by the Lords of the Unions, these can be used to purchase and gather a higher grade of equipment and gear. Great work out there Defenders!

A job was posted recently in the Bounty Boards concerning the Knight Mikado. The task was put up by Servants to follow Defender Mikado and determine if he was involved in heretical acts of rebellion. The job was taken by, and quickly resolved by, Militiaman Xemnas. When followed it was revealed that the Knight was not up to any rebel activity whatsoever, instead he had become friends with a mercenary penguin by the name of Yamicha. While Mikado is not the first to befriend a mercenary penguin, he is the first to meet Yamicha’s comrades and fellow mercenaries. It was an easy pay day for a lucky defender.

On this day, the construction of the Lunarian Docks began. General Dagda has commissioned the flying vessel Arthur to carry supplies to the Magic City. The vessel will also be towing transport boats and heavy equipment needed to build the Danu Docks. The Ikaness Guild has handed the Danu Battalion full support in this endeavor. Needless to say, the exploration of the Sea of Dawn has been an idea many have had on their mind for quite some time. It is one thing to gaze at the sea of Dawn from atop a vessel, but another thing entirely to explore the icy waters of Planet Lunar up close. Many eagerly await the opening of these new docks and the new adventures to be had in this unexplored frontier.

Even in times of turmoil there can be small joys found in everyday things. Despite the tragedy in Lunar and Junon, the Designers and Stylists from all over have decided to bring something new to the weary Defenders of the lands. In recent days a list of new hairstyles have come out for Defenders to redesign their look. This simple act of kindness has many talking about new looks to try out and helped bolster morale during this time of change.

While on guard duty in the Observatory of the Freezing Plateau, Defender Sandman witnessed the arrival of a Sikuku Gargoyle. As soon as the sighting was reported, Defenders Alpharix and August were quick to arrive on the scene. Together they quickly disposed of the avian pest, and upon inspection of the corpse by August it was found to be gripping a note in its talons. The message was as follows: “Aruans, the Raknu have convinced the Sikuku Tribes to send the bodies of the deceased defenders back towards the reign. We believe warriors should be buried properly and honored for their sacrifice. In exchange we would like the bodies of the fallen Sikuku in your lands.” The dealer quickly rushed towards the Capital City to deliver the message.

The Ikaness Syndicate held a meeting today between its Guild and Faction branches. Members of the Unions were informed by Lord Ikaness that they will be ceasing mining operations in the old Goblin Cave. Due to mass consumption of crystalline in the restoration and improvement of Aruan Territories, the resources within the caves – called the Crystalline Mines by the Ikaness – have all but run dry. All mining, security and administrative personnel are vacating the caverns with a new focus brought forth by Lord Ikaness to begin an exploratory operation in search of new sources of raw materials. Defenders working under the Guild and the Faction have been called to spearhead these efforts; including Mages Zeroslayer and Mana, Artisan Irving and Tycoon Hammond, and the Guild’s Mine Operator, Armucis.

Luzbel, the self proclaimed treasure hunter who has yet to find a treasure, reports that he was suddenly attacked by a mass of pomic workers. Defenders noted the damage to his armor as being characteristic of pomic attacks. According to Luzbel, the pomics disappeared as quickly as they arrived, vanishing without a trace. Another defender, the Talisman Knight Dario, also reported to have been attacked in a similar fashion.

After weeks of transport and supply deliveries across Lunar, Defender Felito has been reported jumping into a transport to the construction site of the Lunar Docks. Witnesses state he was seen fishing in the area. When confronted by Elliot, Felito responded with the following: “General Poseidon left this for it to be used, I will fish whenever I see the sea to honor his memory.” General Poseidon never got the chance to personally deliver this gift to Felito, but when his den was cleared out in the Olympian Brigade it was found with Felito’s name inscribed upon it.

Today a Legionnaire meeting was held in the Capital City. In it, Centurion SageStrata was nominated as Legionnaire. SageStrata has been considered an isolated raider after the loss of his raider duo counterpart. To help him find a new path, Grand General Athena made the call to nominate him for promotion. Due to his service in the Orkish, Jackal Squad operations, two Eldeon Campaigns, several civil conflicts and personal service to the Herald, the Grand General and the late Grand Legionnaire; SageStrata was voted to become the latest Legionnaire of the Aruan Reign.

Darvo, the Danu Scout specializing in Crossbow combat, came across an unexpected scene when he passed by the Sunshine Coast on a routine check of the Bounty Boards. The planet’s new climate has not been kind to the Coast, and the bounty boards have been worn down from freezing over at night and thawing at daybreak. Darvo spotted the residents of the Coast in a meeting with Cornell to determine their course of action. Nightly temperatures have been causing the waters of the Junon Ocean to freeze on the surface in some locations, as a cause of this, trade coming to and from Sunshine Coast has suffered. Cornell, former Chief of the Canyon City, proposed to join the economies of the struggling Trade Outpost and Zant. The citizens debated for a bit, but eventually agreed to speak with representatives of the Canyon City to bring forth a new era of cooperation between the two settlements.

Lord Drakarus convened with the Talisman Order to reveal a section of Master Champion teachings. He hopes to start a Discipline that will be considered the Vanguard of an army. A champion strong in both offense and support, fighting in a style similar to his training with Demigods and during his time in the Centurions. General Talisman has also continued to expand his union in order to reach all parts of Planet Junon, as promised earlier.

Further showing that Planet Junon was not the only one affected by the recent incidents, Pavrick’s home in the Magic City had taken some damage from the Centurion Civil War. A piece of the Interplanetary Cannon soared through the air and landed right on his home, damaging the roof. Thankfully, Defender Ruby provided her aid and helped him repair and fix up his house. As a reward, the smith gifted the Champion a powerful sword, as she is known to be a collector of these.

A Legionnaire meeting was held just in time for the formation of the Elven Battalion. This time Centurion Midaran was not only granted an award by the Goddess but was also given the promotion to the rank of Legionnaire. Grand General Athena did nominate him, however she stated that these Legionnaires still needed more training. She ensures that she will not stop until this generation of Legionnaires will carry their title proudly and prepare to be the greatest warriors of the Aruan Army.

Transport ships under the command of Ruven and Bruise carry supplies to rebuild the Dolphin Island Docks. The Fallen Mercenaries have been spotted gathering materials for these docks as well. Raisco, the criminal-turned-mercenary, leads a campaign to build a Mercenary Camp  on the island. Letters were sent to the Grand General, Herald, Ikaness Syndicate and Talisman Order requesting permission from the Goddess and Unions for its construction. It includes the removal of his name from the Black Book and ensnaring him as the founder of the Mercenary Camp.

The Aruans’ Decision

Another legionnaire meeting was held today, with the purpose of discussing the message from the Sikukus that Defender August brought to Aruan High Command. Most legionnaires attended, with the exception of Tapu who, at this point, may have been marked for desertion. After what seemed to be much deliberation, the Grand General agreed to accept the Sikukus’ offer and exchange the corpses of fallen warriors. Upon their exit some of the Generals seemed uncertain over the decision. However, Legionnaire Gigglelotz did not show any dismay. She was seen conversing with General Fairy and thanking the Nymph General for siding with her during the debate. It seems the Great Explorer was a key component in reaching the decision.

Disturbance in the Gorge of Silence!

Defender Akrize reported a landslide in the Northern part of the Gorge; he and Defender Zero heard rumbling and upon arriving at the scene were attacked by a large Worm Dragon. During the battle a landslide occurred and Golems were seen fleeing the area. The two Champions slew the Worm Dragon but remain unsure if it was the cause of the tremors or the resulting landslide, noting that further investigation was needed.

A Case Reopened:

Nalah, the Talisman Mage, was spotted today entering the chambers of the Goddess. She was then escorted by the Herald to debrief on a previously unfinished task she was given to complete. The Ice Elementalist was given special permission to seek out the Renegade Seals. This task was previously handled by the Zodiac Battalion and has been left unsolved for a long time, Aruan Leadership hopes that she will help close the case on these strange artefacts.

The Orlean Temple was the frontline base of the Aruans on Planet Orlo. Recent reports, however, have confirmed that the Outpost is no longer under Aruan control.  A few days ago, the Orlean Front was attacked by a colossal Flying Vessel. It was bombarded heavily with cannon fire and elemental strikes. Many Demi Gods were slain during this assault, with the rest being pushed back to the Oblivion Temple back in Junon.

During the retreat, a Demon General appeared before the defeated Aruan Demi Gods with a message: “My name is AtumRa. Planet Orlo is now under my command. No other Aruan mosquito will use this battlefield to rank up. The spouter of water you call Goddess, she will be defeated by us. Ya hayawan will be extinguished. ” Deathrock and Cruzder, Orc Demigods, reported the attack to the Goddess and her Generals. With Deathrock taking a vow to lead the retaking of the Orlean Temple.

Another Aruan Legionnaire!

Colossus, the Centurion Paladin, was nominated for and achieved the rank of Legionnaire. The knight is best known for his skills with the crossbow and supporting role in the front lines. A man of few words, when interviewed at the end of the meeting he simply stated that he will put Athena’s training to the test soon.

The Gift of a Memory:

Keenu, the Designer, has shocked Atarah with a most unexpected surprise; a beautifully repaired set of Ameerah’s robes. Keenu and her employees have been travelling throughout the reign donating clothes and footwear to those in need. Among the recipients of these donations was the fledgling sniper Atarah. Keenu has refurbished and made Ameerah’s old robes, the designer hopes that Atarah will wear these as a way to honor and remember Ameerah.

The Final Centurion Promotion:

Another day, another Legionnaire! Grand General Athena has nominated another Legionnaire, Centurion Shark. The former Olympian Champion was a longtime loyal follower to the now-disbanded Battalion. While many are not familiar with the Centurion’s achievements since he is known to be a solitary individual, he is a tested champion who has even developed a personal technique which he dubs the “Terra Destroyer.” Despite his credentials, the private nature of most of his affairs led his promotion to come as quite a surprise even to the Generals.

Making Things Right

A visitor was reported having conversations with various citizens of the lands. Eyewitnesses said that the man in question was none other than the Visitor and part-time messenger, Lio. They say that the aspiring militiaman was seeking amends from citizens he might have wronged in the past through his vast work through the Bounty Boards. He was last seen having a brief conversation with Melendino, former Righteous Crusader.

A Peaceful Exchange

The flying vessel Arthur took flight today with a heavy load. Legionnaire Mellow alongside the Mage Takamichi and Militant Scout Blindsight accompanied the pilot Idiosel to perform the previously agreed upon trade with the Sikukus. The bodies of many fallen aruans were recovered today, including heroes like Karma and Nikky. The fallen defenders will be buried in Aruan Lands to honor their sacrifice. Likewise, many Sikuku and Raknu were given to the forces of Planet Eldeon.

The New Rookie Battalion!

Having a low Demigod count, General Fairy has asked the Grand General to make the Nymphs the new Rookie Battalion for the Aruan Defender forces. Legionnaire Virus has declared that she will restructure the Nymphs to prevent any additional challenges from Fairy Demigods and to meet the needs of new Defenders. She has also been seen learning new techniques for combat as a Master Scout, techniques she hopes to compile into a new discipline.

The Watchful Raiders

As rumors of rebels spread out, several bodies of slain natives have been reported. The enigmatic Ashari, called the Phantom Legionnaire by some, was spotted near the scene of one of the assassinated rebels. An anonymous source has confirmed that Ashari has been carrying out missions to test new skills he has acquired, skills he hopes to teach others of the same profession as a Master Raider. Alongside Interceptor Deathscar, they have kept a stranglehold on rebellious action from the natives of the lands.

Danu Docks Grand Opening!

After a long process of construction, the opening ceremony for the Danu Docks was held today. General Dagda prepared to have a feast to celebrate the occasion, with the meals commissioned by Betty from Danu Captain, Armucis. The first Lunarian docks are located off the coast of the Freezing Plateau. It houses not only a port for boats but also a docking station for flying vessels. Defender Tamunora did state some concern in regards that the port in the Magic City may suffer because of this; while some agree with her, everyone is excited for the start of a new age of exploration of the Sea of Dawn.

The Aruan Grand Fleet:

Another meeting was held today amongst Aruan High Command. The pilot Alphonso was invited today as a special guest. Once adjourned, the Herald informed the citizens of several talks that took place in the meeting. 

One of these was the upgrade and retrofit of vessels and boats in the Aruan Reign in order to traverse the cold environment. 

More talks were revealed, like the establishment of a flight schedule between planets by transport vessels. He continued stating that it was not limited to Flying Vessel, Boats in the waters of Junon Ocean shall also follow a schedule for their transports. The apparent reason for such actions are the low number of boats currently available since the Danu Docks opened. Lord Ikaness has also made clear that he will produce other boats as soon as things in the planet begin to stabilize. 

Perhaps the most important talk that took place was the unification of the Aruan Flying Vessel Fleet. Like Grand General Centurion before her, Athena has been given complete authority over all flying vessels. The flagship of the Aruan Fleet will be the Flying Vessel Odracir, which is soon to be finished.

Halt! Halt!

The construction of the Aruan Palace has been halted. Supplies of construction materials from both the Talisman Order and the Olympian Brigade have been exhausted. Orders from Lord Drakarus and Lady Athena are to halt construction of the Palace until supplies can be gathered once more. A meeting is soon pending to address supply issues during the reign so that projects like these need not be delayed in such a manner on future occasions.

Midnight Surprise at the Capital:

In the middle of the night, a never before seen vessel took to the skies. The vessel in question was none other than the Grand War Machine, Odracir. This new vessel is said to be a match to the long forgotten Destroyer, a flying powerhouse equipped with strong fortifications and devastating weapons systems. The vessel was a sight to behold amidst Apolis as fireworks lit the night sky in celebration of its finished construction.

Celebratory Events Postponed:

Various locations of Celebration have taken damage in the aftermath of the Centurion Civil War. Several areas in Lunar meant to be part of the Defender Grand Prix have undergone melting and avalanches due to the Planet’s  destabilization and the Centurion Arena has debris that needs to be cleared out. As a result of this, the Centurion Games and the Defender Grand Prix have been postponed until conditions are favorable to hold these events once again. While the Generals continue to want to hold these celebrations, the Goddess has deemed it wise to ensure the safety of her followers.

Arua’s Palace resumes construction:

Lord Drakarus has begun speaking with different representatives of the cities and towns of the Aruan Reign to begin a mass collection of materials. These are to be used to continue construction of Arua’s Palace. Tycoon Hammond, a hired hand to help build the Goddess’ Palace, has also suggested using these same supply routes for helping the efforts of repairing the Planets Junon and Lunar.

Defenders have also been asked to assist in these Resource Drives to help get the construction project back on track, all Major Unions have also agreed to provide the towns with Equipment, Combat Supplies and a variety of other rewards that they may give Defenders in exchange for supplies provided.

The hunt for Ridudrimas continues

In order to further assist in repair efforts on Planet Lunar, Captain Armucis of the Danu was dispatched to the Magic City. Sadly, this has caused the trail for Ridudrimas to be lost. The former Ikaness Engineer is wanted for crimes against the Aruans and a reward has been placed for his capture. Bounty Boards have opened once again for Defenders to bring Ridurimas to justice. He is wanted Dead or Alive.

Goblin activity in El Verloon

Several Defenders have reported that rebels have been spotted in the El Verloon Desert.  Reports from the El Verloon Outpost state that several Goblins have been seen conspiring against the Goddess. These rumors of rebellion are a concern for General Fairy, who has been assisting the new Defenders. She has asked veteran defenders and the Olympian Brigade to investigate just what this group of Goblins is up to.

The General of the Remnants

A Legionnaire Meeting took place today about an alarming situation. Many defenders have recently reported sightings of the late Akram Kingdom General, Kiel. Several Legionnaires present believe he is no longer a major concern for the Aruan Reign. The belief is partially because the “Great Kiel” has not taken any action against the Aruan Army and is overall seen as a man with no hope. Legionnaire Mellow and several other senior Legionnaires, however, warn against ignoring Kiel and that he is still a threat to the Aruans. They state that Kiel is just biding his time to replace his fallen army and cause further strife within the ranks of Aruan Forces.

Recovery efforts in Lunar begin to yield fruit. 

Planet Lunar’s recovery has been slow, and many doubted it would work. However, yesterday a discovery was made in Mount Eruca. Reports have come in that crystalline has begun to grow once more in the Mount. Even though the snowy caps are not fully recovered yet, the emerging crystalline is a sign of the Planet’s progress. The reports have given hope to Lunarians and Defenders alike that their hard work to save the Planet is paying off.

Ominous Clouds over Oblivion Temple

Investigations from several Defenders into suspicious Native activity have led to the Oblivion Temple. Many of the goblins believed to be part of a rebel group have been gathering and entering the temple. To combat this threat, Regina has established a call to arms for Defenders and Brigadiers to eliminate this Goblin Rebellion. Inside the Oblivion Temple it has been revealed that a Sphinx-like native is manipulating the Oblivion Temple traps. Accompanied by the Archer Estell, many defenders are due for the temple with the purpose of purging this sphinx.

A Grave Victory

Just days after departing for their mission, Regina and Estell have returned. They brought back news of a victory for the Aruan Army, but at a large price. The teams of Defenders and Brigadiers sent to deal with the Sphinx threat suffered heavy losses, the vast majority having lost their lives in the battle. The only good news is that the sphinx, Thrainian, was reported to have been slain. A couple of survivors were critically injured and forced to retire. Two defenders from the mission were also reported Missing in Action. The victory is a reminder to the Brigadiers and citizens alike that the life of Defenders is not an easy one, and in every battle we suffer casualties.

New Centurion Training Curriculum

An Olympian Brigade meeting was held today. Lady G, Regina, and other officials of the Brigade stood together to discuss various topics. The topic that we paid close attention to was the orders to establish a more intense training for new defenders and stricter parameters for those who are to be defenders. The Grand General and Regina also believe that previous defenders should carry out tougher training, most of all those heading to Planet Eldeon or Planet Orlo in any future campaigns.

Lunarian Wildlife Population Shifts

A bounty board mission was placed today. Defenders were being asked to head towards the Freezing Plateau and Crystal Snowfields to help clear out the bodies of many deceased mammoths.

Ikaness Researchers believe that the population of mammoths suffered a decline due to the temporary increase in temperature of the planet. Ishtal reported: “Mammoths have a heavy coat to keep them warm in the snow of Planet Lunar, but with warmer climate they become too hot and die of heat stroke.” Although the Planet’s temperature is slowly stabilizing once again, the Mammoth population has received a noticeable blow that will be reflected for quite some time.

The Yeti Natives, on the other hand, seem to have the matter well under control. Many of the Rupers have been using their skills to assist in maintaining the Snow Valley temperature low.

Permission Granted

The criminal-turned-mercenary, Raisco, has been given clearance to open up the mercenary camp. This marks the first construction of a Mercenary Outpost since the Pioneer Era. The Goddess, as kind and heartwarming as she is, has removed Raisco from the list of criminals and asked him to host the Bounty Boards for the Aruan Reign. It seems the Aruans have found themselves a new ally, and one with many mercenaries at his disposal.

The Doomed Emissaries

Today another envoy was dispatched towards the Desert City of Muris. Aruan High Command is attempting to make contact and recruit former Aruans living in Planet Orlo. 

Every few months an envoy is sent, sadly they are never heard from again.. Many Demi-Gods state: “Going to the Desert City is suicide,” “Trespassing the Golden Ring is nearly impossible,” “The Devil of the Desert will never allow them to get there,” “We don’t need the Desert City.” Many believe the efforts of reaching the city is futile, but that doesn’t stop the Aruan Army from trying. Others say the best way is to conquer the Planet but the Head Demons stand in the way.

To all New Defenders

The events of the Centurion Civil War and the sphinx Thrainian in the Oblivion Temple have dwindled the ranks of the Aruan Army. Because of this; Adalric, Mairard and Warren have established a new system of recruitment. This new system will allow upcoming Initiates and adventurers to gain early experience and easily obtain a job class. If you wish to receive a Job Class and take your power to new heights make sure to speak to Mairard and Warren.

A Goblin Offensive on the Plains

Reports came in from Sinocx Town that a wave of Goblins attacked the Adventurer’s Plains recently. The oncoming march was thwarted by Defenders Unknown, Mayhem, JinDragonborn and Deathscythe. The Cleric Unknown states that he believes the Goblins are trying to take the caves in the Adventurer’s Plains to use as a fort for their continued rebellion.

The Gypsies are Released 

Some time ago, several Gypsy merchants were imprisoned by the Grand General, Athena. They were accused of espionage and sharing information with enemies of the Aruan Reign. Now things have changed, as the Mercenary Raisco revealed that he was the one who had hired Gypsy help. Having severed ties with the Akram Kingdom, Raisco stated he wanted Gypsy aid with building the Mercenary Camp, in particular to help establish a Mercenary Guild.

In addition to this, the remaining Gypsy members were summoned to the chambers for an audience with the Goddess to ask for forgiveness. The Goddess, in her grace and love, has forgiven and released the Gypsy Merchants with hopes of helping the economy. Their license to sell being reinstated.

Let it Snow! 

Happy news for all the citizens of Planet Lunar! Snow has been seen falling once again in diverse parts of the planet. As defenders continue to feed energy into the shrine on the Mana Snowfields, snow begins to fall in Mount Eruca. This is great news for all who live on Lunar, from citizens to creatures and even the wildlife of the Planet. After much hard work in restoring the ecosystem, Planet Lunar is finally getting back on track.

Planet Lunar Reopens

The first few trips to Planet Lunar departed today. They carried the last bit of supplies needed for the citizens of the Snow Village and the Mystic City. Even though Planet Junon continues to be colder than before, temperature fluctuations do seem to have stabilized. Citizens from both planets are now able to live their lives normally again, with adjustments having taken place. With the passing of this crisis, Defenders will also be returning to their normal duties after some well-earned rest. 

Centurion Civil Casualties…

It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to these Defenders who have given their lives in battle. 

The following Defenders were the ones lost at the end of the Centurion Civil War and the raid in the Oblivion Temple.

Initiate Nosferatu
Initiate MsGreed
Initiate Time
Initiate Yeah
Initiate Ryban
Initiate Alpha
Initiate Frost
Initiate MirathJr
Soldier Lance
Initiate Lumin
Talisman Cleric Vindex
Cleric Rezonate
Initiate Sveudtul
Initiate Zeker
Initiate Saeghart
Artisan Mink
Initiate Simon
Initiate Taunt
Initiate Frai
Initiate Riboku
Initiate Gabriel
Initiate Vendaval
Initiate  Kyroth
Initiate Speedster
Initiate Bronca
Initiate Kiky
Soldier Keiropos
Initiate Marka
Initiate Topp
Muse Kustaa
Initiate Zibrolta
Muse Equiz
Initiate GranTom
Initiate Genji
Initiate Iwobus
Initiate Thyra
Initiate Mula
Initiate LorenzoDMedici
Initiate Sirt
Dealer Hundun
Mage Lennox
Hawker Keiropo
Talisman Knight Inmortal
Hawker Perkz
Initiate Rezbeek
Initiate Bacon
Initiate HexShadowbane
Initiate Chaser
Initiate Ragnarok
Cleric Persephone
Initiate Kicham
Artisan Miyagi
Mage Decorus
Scout Andy
Elven Hawker Segueta
Initiate Ironside
Initiate Masakados
Initiate JayJabber
Initiate Aufstoree
Initiate Kaliah
Initiate Allen
Initiate Wick
Initiate Octavia
Initiate ArcaneManager
Initiate ArcaneVendor
Initiate GuruVenderYury
Initiate GuruVender
Initiate Ikki
Initiate Kripysan
Hawker Alkaia
Muse Inuyasha
Initiate Ocram
Initiate Deadloc
Soldier Bjorn
Initiate Ibuki
Initiate DuffMan
Initiate Knightwind
Initiate BlackLord
Initiate Scorpion
Initiate Zorua
Initiate Reaven
Dealer Sylvette
Olympian Muse Quantron
Orkish Hawker Thoth
Danu Soldier Chorizo
Olympian Muse Chippy
Initiate Umic
Orkish Hawker Dexter
Orkish Soldier Morpheus
Orkish Muse Lambet
Nymph Hawker KingDre
Initiate Felgrand
Nymph Initiate Kellen
Nymph Muse Zanstuke
Olympian Hawker Skyphu
Initiate Venus
Olympian Soldier Kregrill
Olympian Hawker Theopolis
Olympian Dealer BioWolf
Nymph Soldier Drex
Zodiac Muse Ignatius
Orkish Muse Lyanna
Orkish Soldier Piijo
Olympian Soldier HelHound
Elven Dealer Dark
Olympian Soldier Takashi
Nymph Soldier Apostate
Nymph Muse Senior
Olympian Champion Changuito
Olympian Soldier Maximuz
Olympian Soldier Bremmy
Olympian Dealer Bellzelute
Artisan ODaeSam
Talisman Cleric Hrungnir
Zodiac Cleric Saemia
Talisman Champion Sandman
Artisan Miyagi
Zodiac Artisan Thunder
Zodiac Mage Tauro
Artisan NaeRlin
Artisan Mikael
Artisan Myers
Artisan Richard

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