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Dealer Job Class

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    The Economy is one of the most important aspects of the lands. Nobles, Guilds, Factions and Organizations need Zuly, and powerful carriers that can deliver the goods they require. The Dealer Job Class is perhaps one of the most crucial, we are the men who fight with Guns, Cannons and any weapon we can carry. Hiring Mercenaries to increase the number of warriors in the army, we defend storage and supplies from enemy attacks.


    Do you think that’s all? Your wrong, with the training that comes from the Dealer Class, you will also learn to craft your very own items. These items are perfect to sell in shops and make a bundle of zuly. Everyone needs economy, including the army, and we are the ones that supply the government with the funds they require. The equipment we teach you to craft are all special and different, with appraisals, sockets and refines that people will definitely want to buy.


    Our journeys find us treasure and materials not known to many adventurers. My name is Den Albert, DeAl for short, and I founded the dealer class in order to expand the trade of the Defender army to new heights. As a former Angel Guard, I helped many heroes achieve victory in the battlefield. I even made a few friends that used my teachings to further expand into disciplines. After you finish learning all about my art, search for information on the Artisan and Bourgeois Disciplines created by Arti, Merk and Chent.

Are you up for the challenge that is becoming a Dealer?



De Al

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