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Defenders of the Cross Achievement List

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AchievementNotable DefendersDetails
Alkali, HarbardA reckless Defender
who places his life in
constant danger.
KentaurosThe best Defender
based on Dual
Brigade CommanderKrusa, G, Virus, Delia, Kieran, VarziousA Defender who has
served the ruling
organization well in
combat, whether it be
large scale, or small scale. Union Lord of a
CannonballAschA Defender who takes the role of wrecking
walls, hordes and
immovable objects.
Cart ChampionIkaness, DeathscarFastest Cart Racer in
the Ruling
CharmerCleri, Kootech,
HaileyCross, Gelissa, Jorge
The best Defender at
healing and giving
ConquerorArua, SinocxDefender who
conquers all Natives
and Creatures in the
known lands.
Dark AssassinRaiscoDefender who is at
times given orders to
eliminate targets that
threaten the land. He
is also a master at
stealth combat and
Dark Researcher
RenegadeDefender who does
unimaginable and
illegal research with
skills, abilities,
creatures, natives,
diseases and demons.
DeAl, RinThe best Dealer in the ruling organization.
Demon SlayerEldeon, OratelbThe best Demon
Hunter on the ruling
Desert Guardian
OroDefender who gains
the most attention of
the MOB in planet
JunonA Defender considered powerful because of
his constant victory,
without mercy, of
Natives and enemies.
Dragon HunterKreuz, Armucis, MerlingDefender who fights
and slays the most
Energy MasterLuxem, MagThe best Defender at
combat with element
type skills.
FacelessScylar, VenomDefender who doesn’t show much interest,
and keeps his
story-line a mystery.
Faction LeaderArumicA Defender who has
served the ruling
organization well in
research methods or , chemical, biological,
or physiological warfare. Union Lord of a
Fallen WarriorTravisStrongest warriors of
the Principality
Forest Wanderer
Xita, VirusDefender who gains
the most attention of
the MOB in planet
ForsakenKami, IrvingA Defender who is
constantly ignored but continues to show impact in story-line.
Frost ChallengerEucar, Iudex, SharkDefender who gains
the most attention of
the MOB in planet
Grand MysticMuseThe best Muse in the
rulings organization.
Great ExplorerZant, Zehruk,
Defender who focuses on exploring and
learning the layout of
the lands.
Great PinoyKiel, Joshuan, IudexThe strongest
Defender in the game, based on PVP Combat.
Great SoldierSoldi, DelmarThe best Soldier in the ruling organization
Grim ReaperHawker, Deathscar, JoshThe best Hawker in
the ruling
GuildmasterFerrell, Ikaness, Sirius, MasterGuru, RinA Defender who has
served the ruling
organization well in
economic control, by
trading goods,
services, and
supporting the
economy. Union Lord of a Guild.
MerkThe best Defender
using Gun and Rifle
based weapons.
Inquisitor Shion, GuliarmeA Defender who
accuses, pursues,
converts, or kills, those who are against the
Ruling Organization.
Iron BanditAkram, KentaurosDefender who is the
strongest open rebel
against a ruling
Iron SkullQuest, Nightmare, ZoneThe Defender
considered the
strongest by the
Natives of the lands.
Jackal FighterVirus, AshariThe Defender used for special combat
operations. (Aruan)
Jaguar ScoutFidelioDefender who is constantly used to scout the enemy camps or gather information. (AK &
Junon’s JokerKraken, Asol, LuzbelA Defender who doesn’t take story-line
event’s seriously but
still participates in
Organization Tank
Akram Tank Vladek, Imperial Tank KalkatorThe best Castle Gear
Pilot in the ruling
Meister ScavengerArtiThe Artisan who
makes the most items
in the ruling
MightyLetronThe Defender with the most tactical and
strategic actions.
Mister/Miss ArsenalGeon, Champ, GaburieruThe best Defender
based on multiple
types of weapons.
(Must use over 4
different weapons)
Order DignitaryAkram, Kiel, DrakarusA Defender who has
served the ruling
organization well in
social services and
recovery efforts. Union Lord of an Order.
ParasiteBreamnaA Defender who takes credit and experience when he hasn’t
earned it.
PathfinderAquillia, FlashVladek, Mellow, LiZeroA fastest Defender of
the Ruling
PeacekeeperMaiya, PRicanDefender who
manages to unite all of
the native factions
with the ruling
organization that he
belongs to.
Prime SummonerDaisy, Solice, KieranThe best Defender
based on combat with summons,
or pets.
Punk MercenaryVlad, FenrirCross, ClearanceDefender who only
fights with a ruling
organization for
Saint KnightKnightThe best Defender
based on swords and
blunt weapons. He
never has any dealings with demons.
Shadow GauntletSnake, PirateThe best Defender
based on Knuckle and Katar type weapons.
Silver Shield
Crion, Lareant, CitraThe best Defender
based on Defense or
Magic Defense
SpearheadRaknu, HawkeyeA Defender who is
considered the front
line of any attack.
The BomberChentThe best Defender
based on Cannon,
Grenade and
Launcher type
The InvestigatorSeyrun, MellowDefender who
performs the most
investigation quest
under NPC’s of the
The NobleLonginus, Meister,
SeathCross, Roan
Defenders who sticks up for his family, and places them above
everything else.
TrueshotIntercep, AshorThe best Defender
using Bow or
Crossbow weapons.
Valley KeymasterLunar, LokitoDefender who gains
the most attention of
the MOB in planet
War Hound
Kreuz, Chaos, Light,
Tipi, Josh
The Defender with the most Blessings.
SikukuDefender who
maintains the laws of
the ruling
Master MuseMuseCreator of the Muse Job Class.
Master SoldierSoldiCreator of the Soldier
Job Class.
Master DealerDeAl (Dean Albert)Creator of the Dealer
Job Class.
Master HawkerHawkerCreator of the Hawker Job Class.
Master ChampionChampCreator of the
Champion Discipline
and Champion Job
Master KnightKnightCreator of the Knight Discipline and Knight Job Class.
Master MageMagCreator of the Mage
Discipline and Mage
Job Class.
Master ClericCleryCreator of the Cleric
Discipline and Cleric
Job Class.
Master RaiderRaisco, IntercepCreator of the Raider
Discipline and Raider
Job Class.
Master ScoutIntercep, RaiscoCreator of the Scout
Discipline and Scout
Job Class.
Master EnforcerXemnas, SharkCreator of the
Enforcer Discipline.
Master Crusader Lareant, GwynCreator of the
Crusader Discipline.
Master PaladinColossusCreator of the Paladin Discipline.
Master MinstrelDrakarusCreator of the Minstrel Discipline.
Master Gallant Gaburieru, DeliaCreator of the Gallant
Master PyroclastManaCreator of the
Pyroclast Discipline.
Master Acolyte IudexCreator of the Acolyte Discipline.
Master WarlockArmucisCreator of the Warlock Discipline.
Master PriestSirenCreator of the Priest
Master Conjurer MaruChanCreator of the
Conjurer Discipline.
Master SabioRevoCreator of the Sabio
Master InterceptorAshari, DeathscarCreator of the
Interceptor Discipline.
Master BrawlerFelitoCreator of the Brawler Discipline.
Master Marauder KyouCreator of the
Marauder Discipline.
Master RangerVirusCreator of the Ranger Discipline.
Master Hunter DarvoCreator of the Hunter Discipline.
Master TamerBlindsightCreator of the Tamer
Master TycoonSilverWolf, HammondCreator of the Tycoon Discipline.
Master Sniper RinCreator of the Sniper
Master MusketeerAtarahCreator of the
Musketeer Discipline.
Master TriggermanVindexCreator of the
Triggerman Discipline.
Master Conscript IrvingCreator of the
Conscript Discipline.
Master GrenadierMayhemCreator of the
Grenadier Discipline.
Organization LeadersGoddess Arua,
King Akram,
Emperor Sikuku,
Chancellor Letron,
Emperor Renegade,
Queen Krusa,
King Sinocx,
Emperor Raisco, Empress Virus, Emperor Kieran
Leaders of Ruling
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