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Defender Text: The Defender Guide to Demon

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Sealing is the art of containing or dispersing a demon’s energy. Sealing is a critical practice for those who wish to protect themselves and others from the malevolent influence of demons. Essentially, the act of sealing involves containing or dispersing a demon’s energy in order to neutralize its power. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, such as by breaking the demon apart or containing it within an object or space. Interestingly, demons themselves are also capable of dispersing energy as a means of defeating their opponents in battle.

However, sealing is not a simple technique that can be mastered by just anyone. In fact, it requires a unique combination of knowledge, skill, and energy manipulation that is only possessed by a few Defenders. Kiel, a renowned Defender, is particularly skilled in the art of sealing and has developed a method that harnesses the energy of the defender to force it into the demon. This causes the demon to “explode” and disperse its energy, effectively sealing it away. But the process is not without risks, and it is critical that the defender be in close proximity to the demon in order to insert their energy into its corporeal form. Overall, the act of sealing is a powerful tool that must be used with caution and expertise in order to protect oneself and others from the dangerous influence of demons.

Now you must understand another thing, very important. Your state of mind, feelings, emotions, spirit, and what you are doing affects whether or not you will be successful in sealing a demon. Sealing is not just a physical act but a mental one as well. If you have negativity in you, such as anger, hatred, or fear, as you try to seal the demon, you may inadvertently be reinforcing it. Demons can sense those negative emotions and use them as fuel for themselves. Therefore, if you have the intention of seeking revenge against a demon, it may be harder for you to seal it. In fact, many defenders who have a vendetta against a particular demon rarely succeed in sealing it. It takes someone who doesn’t have such emotional baggage to do so. Therefore, your state of mind, emotions, beliefs, and spirit must be fully committed to sealing the demon, without any negative thoughts or emotions. It’s important to approach the sealing process with a clear mind and heart, free from any emotional attachment or grudges.

Sealing demons is not only about containing or dispersing their energy, but it also requires a deep understanding of the types of demons and their different ranks and clans. Demons come in different forms and types, ranging from fiends and minions to higher-ranked demons. Fiends and minions belong to rank 0, which are the lowest rank of demons. Fiends are usually the type of demons that defenders have already encountered and fought. These include Fire Fiends, Frost Fiends, Aero Fiends, Dusk Fiends, Light Fiends, Lighting Fiends, Illusion Fiends, Lucky Fiends, Herbukal Fiends, and many more. Minions, on the other hand, are humans who have willingly allowed themselves to be possessed by fiends, turning their bodies into a nest for several fiends. In most cases, minions have chosen to give themselves up to the fiends, and once possessed, the fiends often kill the person. It’s important to note that the junk fiend, although referred to as a fiend, is not a demon but a construct. The fiends grow stronger by devouring other fiends and souls, killing each other, or even killing natives or humans to increase their strength.

Once a fiend has accumulated enough power, it undergoes a transformation, becoming a rank 1 demon. At this point, the demon develops unique attributes, forms, and abilities that set it apart from its weaker fiend counterparts. These demons have a more corporeal form that is similar to that of a defender. You can identify a rank 1 demon by the small black wings they possess, which they are unable to shape entirely due to their limited power. Rank 1 demons continue to grow stronger by consuming the souls of other beings and fiends. They become more cunning, seeking out ways to trick unsuspecting humans into giving up their souls or tricking defenders into allowing them access to their bodies. All of this is done with the sole purpose of becoming even stronger. As a defender, you must be cautious and vigilant against these wily demons.

Once they reach rank 2, their threat level increases drastically. Rank 2 demons have already mastered control of their corporeal form. They have mastered certain abilities that can change the fathoms of what you’ll come to expect. This is when types really become very important to know. The first type of demon that can start at rank 1 is the Legion Demon. Legion Demons are demons that have multiple copies of themselves. Some demons can even have 100 copies of itself. Each copy is connected to itself, passing information from one to the other in seconds. Legion Demons who reach rank 2 become even stronger. When you face them, they will learn from each defeat they take and become stronger. So, you must be careful not to reveal too much information when dealing with a Legion Demon.

Another type of demon are Changelings. There are the hardest to hunt. Changelings can shapeshift into other things. They can transform to a creature, native, or even another defender. Catching them can be very tricky. Another type of demon is the dangerous Siege Demon. These are demons that forgo growth into stronger rank to gain great power as a rank 2. Siege Demons usually take their corporeal form to that of siege like weapons or objects. Siege Demons can look like Flying Vessels, Castle Gears and even like a cart. Luckily, during the end of the Akram Kingdom, an invention was made to deal with these demons, one that will always be a success. Castle Gears were made with the purpose of sealing Siege Demons. They will always be effective for fighting any Siege Demon. Ensuring maximum impact. Another type of demon, and one of the worst to encounter are Jaegernauts. These are demons that focus on one particular ability, defense against everything. Usually, demons who are Jaegernauts make one crucial mistake, they forget something. Their ability of defense may not cover all possibilities, and this can be exploited. Jaegernauts are rare, but their existence must be known.

In addition to dividing into clicks or clans, demons can also strive to become rank 3 and lead others. These demons, called Demon Generals, have consumed many souls and other demons and have grown exponentially in power. As a result, their abilities are vastly amplified. They can cast illusions over a greater distance and even meld with human energy, using it to further enhance their power. They start to gain followers, amassing more and more until they have followers from an entire planet, at which point they become a rank 4 demon, also known as a Master Demon. With this rank, they can control the entire demon realm of that planet. The more followers they gain from other planets, the higher their rank becomes, with two planets signifying rank 5, three planets signifying rank 6, and so on. The strongest rank known is rank 7. Each rank requires a specific energy input to be sealed, and the energy required to seal a rank 1 demon is not the same as that required to seal a rank 2 demon. Therefore, in order to seal a higher-ranked demon, one must first start with lower-ranked demons and gradually work their way up.

Despite the challenges and dangers involved in sealing demons, it remains one of the most effective ways to protect humans and defenders from harm. However, they must always remain vigilant, as demons are constantly evolving and adapting to new challenges. The fight against demon kind is a never-ending battle, but with the right tools and knowledge, defenders can continue to keep humanity safe.


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